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127Oceanian Countries with Fewer than One Million People
12710 Biggest Cities in Egypt
127Bands by City
127Extreme Flags #2
127Countries of the Deadliest Crowd Crushes and Stampedes
127Extremely Hard General Knowledge #59
127United States According to the Last Two Letters in 60Seconds
127Capitals of The Provinces of Afghanistan
127Countries That Are Both Big and Populated
127Countries - Tourism Slogans
127Largest City on Each River
127Landlocked Countries Bordering Ukraine - 30 Seconds
127The Capital of Canada Through its History
127Countries with a Life Expectancy of Less Than 60 Years
127Countries Closest to Washington State
127Countries Closest to Serbia - 15 Second Sprint
127Daily Country Riddle #59
127Biggest Trading Partners - Afghanistan
127AK’s General Knowledge A-Z #76
127Illinois Quiz
127Countries Closest to Vietnam A-Z
127World Capitals Closest to New Delhi - distance order
127UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites in China 中國世界文化遺產
127Countries Blacked Out - Europe
127The Islands of New Zealand
127Cities of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
127American Universities - Map Quiz #1
126Capitals of the Countries that Start with V
126Countries Closest to Ireland - One Minute Sprint
126Pennsylvania State Quiz
126Select World Capitals
126Countries by Mountains
126Coronavirus outbreak by country
126Most Densely Populated Nations and Territories in Europe
126Biggest Asian Cities by Letter - J
126Countries or Territories which you can fly to from Texas
126Flags of Asia by Partial Images
126Largest Cities A-Z International #2
126Five cities furthest from a bigger in the same continent, with a map.
126All 1M Cities Starting with “V” to Country
126Cities in northern Poland (with Map!)
126State Chain
126Countries Apart From Vatican City That.....
126South Asian countries flags
126Largest Metropolises in Nauru
126Countries Closest to Nigeria A-Z
126All 1M Cities Starting with “U” to Country
126City to Language
126Top 10 Most Christian Countries
12630 countries with the highest population density
126Countries Bordering Russia AND China
126Maritime Disasters Quiz
126Biggest African Cities by Letter - J
126Current Countries Colonized By The Portuguese Empire
126Biggest African Cities by Letter - N
126Five Biggest Cities by German-Speaking Country
126Biggest Cities in Iceland on a Map
1265 Biggest Cities : Portugal
126US State General Knowledge #10 - New Mexico
126Secret African City and African Countries
126Countries with the Tallest Flagpoles
126Biggest U.S. Cities as a Percent of Their State
126Largest Cities on Each Continent Ending in 'a'
126World Cities Closest to Frankfurt
126Daily Country Riddle #55
126Daily Country Riddle #49
126Countries and Cities with Similar Populations
126Countries Bordering Unknown Sea #9 (no letter prompts)
126Largest Cities in Asia Beginning With 'H'
126State Capitals That Beat Helena
126Country Transits: same distance from Lesotho, South Korea, Sweden
126Countries with Highest Murder Rates
126South American Countries with Fewer than One Million People
126Number of Countries by Last Letter
126Geographic Groups of 3
126South Asian Geography By Letter - T
126Biggest Municipalities in Nova Scotia
126Countries with Observatories Above 3000 Meters
126Name the Shape, Not the Flag - Stroop Test
125Scottish Clans to Map
125Countries closest to Malta
12510 Biggest Cities in Order: China
12515 Largest Missouri Towns
125Wisconsin Trivia
125Top 10 Least Corrupt African Countries
125US States with the Most Patents per Capita
125Country Flags with the Most Red - Hard Version
125Closest Capitals by Lake Quiz
125Largest Cities in North America Beginning With 'M'
125States That Beat Wisconsin
125Countries of South America With a Borderless Map
125U.S. State Trivia by Letter - E
125States of Venezuela (Without a Map)
125Asian Geographic Groups of Three
125African Airports - Map Quiz
125Every 50k+ City in the United States
125U.S. State General Knowledge #3 - Alaska
125US States with the Lowest Percentage of Tobacco Consumption
125World Geography True or False
125Biggest British Islands cities within 100 km, with a map
125Biggest Cities Starting with L by Country
125Italian cities quiz
125Countries with Highest Per Capita Wine Consumption
125South Carolina State Quiz
125US States Bordering Missouri (with a map)
125Flags of the Counties of Croatia
125Former City Names
125Biggest African Cities by Letter - P
125Largest Cities on Asian Islands
125Daily Country Riddle #52
125Biggest Cities as a Percent of their Country
125Countries Furthest Away from Russia A-Z
125Biggest Cities in Cyprus
125Minor Civil Divisions (Townships) of Illinois With a Map
124Flags of Countries in Indochina
124Countries that Sanctionned the most Russia
124Countries with the Most Ultra-Prominent Mountain Peaks
124Moved Countries With a Incomplete Map
124AK’s General Knowledge A-Z #82
124Airlines Based in Vietnam
124Largest Cities in Asia With 4 Letters or Less
124Every City in Arkansas on a Map
124Counties of England Closest to Big Ben with a Radial Map
124Largest Cities A-Z International
124International Destinations from Austin
124Countries Contained in TURKMENISTAN
124U.S. States the Quizmaster Hasn't Visited
124Countries Closest to Mexico - One Minute Sprint
124Eritrea Country Quiz
124Countries of Europe - 1900 AD
124Countries by Minor Cities
124Countries of Oceania by Independence Date
124Countries Closest to Hawaii - One Minute Sprint
124Most Populous Countries with Two Vowels
124Countries Bordering Chile
124Belarus largest cities
124States that Border Kentucky
124Largest Cities and Towns of INDIANA by First Letter
124African Countries From Greek To English
124All 1M+ Cities in Brazil
124East China Sea Countries
124Countries Bordering Mediterranean Countries
123Cities of New Hampshire
123U.S. States Closest to the Pacific Ocean Without a Shoreline
123US State General Knowledge #4 - Nevada
123City Synonyms
123Country Flags with White Stars ☆
123Countries Closest to Iceland - 15 Second Sprint
123[AdyXD] - Largest cities in Italy
12320 Most Populated Countries with Only Horizontal Stripes in Their Flags
123Largest Cities in Africa Beginning With 'K'
123Counties of Ireland
123Extremely Hard General Knowledge #63
123Largest Island A-Z
12330 Biggest Cities in Japan
123Detroit Trivia
123River to Country - Tile Select
123Countries next door to Countries Bordering Countries neighboring China
123Largest Cities and Villages of OHIO by First Letter
123Metropolitan Boroughs of Greater Manchester
123Countries with Interrupted Coasts
123Biggest Cities in the U.S. in 1950 - Map With Only Cities
123Countries in a "JetPunk" of the World Map
123Countries Within 2000km from Athens
123Largest Ethnic Groups in East Africa Countries
123Countries in Macedonia
123Countries Most Similar to Argentina
123Africa: Geography and more by Letter B
123U.S. States by Capitals
123U.S. Cities A-Z on a Map
123Countries Closest To Benin
123Largest Islands in the Caribbean
122Countries that border China
122Connected Capital City Puzzle
122Major Greek City States
122Daily Country Riddle #87
122Which City in Missouri?
122Countries Where You Can Visit Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
122Pairs #5 (Historical Geography Edition)
122All 1M+ Cities in Nigeria
122Largest Cities in Asia Beginning With 'G'
122Largest cities in Moldova
122Countries Without a Capital
122Biggest Cities Starting with G by Country
122Countries that Border Ukraine
122Next Countries Alphabetically That Are Closest To Each Other
1225 Biggest Cities : Ireland
122Most Populous cities in countries A-Z
122Kazakhstan Quiz
122Utah State Quiz
122All Country's to Win a Marathon Medal at the Olympics
122Which City in New Zealand?
12210 Biggest Cities in Colombia
122Fill the Commonwealth Flag with Nations
122Select all countries that ...
122Name the 9 countries that border the Democratic Republic of the Congo
122Countries that Border Saudi Arabia
122Countries bordering Rwanda
122Top 5 Countries by Type of Meat Eaten