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130Biggest Cities in "N" Countries
130Countries Colonized by the United Kingdom
130Major Cities Closest to New York City A-Z
130Cyprus First Level Subdivisions
131Biggest Cities in Turkey - Extreme
13050 largest islands in Europe
130Double Trouble - USA States 1
130Random U.S State to Nickname
130Countries Bordering Unknown Sea #6 (no letter prompts)
130Biggest City in English Counties
130Top Cities by Amusement Parks
130Countries Closest to Germany A-Z
130Country Etymologys
130Countries Bordering Countries that Border Germany
130Top Ten Foreign Cities South Koreans Visited The Most
130U.S presidents that Have Visited China
130Largest Cities and Villages of WISCONSIN by First Letter
130Top 10 Most earthquake prone US states
130States where a Wrestlemania was Held
130Top 10 U.S. States With the Highest Mean Elevation
13050 biggest cities in the Netherlands
130World Geography Mega General Knowledge
130Canadian Provinces and Territories by Land Area
130Air Routes by Serving Flights
130All 50k+ cities in Alabama on a map
130Minor Civil Divisions (Districts) of Maryland With a Map
130U.S. States With the Least Walmarts
130Geography of Venezuela
130The largest cities in Slovakia
130Countries Named After Saints
129All 50k+ cities in Arizona on a map
129Capitals of the Countries that Start with U
129Biggest Cities once in the Mongol Empire
129Countries Bordering South Sudan
129States That Beat New Mexico
129Africa: Geography and more by Letter L
129Countries that Border Uruguay
129Countries With Footballers in the World's Top 500 Most Valuable
129Barcelona Landmarks Quiz
129Countries with the Most Air Polluted Cities
130Top 10 Most Eastern Orthodox Countries
129Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning with 'W', 'X', 'Y' or 'Z'
129Which Are Cities In The United States?
129Biggest Cities in Ireland
129Census County Divisions of Wyoming With a Map
129Countries with Most Oscar Wins
1293 Largest cities: UK,US,Germany,France &Italy:begin with S
129Japanese 30 Large City
129Brunei First Level Subdivisions
129Biggest Cities in "M" Countries
129Countries with the Same Latitude or Longitude as... #1 - Bern
129Countries Bordering Germany - 15 Seconds
129Countries and Capitals Closest to the Baltic Sea
129Great Plains States
129South African trivia
129Oldest cities in the Netherlands currently above 30.000 people
129Countries with territorial claims in Antarctica
129Counties of England
128Countries That Gained Independence From Portugal
128Cities in their Language
128Countries that Border the Indian Ocean
128Bolivian Departments
128U.S. States with the Lowest Diabetes Rate
128US States Bigger Than Italy
128Districts of Lebanon
129Countries Furthest Away From Their Capital
128Countries With The Worlds Biggest Oil Reserves
128Largest Cities in Czechia
128All 50k+ cities in Minnesota on a map
128Name the country that the Discord member lives in - Random
128Bermuda Triangle Countries Quiz
128Secret American City and American Countries
128Countries With an "I" Demonym
128Top 100 Biggest Cities in Countries that Start with K
128Countries by Their Former Name
128All 1M Cities Starting with “Q” to Country
128All 1M Cities Starting with “Z” to Country
128Biggest Cities in Egypt Quiz
128Highest mountains in Greece
128Capitals of the Countries that Start with T
128New Mexico State Quiz
128Extremely Hard General Knowledge #55
128European Countries with the Most National Parks
128Countries Bordering "V" Countries
128US Cities That Start With M
128Bodies of Water around Africa
128Closest Countries to Rome
127Smallest Countries with 3 or more Borders
127British India Cities Map Quiz
127African Countries by Former Name
127Biggest 20 Countries by Population 1900
127Countries Bordering China - One Minute Sprint
127U.S. States with the Most Expensive Movie Tickets
127Biggest African Cities by Letter - A
127Countries with the Highest Voter Turnout Rate
127Seas of Greece
127Biggest Asian Cities by Letter - K
127Countries Closest to Indonesia - 15 Second Sprint
127Botswana First Level Subdivisions
127Top 10 African Countries by Press Freedom
127Accented World Capitals
128Closest countries to Greece
127Daily Country Riddle #33
127Countries Bordering Guinea
127Flags of Socialist or Communist countries
127Top 10 Most Populous European Capitals
127Daily Country Riddle #40
127UK Cities by Another Name
127Flag to US State Click Quiz
128London Underground Stations Closest to Piccadilly Circus
1274 Letter U.S. Counties - Any A-Z
1275 Biggest Cities : Sweden
127Shapes of South China Sea Countries
127Countries Closest to Greenland - 30 Second Sprint
127Snowiest Canadian Cities
126New York City Parks Map
126Countries that Border Niger
126Biggest Cities in the Dominican Republic
126Country Transits: same distance from Lesotho, South Korea, Sweden
126NBA Players Europe Map Quiz
126Biggest Cities in Poland • A-Z
126Select the NOT U.S. Landmark
126Top 100 Biggest Cities in US States that Start with I
126U.S. State Capital is Largest City
126Cities in the United States Sharing a Name
126Biggest Cities in "A" Countries
126Capitals of Countries Bordering Italy
126Canadian Islands by Area
126Biggest European cities in each cardinal direction, with a map
12625 Largest Suburbs in the United States
126Most Common Immigrant Origin by Italian Region
126Countries with the Most Miserable Economies
1265 Largest cities in Senegal
126Capitals of the Countries that Start with G
12710 Closest Non Bordering Countries To Germany
126Almost Mediterranean Countries
126Largest cities in Romania
126Countries with the Most Recent Cases of Polio
126Canadian City Etymologies
126Iowa General Knowledge
126Capitals of the Countries that Start with L
126Countries Closest to Slovenia - One Minute Sprint
126Largest Cities & Towns in BULGARIA by First Letter
126Countries with the Highest Incidence of TB (Tuberculosis)
126Hawaii State Quiz
126South African Diaspora
126Cities with Small Airports for their Size
126Countries that Visit Denmark the Most
125Countries with the Least Precipitation with Exceptions
12530 Biggest Cities in Czech Republic
125Is it a World Capital? - A Spot the Imposter Click Quiz
125Daily Country Riddle #51
126Morocco to Lesotho
125All 50k+ cities in Colorado on a map
125European Capitals by Picture
125Extremely Hard General Knowledge #57
125Countries but all Vowels are Changed to “O” #1
125British Cities with Skyscrapers 🗼
125Top 10 U.S. States With The Most Chickens
125National Capitals by Letter - G
125Largest Cities in Africa Beginning With 'A'
125Country Factfile Puzzle Game #4
125Daily Country Riddle #32
125Illinois Quiz
125Biggest Municipalities in Nova Scotia
125States That Beat Washington
125Largest Geography
125Name a Major Chinese City A-Z
125Countries with Other Countries in the Name - No Hints
125Coronavirus outbreak by country
125Ethnic Groups of China
125Oregon Counties
125Which US States Grow Rice?
125Top 20 World Cities with Nine Letters
125Top 10 Most Catholic Countries
125Countries of the World - Tile Select #3
125U.S. States Blacked Out
125Brazil General Knowledge
125Biggest Cities in Countries A-Z
125Closest Countries to Berlin
125Biggest Cities in "S" Countries
124Cities With Madame Tussauds Museum
125Website Addresses by Country
124Countries Closest to Morocco - One Minute Sprint
124Countries Closest to Lebanon - 30 Second Sprint
124Major Cities Closest to Europe
124Largest Metro Areas In Oregon
124Biggest Trading Partners - Myanmar
124Most Liveable Sydney Suburbs
124Countries with most Tourists to Malaysia
124Closest Countries to Athens
124Countries Containing "Ch" in One Minute
12450 States, 50 Cities #3
124Biggest Asian Cities by Letter - H
124Fastest Growing U.S. State Capitals
124Countries - Tourism Slogans
124Closest Countries to Finland
124Biggest Present Day Countries in 1600 by Population