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82Departments of Paraguay
8220 longest rivers in Poland
82Niger River Countries
82Benin First Level Subdivisions
82Rhode Island General Knowledge
82Census County Divisions of Alabama With a Map
82Daily Country Riddle #93
82Countries Not In Africa or Asia With Highest % of Muslims
82Largest State Bordering Given US State
82U.S. States Closest to Mexico Without Bordering Mexico
82Japan Geography by letter-K
82Around the World - St. Petersburg to Athens
82World General Geography Knowledge Tile Quiz
82States that Border Minnesota
81Countries that border countries that border countries that border Algeria
8120 biggest nordic urban areas
81Countries Blacked Out - North America
81Biggest Cities in Austria-Hungary
81Most Populous Islands of Asia
81Almost Adriatic Countries
81The largest cities in Western Australia
81Biggest 100 Cities in Australia
81Countries Bordering Countries that Border China
81Biggest Cities in Germany
81Georgia State Quiz
81Countries Closest to South Africa - One Minute Sprint
81U.S. Cities A-Z on a Map #2
81Wards of Fukuoka, Japan - Map Quiz
81Country Names by Similar Words
81US States by Senator and Border
81Cities in their Language #2
81The Americas Geography by letter B, excluding the U.S.
81Communes de Bruxelles sur une Carte.
81Largest cities in Eritrea
81U.S. Cities With The Largest Population Density
81Nevada General Knowledge
8110 Most Unstable Countries in the Americas
8110 Closest Capitals To Monaco
82Sweden Trivia
81Capitals Closest to Vilnius
81Countries No Longer With Us #2
81All 1M Cities Starting with “V” to Country
81Word Scramble - French Cities
81Japan Geography by Letter -A
81Countries With The Lowest Population Density With Exceptions
8175 Biggest Cities in India
81Countries A-Z with Highest % of Internet Users
82The 20 Furthermost Capitals - Tokyo
81Click the Country - Mountain
81Countries Closest to Panama - 15 Second Sprint
81Daily Country Riddle #66
81Parishes and Dependencies of Antigua and Barbuda
81Daily Country Riddle #82
81Canadian Capitals
81Cities of Alabama by Population
81Country Flags with Black Stars ★
81Closest countries to China
81Oceanian Geography by Letter - W
81Countries Bordering (Countries Bordering) Switzerland
81Countries Closest to Singapore - 15 Second Sprint
81Countries that used to and oceans that border Pakistan
81Biggest Trading Partners - Belgium
81Largest Cities and Towns of WYOMING by First Letter
81U.S. State Trivia by Letter - J
81European Countries with the Longest Road Networks
81Countries where alcohol is illegal
80Countries bordering Slovenia
80Coldest Cities in Europe
80Capitals Beginning with W
80Landlocked Countries - Shape Quiz
80Five Biggest Cities by River
81Updated Top 5 Cities in Texas by Population
80All 1M Cities Starting with “Y” to Country
80All 5k+ Cities in Botswana with a Map
80Which City in Argentina?
80Country Flags with a Red Star ★
80Tokushima Prefecture, Japan - Map Quiz
80Countries of the World Ranking Game #1
80Largest Cities in the World that End in 'r'
80Biggest German Cities within 50 kilometres
80State Capitals Closest to Boise
80Johannesburg City Trivia
80Modern-day Cities by their Former/Historical Names
80Biggest Cities Starting with J by Country
81Flags of the Cantons of Bosnia and Herzegovina
80Most populous city in each timezone
80Census County Divisions of Montana With a Map
80National Parks of Canada
80Random Countries by Longest Border
80Top 10 Sunflower Oil Producing Countries
80Most Famous Monument by City
80Countries Bordering Iran - 30 Second Sprint
80Biggest Cities in Tajikistan
80Countries With Most Wikipedia Traffic
80States that border the state of Missouri
80Capitals of Countries Bordering Iran
80Cities of Turkey by Clues
80Locations of Deepest Places on Earth
80Biggest Trading Partners - USA - One Minute Sprint
80Top 100 Biggest Cities in US States that Start with D-H
80movie trivia: international geography edition
80Countries Bordering India by Population
80Landlocked Countries Bordering China - 30 Seconds
80Countries that border Serbia
80Zagreb boroughs
80Countries with the Highest GDP per Capita
80City by picture 4 (Italy)
80Lowest Capital Cities
80Countries closest to Mexico
80Colorado River States
80Biggest Cities with Short Names
79Carpathian Mountain Countries
79U.S. States With the Largest Springfields
79Biggest African Cities by Letter - B
79US States by Highest Median Income
79Biggest Cities in "G" Countries
795 To 1: Capitals of Asia
79Countries Furthest from Boston
79Asian Island Countries - Map Quiz
79Biggest Cities in Uruguay on a Map
79Biggest South China Sea Cities Quiz
79Countries with the Longest Total Pipelines
79Borough Quiz - Manhattan
79Asian Countries with the Most Mormons
79Countries Closest to Barbados
79Most Densely Populated Countries in Ranked Order
80Daily Country Riddle #86
79Daily Country Riddle #69
79Nations to Host Any FIFA World Cup Competition
80Where's That French City? Map Click #2
79Most Populated Cities in China With a Million People
79Top Trumps - G7 Countries
79Roman cities in France
79Extreme Flags #3
79British Geography by Letter - G
79Which City in Ukraine?
79Extremely Hard General Knowledge #59
79Order the Countries #2 - Latitude
79All the Countries to Ever Host the Olympics or FIFA World Cup
79Which City in Belgium?
79Which Country Doesn't Border... Tile Select #2
79Almost Megacities
79Countries by Clue (EuropeanQuizzer's Version)
79Asian Countries Ranking Game #1
79Top 10 New Zealand Cities by population
79Countries by their exclusive McDonald's menu items
79Bodies of Water from Kuwait City to the Ocean
79U.S. States with the Least Disconnected Youths
79Canadian Cities by Picture
79US National Parks by endemic species
79Countries Within 500 Miles of Madrid
79All 1M Cities Starting with “U” to Country
79Countries by Greatest Minimum Distance to the Ocean
79State Capitals Closest to Baltimore
79U.S. Cities with a Cardinal Direction in Their Name
79Close in Area Countries
79Largest Cities in Indonesia
79Cities in Italy by Letter
79Names in countries
79100 Biggest Cities Poland 2018
79Countries with the Most Precipitation with Exceptions
79Geography facts #1
79French to English Capital Cities
79Higher Population - Multiple Choice
79Country Border Chain
79States that beat Pennsylvania
78States That Beat Tennessee
78World Capitals at Mexico City's Latitude
78Largest Cities in Canada (Top 100)
78Country that have the highest population density in each continent
7810 Biggest Cities in Order: Philippines
78Indian Cities over 5 Million
78Largest Cities in Africa Beginning With 'L'
78Biggest Cities in Turkey
78Word Scramble - Italian Cities
79Countries that Eat the Most Cheese
78100 Biggest Cities in Saskatchewan
785 Biggest Cities : Bolivia
78Australian Suburbs with Most Same Sex Couples
78Countries Revealed By Oil Production
78Islands by Letter - N
78Biggest Cities in Israel
78Random Canada Map Quiz
78Countries with Highest Deforestation Rates
78Countries with the Highest Life Expectancy in 1950
78Countries with the Most Bicycles per Capita
78Blue Wall U.S. States
78Capitals but all Vowels are Changed to “O”
78Largest Trading Partners Of India
78Counties of New York City
78Flags of Native American tribes
78Second-biggest cities of Europe
78Hong Kong country quiz
78Countries Bordering ABCs
78Countries with the Highest Remittances (2020)
78Countries Bordering Myanmar - 15 Second Sprint
78Countries on the Caspian Sea with a Map
78Capital Cities: Cities
78Driest States
78In Between Countries in the Middle East