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31,810 All Bundesliga Teams Ever
27,359 Bundesliga Champions
12,2562025 Bundesliga Teams
9,824Bayern Munich 2010's Starting XI
9,553Bundesliga Top 4
7,739Most Expensive Transfers German Bundesliga Soccer/Football
5,563Bayern Munich 2020's Starting XI
5,263Bundesliga 2010's Winners Starting XI
5,121Germany 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
4,535Borussia Dortmund 2010's Starting XI
4,458Bayern Munich Best Scorer By Year
4,374Germany Football Team World Cup Starting XI
3,931Football Players by Picture #7 - Germany
3,8692020 Champions League Final Paris SG - Bayern Munich
3,360Best Bundesliga Players on FIFA Soccer 13
3,233Bayern Munich Current Squad
3,031Borussia Dortmund 2020's Starting XI
3,006Fußball Bundesliga 1 & 2
2,822Bundesliga Logo Quiz
2,700Teams in the German Bundesliga
2,651Bundesliga Top Scorers
2,346Top 10 Bayern Munich Starting XI
2,221Germany Euro 2012 Squad
2,209Bundesliga 2017-18 Logos
2,035German Bundesliga Clubs by Badge
1,695One Bayern Munich Player by Nation
1,691Bayern Munich All-Time Greatest XI
1,578All-Time Bundesliga Table
1,570Bayern Munich Squad 2016-2017
1,548All Winners of Bundesliga
1,490Bundesliga Managers 2023/2024
1,488German Football Champions
1,478Nationalities of the 2023-24 Bundesliga Managers
1,4712012 UEFA Champions League Final (Chelsea vs Bayern) - Lineups
1,411Bayer Leverkusen 2020's Starting XI
1,370FC Bayern Munich squad 2012-13
1,366Bayern Munich Record Transfers
1,341Top 10 Borussia Dortmund Starting XI
1,312FIFA 23 Top 100 Bundesliga Players
1,306RB Leipzig 2020's Starting XI
1,252Bayer Leverkusen 2010's Starting XI
1,235FC Bayern Munich 2020-21 Squad
1,226German Cup Winners (DFB-Pokal)
1,219Bayern Munich Champions League XIs
1,179Borussia Dortmund Best Scorer By Year
1,174Schalke 04 2010's Starting XI
1,174Germany National Football Team
1,167Football players who have played for Chelsea and Bayern Munich
1,161Bayern Munich Goalkeeper By Year
1,134Bayern Munich Champions League Winner Starting XI
1,129Bayern Munich Opponents In UEFA Champions League
1,114Bundesliga 2020's Winners Starting XI
1,097Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Bundesliga Best Players
1,0782013 Champions League Final Dortmund - Bayern Munich
1,078Germany Euro 2016 Squad
1,050Record transfers: FC Bayern München
1,036Top XIs: Germany (1966-2023)
1,003Bundesliga Champions since 1963
970Most Capped Footballers for Germany(Men)
955Borussia Mönchengladbach 2020's Starting XI
944Bayern Munich Squad 2017-2018
942Fifa 20 Top 50 Bundesliga Players
940Soccer Player by Country - Bundesliga Edition
933Bayern Squad 2019-2020
920German Soccer /Deutsche Fussballnationalspieler
882All 2. Bundesliga clubs ever (Men)
874Borussia Dortmund Current Squad
874German soccer players scoring during the World Cup
873Soccer Teams Robert Lewandowski Has Played For
874One Borussia Dortmund Player by Nation
840Bayern Munich - Players to have scored - 2003/04 - 2014/15
818Borussia Dortmund Squad 2014/2015
809Eintracht Frankfurt 2020's Starting XI
797Germany Squad FIFA World Cup 2010 Football / Soccer
781German Football Champions
779Bundesliga Nationalities
769Germany National Football Team Best Scorer By Year
761German Football Logos
734Bundesliga Best Starting XI By Team
733Bundesliga teams that have never been relegated
721Germany National Football Team Scorers 2010s
719Football Clubs Managed by Pep Guardiola
7042010 Champions League Final Bayern Munich - Inter Milan
697All german players in Real Madrid
693Bayern Munich Trivia
659Famous Football Players Picture Quiz - Germany
631Teams that Beat Germany in Football
625FC Barcelona - Bayern Munich Champions League 2019-20
621Bayern München Squad 2021-2022
593Bundesliga Champions Goalkeepers
5802012 Champions League Final Bayern Munich - Chelsea
573Top 15 Best football teams in Germany
554Rekord-Torjäger der Fußball-Bundesliga / Top Bundesliga Goal Scorers
553Germany All-Time Greatest XI
551Bayern Munich v Arsenal 13/3/13 - Teams
5482019-20 Bayern Munich Winning Squad
535German soccer club ever play a cup in Europe
530Borussia Dortmund 2019/2020 Squad
511Borussia Dortmund Squad 11 - 12
504Countries that have won Germany at Fifa World cup
5042022-23 Bundesliga First XI
500Premier League... or Bundesliga?
497Bayern Munich 2014/2015
494Bayern Munich Scorers in 2010s Champions League
492Borussia Dortmund Trivia
492Germany 2002 World Cup Final - Starting Lineup
484Borussia Dortmund Champions League XIs
483FIFA 18 Top 100 Players - Bundesliga
482Bayern Munich Players with 100 or More Alltime Goals
478Borussia Dortmund All-Time Greatest XI
477Germany Euro 1996 Squad
468Borussia Dortmund Squad 2016-2017
465Austrian Bundesliga Champions
464Bundesliga (Germany) Top 4 Positions
455Bundesliga Top Goalscorer since 2000
455Cities With Bundesliga Teams (with a map)
450Germany Euro Squad 2016
450Bayern Munich Top 10 Leaders
434Bayern Munich Players Quiz
431Top 10 Bayer Leverkusen Starting XI
430FC Bayern Munich's Ideal Starting 11
426Premier League German Best Scorer by Year
418Germany Squad FIFA World Cup 1990 Football / Soccer
417Borussia Dortmund Goalkeeper By Year
413Bayern Munich scorers in Bundesliga 2015-2016
412Germany Squad FIFA World Cup 2002 Football / Soccer
411Bayer Leverkusen Current Squad
403Borussia Dortmund Record Transfers
401Bundesliga Teams 2016/17
387Every 2019-2020 Bundesliga Goal Scorer
386Bayern Munich Top 10 Players of All-Time
387Bundesliga (German soccer league) winners quiz
385Germany 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
383Borussia Dortmund Squad 2017-2018
378Schalke 04 Best Scorer By Year
375RB Leipzig Best Scorer By Year
37250 Most Valuable Bundesliga Players
371Bayern Munich - Borussia Dortmund 2015-2016
3661999 Champions League Final Manchester United - Bayern Munich
361Bundesliga Champions Best Scorer
360Bundesliga Top Scorers
3592002 FIFA World Cup Final Germany - Brazil
355German Footballers who don't play in Germany
353On the Route to Glory - 2014 FIFA World Cup - Germany
337Record transfers: Borussia Dortmund
338Champions League German Best Scorer by Year
334Bayern Munich 2018 - 2019 Squad
333Bayern Munich - 15 Players with the Most Appearances
333All German teams to play in the Champions League
330Bundesliga Clubs 2019-20
3282012-13 Bayern Munich Winning Squad
328Bayer Leverkusen Best Scorer By Year
327Top 10 Schalke 04 Starting XI
317Werder Bremen Best Scorer By Year
313German National Football Coaches
312German Football Clubs 2018-2019 (from Bundesliga to 3. Liga)
311UEFA Euro 2008 Final Germany - Spain
305German Bundesliga Logos
303FC Bayern München Squad 2018/19
299Football - Last Place Teams in German Bundesliga
298Borussia Dortmund Players Quiz
297Record Transfer Signings for Bayern Munich
292Bundesliga 2021-22 First XI
289Top 10 Wolfsburg Starting XI
288Wolfsburg 2020's Starting XI
285Germany - Poland UEFA Euro 2016
282Top 10 Borussia Mönchengladbach Starting XI
283Borussia Dortmund Top 10 Leaders
282Current Players of Bayern Munich
280Bayern Munich scorers in Bundesliga 2014-2015
273Bayern Munich Trivia
272Bayern Munich Quiz
270Fussball 2. Bundesliga
270Tottenham Hotspur - Bayern Munich Champions League 2019-20
2702023-24 Bundesliga First XI
264Highest All-Time Goalscorers in the Bundesliga
262Bundesliga Winners by Year
260Freiburg 2020's Starting XI
259Germany - France UEFA Euro 2016 - Semi Finals
255Football Clubs in Berlin
254Eintracht Frankfurt Best Scorer By Year
252FIFA 20 - German Player Names
250Borussia Dortmund Scorers in 2010s Champions League
249Top Goalscorers in the Champions League for Bayern Munich
247Borussia Dortmund scorers in Bundesliga 2014-2015
247Germany National Football Team 2015
246FIFA 15 Team Of The Season Players from Bundesliga
245German National Team - Top 16 Goal Scorers
245Borussia Dortmund Facts
244RB Leipzig Champions League XIs
241Borussia Mönchengladbach Best Scorer By Year
238Bundesliga Top Goal Scorers
237Bundesliga Most Efficient Goalkeeper Per Year
236Internazionale vs Bayern Munchen 2010
234Cities With Bundesliga Teams Map Quiz
228Germany Euro 2008 Squad
227Top 10 Bundesliga Goalscorers of the Decade (2010s)
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