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413Countries by Haiku #2
410Longest Rivers in Countries 2
410Ethnic Groups in Spain
410Middle Eastern Geography By Letter - B
41010 Biggest Greek Cities by population
410Biggest Cities in Yugoslavia on a Map
410Top 5 Least Known Countries by Continent
410Biggest Cities in Illinois on a Map
410Indigenous Languages of South America with a Map
411Countries that Beat Liechtenstein
411Biggest Cities in Alberta by Population
409Top 10 Countries with Most German Language Speakers
410Capital Cities Anagram Puzzle #3
409Countries With The Most Inland Water
409World Capitals Closest to Germany
409Countries that End and Start with The Same Letter
409Most Populated Country Beginning with the Letters of JETPUNK
409Students Favourite Cities: US, UK, France, Germany & Spain
409Countries With the Most Immigrants
408Biggest Cities in the Americas
408Regions Bordering France Map Quiz
409States That Beat Alabama
409100 Biggest Cities in Europe with a Satellite Map
408General Knowledge Canada
408Countries Bordering... dang, I forgot where
407Cities with the Most International Tourists (Global Destination Cities Index)
407Countries with stage wins in the Tour de France
407Google Letters: South American Countries
407Five Closest Countries to 100 Million People by Continent
407Alphabetical Country Sandwich
407Countries That Begin With The Same Two Letters
4075 Most Populous Cities in Each E.U. NUTS1 With a Map
406Countries in the Arctic Circle
406States Capitals of Germany
406US States with Lowest Percentage LGBT Population
406North American Geography Quiz #2
407Best U.S. Universities Map Quiz
406Answers are South American Countries
406Top 10 Countries with the Most Turkeys
406Geography Word Scramble #2
406Oceania Islands on the Map
407Geography Ending in T, Starting with A-Z
406Biggest African Economies
406History by Country 2
406Biggest Cities in South Carolina on a Map
406African Geography By Letter-L
406Biggest Capital Cities by Continenint
406European Countries by Picture
40619 Countries with Shortest Coastlines
406Red Sea countries
406Most Disputed "Countries"?
406Countries Closest to Iran - One Minute Sprint
405African West Coast on a Map
405European Countries that Visit the United States the Most
405Country Superlatives by Letter - A
405European Capital Cities with Greek or Roman Etymology
405Five Biggest Cities by Continent by Letter - O
408Which River Flows Through This City?
405Largest Countries Containing 'K'
405Countries With Nuclear Power
405Country Flags with 4 or more horizontal stripes.
404Countries that End in "O" in One Minute
404San Diego City Trivia
404States that border Colorado
404Asian Countries with Two Vowels
404Countries with its own Vogue magazine
40420 Countries Written in a Mystery Language #1
404Countries bordering Norway
404Countries with Economies that Reached $2 Trillion GDP
404Countries of the World by Closest Country Eastwards, with a Map
404Largest Ethnic Groups
403Cheapest Countries to Live In
404Countries of Europe with a Map - If the Icecaps Melted
404Countries that Produce the Most Vanilla
403Countries Visiting Nepal the Most
403U.S. States with the Largest Romanian Populations
403Geography of New York with Exceptions
403Country Logic Puzzle by Scambigol #9
403Cities by Famous Street #3
403Random Top Five US Cities by Category
403Biggest Airports of California
403African Countries by Letter
402Top 10 Least Democratic Asian Countries
402Name a Country A to Z - 60 Seconds
402Departments of Honduras
403Cities on Rivers in the United States on a Map
402Countries by their Former Names
402'Name a Country' Quiz
402All Cities in South America with Population of 1 Million
402Extremely Hard General Knowledge #23
402Famous historical people from Europe - Map Quiz
402Most lutheran countries
402Austria by Picture
402Countries that bordered Poland before WWII
402Cities on the Baltic Sea by a Clue
402Belgium by Picture
402Name the capitals of these southern african countries.
4011M Cities Starting with C
401Countries with the Most Summer Olympics Medals
401Olympians from Every Country Quiz (With Map)
401Geography Analogies #10
401U.K. Counties with Letters Missing
402The Biggest City Between Two Cities
401Countries of Europe by GDP per Capita - Map Quiz
401Island Countries: Poorest and Smallest Economies
401Countries A-Z Closest To An Unknown Country #12
402African Countries that Start with C
402Cities in Israel and the Palestine on a Map
40110 Countries with Best Healthcare Systems
401Lightning McQueen Countries Visited Map
400Countries with the most population
400One Superlative for Every Country
400Countries with the Five Hottest Cities by Continent
400List of Arab States
400River Decoder
401Lufthansa Destinations-Frankfurt
400Most Visited Countries by Spaniards
399Countries Visiting Saudi Arabia the Most
399Portugal Country Quiz #2
399Cities in their Local Language
399Countries by number of police officers
400All Counties (Powiaty) of Poland
400A Quiz About Sparta
399European Countries with the Least Forest (%)
399Top 20 Countries by HDI
399Municipalities of Greenland - Map Quiz
399Largest Cities In the United States
399Spanish Place Names in California
399World Capitals Closest to Hong Kong
399Countries Containing These Three Letters #3
399Prefectures of Greece
399Cities with longest metro systems in the world
399Countries Bordering Italy - Map With Countries
400Modern Day Countries Of The Median Empire On A Map
398Countries Bordering Unknown Country #21
398Short Term Memory Test - African Countries
399European Geography By Letter - Y
398Cryptic Hint & Word Scramble - Cities #1
398Daily Country Riddle #13
398Countries with the Most Deaths from the Deadliest Floods
399U.S. Geography by Letter - C
398Countries Bordering Brazil (with a map)
398Countries Fractured #3
398Countries Containing V
398Exporting Partners Trading with the Most Countries
39820 Least Guessed Flags of the World
398Countries Bordering Serbia Clockwise - Map
399South Asia Geography Quiz
398Countries Bordering China - Map Quiz
397Capital Cities Farthest From Their Country's Largest City
397Islands of the Marshall Islands with a Map
399Most Populous Countries in 400 AD
397United Kingdom Geography by Letter T - Picture Quiz
39710 Most Populated Countries and Capitals in Europe
397Airlines at New York JFK
397Canadian Geography A - Z
397Largest Flooded U.S Cities if All Ice Melted - With a Map
397Parishes of Andorra Map Quiz
397Irregular British Demonyms to City
399Countries by Four Letters
397Countries Where Christianity is the Official Religion
397Countries Bordering Egypt - Map Quiz
400Most Guessed Countries and Capitals on JetPunk
396England County Quiz - Cornwall
396Fill in the Blank - Cities
3961M+ cities of the world by letter - Y
396US State Picture Puzzle Game #4
397Countries With The Most IKEAs
396Bordering Countries by Country
396Largest Cities of Bolivia
396Biggest City in each U.S. State by Letter K
396Most visited cities by italian turists
396Countries by Currencies in 90 Seconds
3952024 NCAA Tournament Teams Map Quiz
395Cheese or Place Name #2
396Municipalities of Georgia (Country) with a Map
395Countries of the World Quiz - Names with Double Letters
396Biggest Cities in Minnesota on a Map
395Largest crops producing countries #2
395Countries Bordering Kenya - Map Quiz
395State sponsers of terrorism
395European Geography by Letter - Q, Y and Z
395Celebrities by Country - Musicians
395Countries with the Most Liechtensteiners
395Countries with over 99% literacy rate
395Biggest Cities in West Virginia on a Map
396Every City in Manitoba on the Map
394Top 10 biggest countries by reserve military
394Countries Bordering Montenegro
395🍌 Top 20 Banana producing countries
394Top horse meat producing countries
395Richest Cities in Germany
394Modern-Day Countries of the Durrani Empire on a Map
394Most Populous Cities in the Northwest
394Biggest "Ville" Cities - United States
394Countries that begin with Two Consonants
394Region Flag-Shape Picture Quiz #2
395Countries Where Neanderthals Lived