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120Countries Closest to Nigeria A-Z
120Eritrea Country Quiz
120Mario Kart 64 Tracks - Map Quiz
120US States with the Lowest Percentage of Tobacco Consumption
120Countries closest to Paris
12030 countries with the highest population density
120England County Quiz - Isle of Wight
123Countries Closest to Liechtenstein - One Minute Sprint
120Bodies of Water from Odessa to the Ocean
120Largest Ethnic Groups in Toronto
120Countries Closest to Brazil A-Z
120Top U.S. States by Most Times Flipped
120Largest Islands in the Caribbean
120Biggest Trading Partners - Afghanistan
120Random Countries: No Vowels
120Daily Country Riddle #43
1195 Biggest Cities : Australia
119UK Cities: No Vowels.
119Top 20 Countries with Catholic Priests
119Largest Cities, Towns and Villages of FLORIDA by First Letter
119Countries of Europe - 1900 AD
119Countries Closest to Serbia - 15 Second Sprint
119Countries or Territories which you can fly to from Texas
119Current Countries Colonized By The Portuguese Empire
119State Chain
119Biggest South Asian Cities By Letter
119Countries Within 2000km from Athens
11950 Italian Names For Cities
119Select all Cities
119US Cities That Start With B
119Countries Bordering Mediterranean Countries
11910 Biggest Cities in Nicaragua, Madagascar and Serbia
119Largest Cities A-Z International #2
119Which Countries? Cold War Edition
119Countries that Border Ukraine
119Biggest cities in Europe 501-1000
119Secret African City and African Countries
119California State Quiz
119Top 10 Eurosceptic Countries in the European Union
120Most Populous Countries with Two Vowels
119Countries in Spanish
119Countries in Africa According to the Average American
120Largest Cities in the World with 4 Letters or Less
119Belarus largest cities
119Daily Country Riddle #35
119US State General Knowledge #4 - Nevada
119U.S. State General Knowledge #3 - Alaska
119Cities of New Hampshire
119Countries A-Z with Highest % of Internet Users
119[AdyXD] - Largest cities in Italy
119Japan Geography by letter - N
121World Capitals Closest to New Delhi - distance order
118Countries with the Most Buddhists Quiz
118Which Countries Does Border....
119Oceanic Countries by Capital City
118Biggest Asian Cities by Letter - T
118States that Border Arizona
118Middle Eastern Cities Quiz
118Countries Closest to Vietnam A-Z
118Capitals of the Countries that Start with O
120Biggest Cities in Afghanistan
118Oceanian Geography By Letter I - Picture Quiz
118Countries in Macedonia
118Capital to Country
118Largest Two Word Countries
118Etymology of US states and territories
118Countries I've Visited (Pictures) (Trixie160)
118All 1M+ Cities in Nigeria
118Largest Cities in Asia Beginning With 'B'
118Simplified Country Shapes
118Select the U.S Landmarks
118Most Populated Cities in California
118Biggest Cities Starting with H by Country
118Countries that border China
118Former U.S Capitals
1185 Biggest Cities : Portugal
118Countries with the Highest Vegetarianism Rates
11810 Largest Cities in Zimbabwe
118Oceanian Countries with Fewer than One Million People
118Which City in Alaska?
118Every Country's National Airline
1185 Biggest Cities : France
118Biggest Cities Starting with M by Country
11830 Biggest Cities in Japan
118Cities That Beat Madrid
118South American Countries with Fewer than One Million People
119Biggest Cities in each Chinese Province - Extreme
118Largest Cities and Villages of OHIO by First Letter
118Countries that border Iran
118Utah A-Z
118Countries Closest To Benin
118Countries Without a Capital
117Countries Bordering Sweden
117Major Greek City States
117Fun fact to country
118Oceanian Shape to Country Click Quiz
118Daily Country Riddle #41
117States That Beat Arkansas
117State Capital Test: Southwest
117Biggest Asian Cities by Letter - G
117Minor Civil Divisions (Districts) of Virginia With a Map
117U.S. States That Start With C
118Biggest Cities in Indonesia Quiz
117US States Bordering Missouri (with a map)
1175 Oldest Continuous Settlements of Every Continent
118Name The Colors In The Country's Flag
118World Capitals Closest to Lisbon
117Horn of Africa Countries on a Map
117Flags of Asia by Partial Images
117Most Republican and Democrat US States in the 2008 Election
117Largest Cities in Sudan
117Countries of Oceania by Independence Date
117Largest Cities A-Z International
117Border Countries #1
117Countries which share border with Montenegro
117Africa: Geography and more by Letter B
117Connected Capital City Puzzle
117Countries Closest to Papua New Guinea - One Minute Sprint
117Most Populous cities in countries A-Z
118Mumbai Suburban Railway Stations (Central Line)
118Largest City on Each River
118The Capital of Canada Through its History
117South African Quiz
117Gambia Country Quiz
117Geography by Numbers
117US States Bordering Illinois
117U.S. States That Border British Columbia
11710 Closest AEIOU Countries to New Zealand
117Canadian Airport Codes (Normal)
117Cities by Historic Affiliation
117Countries that Border Saudi Arabia
117Countries with the Last Cases of Smallpox
117Counties of Tennessee
117Guess the Mystery River
117Honduras Country Quiz
118Italian cities quiz
117Maritime Disasters Quiz
117Most Visited UK Tourist Attractions outside of London
117Countries that have won Miss World
117Former City Names
116Top 10 Largest Cities In Arkansas
116Wards of Bristol with a Map
116Countries Closest to Iceland - 15 Second Sprint
116Gulfs by Clue
116Countries Bordering Ukraine by Population
116South Asian Geography By Letter - T
116Click the 3-Letter African Country Code
116New States
116Daily Country Riddle #99
116Largest Cities in Asia Beginning With 'S'
116Countries Closest to Algeria - 15 Second Sprint
116Countries that Bordered Sudan before 2011
116Extremely Hard General Knowledge #58
116Largest 10 Localities in Malta by Population (as at 2013)
116Census County Divisions of Texas With a Map
116Five Biggest Cities by German-Speaking Country
116Biggest Countries by Population, but... #3
116State Capitals That Beat Helena
116Top 10 Most Urban U.S. States
116Countries with the Longest Total Border Length
116Name a Valid U.S. State - Islands
116Countries closest to Bahrain
116Border Crossings Quiz #3
116Country Flags with the Most Red - Hard Version
116Kazakhstan Quiz
116City to Language
11610 Countries Directly Before Bahrain Alphabetically
116Most Populous Islands in the U.S
116Slovenia Country Quiz - Extensive
116Biggest Cities on the Gulf of Mexico
116Countries With Highest Rates of Cannabis Use
116Countries by Mountains
116Biggest cities in Montenegro
115Biggest Cities in the U.S. in 1950 - Map With Only Cities
115All 1M+ Cities in Brazil
115Alliterative Geography
115Daily Country Riddle #39
115Countries neighboring Countries bordering France
115Countries With Texas Roadhouse
115Largest cities in Armenia
115Largest cities in Moldova
115Iceland Quiz
115Biggest Cities In Washington
115Which Country?
115Indian States (with city clues)
115Countries Closest to Taiwan
115New York State Quiz
11520 Biggest Cities in the U.S. in 1950 (with a map)
115Countries with a Life Expectancy of 80+ Years
115Countries closest to Beijing
115Countries Bordering China by Population
115States Bordering Florida
115States that are the Largest State Bordering Another State
115Countries next door to Countries Bordering Countries neighboring China
115Countries Closest to Mongolia - 15 Second Sprint
115New Hampshire State Quiz
115Hyphenated Countries and Capitals
115Busiest Airport by Letter
115Denver Trivia