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Can you correctly spell the words for the numbers 1-10 in Spanish, French, and German?
Name the 6 countries where German is an official language.
These German words have sneaked into the English language. See if you can guess them.
German words you may know even if you've never studied German.
Translate these greetings into various European languages.
Name the twelve countries that have the most people who speak German as their native language.
Can you correctly spell the words for these colors in Spanish, French, and German?
Translate these random English words into German, based on length of word and starting letters.
Translate these movie titles from German to English.
Can you guess the correct German translation for each of these English words?
Can you correctly spell the words for the days of the week in Spanish, French, and German?
128,196 Count to 10 in Europe
121,909 German Loan Words
116,450 Random German Words
105,488 German-Speaking Countries
53,851 European Greetings Quiz
41,966 Colors in Europe Quiz
41,308 Countries With the Most German Speakers
36,085 German Vocabulary Mega-Challenge
35,895 Movie Titles in German
27,916 Click to Translate - German
24,687 Days of the Week in Europe
9,704 Song Title Translation - German
8,650Countries of the World in German
7,139The 50 most common german words
4,740Random German Words - Randomly
2,853Geography of German Speaking Countries on a Map
2,766European Countries in German
2,665Numbers in German
2,160Countries With Native German Speakers
2,076100 Most Common German Words
1,843100 Common German Verbs
1,536German Verbs (very long)
1,469Ultimate German Vocabulary Quiz
1,452Germanic languages in Europe
1,441Days of the Week in German
1,234English Words of German Origin
1,160Europe in German - Map Quiz
1,029German Translation
929German nouns in English
892German Speaking Cities Map Quiz
888German Room Vocabulary
883Simple German Words #1
857German animal vocab 1 (German to English)
825German animal words in English
779German to English A-Z (difficult)
688German Words Translated Literally
685Top 20 Most Famous Countries in German
660250 most common German verbs
649A to Z: Animal Names from German to English
608German Speaking Regions on the Map
596German Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts
581German language in Europe
559Languages : Animals from German to English
547German Words
51450 Most Common German Verbs
444Simple German Words #2
397Top 10 Countries with Most German Language Speakers
372Germanic Languages
371German Names in English
351Random German to English - Countries
295Random German words
295Vegetables from German to English
289German Words For Friends
282Top 20 Most Famous German Words
268Top 20 German speaking cities in world
264Countries that speak Russian, German, or Persian
258Modern Germanic Languages
253Animals in Germanic Languages
245Literal English Translations of German Words for Animals
235European Countries Belonging to the Germanic Language Family
234Country names in German
233Countries that Speak German
212Countries Where German is the Official Language
206Germanic Language Countries With Exceptions
200The Clues are in German #6
188Languages Most Similar to German
172European Countries where German Language has an Official Status
171Numbers in German Quiz
167150 Biggest urban areas in German* Speaking countries
166Most popular German last names
155German/Austrian School Literature
146"Germany" and "German" in Different Languages
136Germanic Languages
116Five Biggest Cities by German-Speaking Country
113Holiday German
99English song titles in german
94German country names
93Countries that speak Germanic languages with exceptions
6450 most common German words
61Countries where German is an Official Language
53Greetings from Europe
45Months of the Year in Europe
43Countries with the most Duolingo German learners
43Click the Animals - German
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