Harry Potter Quizzes

Take a Random Harry Potter Quiz
Played: 715,595
Rating: 4.73
Expanded! Guess the last names of each Harry Potter character.
Played: 373,728
Rating: 4.96
We discovered a few more characters.
Played: 279,674
Rating: 4.82
Can you get all 30 correct?
Played: 231,932
Rating: 4.93
Can you name the Harry Potter characters who are mentioned the most times in the books?
Played: 223,258
Rating: 4.32
Can you guess the names of the books from the Harry Potter series?
Played: 204,320
Rating: 4.84
Name the members of these famous groups from the Harry Potter series.
Played: 153,738
Rating: 4.49
Try to guess these things from the Harry Potter universe which begin with each letter of the alphabet.
Played: 107,757
Rating: 3.92
Can you name the Harry Potter character based on how they died?
Played: 102,063
Rating: 4.20
Based on the clue, name the Harry Potter spell!
Played: 87,523
Rating: 4.42
Can you name all of Voldermort's Horcruxes?
Played: 83,658
Rating: 4.27
Name the characters that have received the most screen time in the 8 installments of the Harry Potter movie franchise.
Played: 79,786
Rating: 4.28
Can you name these places that appear in the "Harry Potter" book series?
Played: 45,375
Rating: 4.27
We give you the creature. You tell us what type of creature it is.
Played: 42,595
Rating: 4.32
Unscramble the word to get the name of a character in the books.
Played: 36,399
Rating: 3.80
Played: 34,968
Rating: 4.38
Played: 34,456
Rating: 4.06
Guess the first names of the members of the Order of the Phoenix.
Played: 29,082
Rating: 4.49
Played: 24,580
Rating: 4.24
Give the shape (animal) of the Patronus charm for various Harry Potter characters.
Played: 20,604
Rating: 3.59
Played: 18,017
Rating: 4.36
Can you name the classes that were taught in the Harry Potter book series?
Played: 17,572
Rating: 4.46
Can you guess the year that each of these Harry Potter books and films were released?
Played: 16,849
Rating: 3.11
Played: 14,283
Rating: 4.41
Can you identify these characters from the Harry Potter film saga? Good luck!
Played: 13,754
Rating: 4.43
Played: 11,417
Played: 10,896
Rating: 4.41
Played: 10,275
Rating: 3.55
Played: 9,973
Rating: 4.67
Played: 8,534
Rating: 4.86
Played: 7,945
Rating: 4.09
Played: 7,608
Rating: 4.00
Played: 7,594
Rating: 3.47
Played: 6,574
Rating: 4.11
Played: 5,695
Rating: 3.89
Played: 5,558
Rating: 4.30
Played: 5,496
Rating: 4.00
Played: 5,004
Rating: 4.71
Played: 4,810
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