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With the help of a map, can you name the states of the Holy Roman Empire after the Golden Bull of 1356?
Name the modern countries, in which the Holy Roman Empire controlled land, at any point in it's existence from 962-1806.
With the help of a map, can you guess all modern day countries that were at one point under Prussian rule?
Name these facts from German history.
Can you guess these people, places, and things from German history starting with each letter of the alphabet?
37,831 All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Prussia
37,297 Holy Roman Empire Countries
36,919 States of the Holy Roman Empire in 1356
36,789 History of Germany Quiz
28,724 German Inventions
11,676 German History A-Z
10,495 Embarrassing Chapters in German History
3,391Chancellors of Germany(1871-present)
3,240Biggest Cities once in the German Empire
2,720Provinces of the Kingdom of Prussia in 1914 (with a Map)
2,022Imperial Circles of the Holy Roman Empire - Map Quiz
1,750Countries of the Holy Roman Empire in 1500
1,610Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire and of Austria.
1,488Historic German Countries on a Map
1,324Biggest German Cities (historically)
1,286Modern Day Countries of Prussia
1,284Cities in the Holy Roman Empire (with Map!)
864Geography and History of Germany on a Map
772States of the Weimar Republic in 1920 on a Map
755Biggest Cities of Prussia in 1850 with a Map
711Holy Roman Empire Quiz
698Holy Roman Emperors
617Nationalities in the German Empire
601Russia... or Prussia?
580Embarrassing Chapters in German History
516Electors of the Holy Roman Empire (1376)
508East Germany Country Quiz
497Electors of the Holy Roman Empire (1792)
456Historical Timeline of Germany
435Leaders of Germany
432Geography of the German Empire
408Countries of Nazi Germany
377Kings of Prussia and the German Empire
352Chancellors of Germany by Picture
351Kings of Prussia
331Major Ships of Kriegsmarine (German Navy 1935-1945)
326German Empire
321History GCSE Revision - Nazi Germany Dates
320Countries of the Holy Roman Empire Today
319Names for Germany through History
280Holy Roman Empire Countries
265Countries Occupying Germany with a Map
253Current States of the Empire of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
218Biggest Cities in the Holy Roman Empire
207German History General Knowledge #1
206Stem Duchies of the Holy Roman Empire
197German Colonial Empire Countries
184Prussia Quiz
181Countries of the German Empire
174Coats of arms - Prussian lands
174Imperial Circles of the Holy Roman Empire
172Kings of Prussia.
161Chancellors of Weimar Germany (1918-33)
153Most Famous Nazis
150Prussian Kings
128States of the German Empire by Coats of Arms
115German Empire before World War One
109HSC Modern History | Germany 1918-1939
99The Provinces of prussia
93German Post-War History
92States of the German Empire/Imperial Germany
86Ultimate German History Quiz
81Historically important German Cities
80Former Countries of Prussia
72States of the German Empire Flag Quiz
70The Clues are in German - Ancient History
69Flags of Provinces of Prussia
59Monarchs of Prussia
59People of the Weimar Republic - Pictures
48The Clues are in German - US History
46Prussian Monarchs
46Kings of Prussia
46Edexcel History 4. The Unification of Germany I
45Prussian Rulers - with Picture
44Kings of Prussia
43Political Geography: German, Austrian Colonies
34Prussia A-Z
32Prodigy Level Germanic history Examination
26Edexcel History 5. The Unification of Germany II
10All Kings in/of Prussia
9Prime Ministers of Prussia 1848-1945 - with picture
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