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210Countries Closest to Sweden by first two letters
209Countries Closest to Egypt by first two letters
209Countries with the Highest Average Annual Wage
209Countries with the least number of Muslims
209Most Well Known Flags
209Washington State A-Z
209Countries with the smallest coastlines
209Canada Quiz
209Bahamas First Level Subdivisions
209Word Search - Countries
209Countries That End in E
209Country Superlatives by Letter - C
208Five Biggest Cities in Every European Country
208Most Southern Cities in the USA on a map
208North American Geography by Letter - Y & Z
208Geography with Short Names
20850 Largest U.S. Cities by Picture
208Smallest countries (1000 km2) - Sort them!
208Most Visited Countries by Russians
208Most-Visited Countries by Slovenes
208Countries at GMT+12:00
208Most Densely Populated Countries by Continent
208Longest River By Continent
208Largest Cities that Contain the Letter K
207Five Letter Geography
207Largest Cities Containing 'O'
207Countries with the Largest Temperature Range
207Indian Cities By Pictures
207Berlin by Picture
207Former Countries A-Z
207Countries that Visit Colombia the Most
207Countries by a Single Word #2
207Countries Closest to South Korea A-Z
207Islands by Clue
207Five Biggest Cities by Continent by Letter - Z
207Arizona Counties
207Which city in Switzerland?
207World Capitals Closest To Seoul
207Google Letters: North American Countries
207Groups of Countries (map version) #2
207Flags of the British Empire
207Countries (Minus Their Remote Islands) Closest to Canada
207British Geography by Letter - B
207Biggest Trading Partners - Morocco
207Every Dutch Province
207U.S. States with the Deadliest Plane Crashes
207Extremely Hard General Knowledge #43
206National Capitals by Letter - D
206Countries with the Death Penalty for Blasphemy
206Biggest American Cities that start with B on a Map
2065 Countries With Most Refugees By Continent
206Double Trouble Capital Cities 3
20610 Most Visited US National Parks
206Countries Bordering Unknown Country #26
206Biggest Cities in "C" Countries - Not China
206Stars and Stripes Flag Picture Quiz 🇱🇷
206European Suburbs Quiz
206Countries with Land Area below Sea Level
206US States with the Highest Internet Usage
206Landlocked Countries with the Strongest Militaries
206Cities With Bundesliga Teams Map Quiz
207Every Place in New York With a Map
206Prefectures of Japan in Alphabetical Order (with a map)
206Biggest Trading Partners - North Macedonia
206US State General Knowledge #5 - Oregon
206National Parks by Country 2
206Five Countries with the Largest Exclusive Economic Zones by Continent
206Country Transits: Closest Countries to Afghanistan by Starting Letter
206Countries Closest to Brazil - One Minute Sprint
206Largest Cities Containing 'H'
207Countries with the Most Women (Females)
206Countries in Greek
206Countries Closest to Barcelona
205Geography of Tanzania Quiz
205Five Largest Cities by Region - Asia
205States that are vulnerable to hurricanes
205Great Lakes Quiz
205Travelling between Countries - Randomized
205U.S. Cities by Letter - K (Map Quiz)
20550 Biggest Asian Cities in 2100
205Countries Bordering Unknown Sea #4 (no letter prompts)
205Country Anagrams: Two Words (#1)
205U.S. Geography by Letter - N
205Flags of Countries that Border Algeria
205Countries with Decreasing HDI Score (2017-18)
20530 Biggest Cities in Germany
205Largest Cities Containing 'J'
205Countries Bordering Belgium
205Five Biggest Cities by Continent by Letter - Q
205Biggest Airports in China (By Passengers)
205Countries with Multiple Two-Million-People-Cities
205Countries Settled by the Ancient Phoenicians
205Extremely Hard General Knowledge #38
205100 Biggest Cities in 2100 on a map
205Towns of Connecticut
205Largest Chinese Provinces, Indian States, and World Countries
204Countries with the Most Men (Males)
204Most Famous Asian Countries
204European Countries by their Oldest University with a Map
204Most Ethnically Diverse Countries
204Wards of Monaco Map Quiz
204Top 10 Grape Producing US States
204U.S. States Bordering New Mexico - Map Quiz
20410 Biggest Cities in Bulgaria
20450 Airports Named for People
204Trace The Coast And International Borders Of Mexico
204Find the Imposters! - Countries
20410 Biggest Cities in Romania
204Non Bordering Countries Closest to Germany A-Z
204Réunion Trivia
204States that border Montana
204Coat of Arms of UN Member States
204Canada General Knowledge
204Countries With The Most Convicted Serial Killers
203United Kingdom Geography by Letter O - Picture Quiz
203Cities with the Most Bids for the Summer Olympics
203Countries that Produce the most Oil
203Countries Entirely Between 0° and 10° North
203Furthest Countries from China
203All 1M+ Cities in Germany
203Letters In The Middle: Capitals
203Word Scramble Geography by Letter - V
203Major Cities on the Danube on a Map
203First Countries by First Capital A-Z
203Austrian Rivers on a Map
203Top 100 Biggest Cities in Countries that Start with B
203NCAA Division II football teams on a map
203Weird Geography Facts: True of False?
203Countries Bordering Unknown Sea #3 (no letter prompts)
203Mountains by Picture
203Countries Without First and Last Letter #3
203Largest Islands in New Zealand
204"Do Not Travel" Countries for Australian Citizens
203Largest Country in the World Throughout History
203African Physical Geography by Picture
203Canadian Territories and Provences
203How well do you know Singapore??
203Connecticut Cities and Towns Named "New"
202Cities that End in Y by Clue
202Largest Cities in Each Middle Eastern Country
202Top 10 US States with the most Hindus
202Largest European Cities on a Map by Letter - N
202US States Bordering Ohio
202Kosovo Quiz
202Great Divide States Empty Map Quiz
202Most Guessed Cities in the Americas
202Countries that Visit Uzbekistan the Most
202Five Closest World Capitals by Capital #2
202Largest Metropolitan Areas - Georgia
202Word Search - Capital Cities
202Largest Cities Containing 'E'
202Balkan Countries - 1900
202Top 10 Least Democratic African Countries
202US States with Short Names - Shape Quiz
202Largest cities in Serbia
202Biggest City in each U.S. State by Letter Q
202Capital Cities Closest to an Unknown Capital City A-Z #5
202Lakes in Europe Quiz
201US State Capitals West of Los Angeles - 90 Sec
201Daily Country Riddle #18
201Countries Bordering Indonesia - 15 Seconds
201Busiest air routes from Faro - Portugal
201Unscramble the Icelandic Cities
2015 Biggest Cities Per Canadian Province
201Biggest Trading Partners - D.R. Congo
201Countries Bordering Germany by Border Length
201Regions of Portugal
201Which city in Portugal?
201Swiss Cantons by Flag
201Country Anagrams: Two Words (#2)
20110 Biggest Forests By Country
201Cantons and Districts of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
201South Asian Geography By Letter - D
201Five Most Populous Subdivisions by Country
201Countries of Imperial Japan
201Countries bordering countries that border Germany
201Biggest Cities in Missouri on a Map
200Cities Visited in Carmen Sandiego on the Map
200Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning With 'D'
2001M Cities Starting with V
200Countries with Highest GDP Growth Rate
200Most Populous Countries Never Visited by a US President
200U.S. States with the 100 Richest Places
201African Countries by Largest Non-Capital City
200Which Countries are spelt wrong?
200Most Visited U.S. States by British Columbians
200Countries Visiting Tanzania the Most
200Boston Subway Stations with a Map
200Biggest Capitals In North America
200Top Uranium Producing Countries
200Geography of Ohio Quiz
200Countries and States with Tesla Factories
200Biggest Cities by Language Quiz #2
200Biggest City in each U.S. State by Letter U
200England County Quiz - Devon
199Italian Sights (with Pictures)