Hawaii Quizzes

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50 states, 50 quizzes. Day 40: Hawaii.
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Rating: 4.68
Names the eight main islands of the Hawai'i (with a map).
Played: 24,874
Rating: 4.49
Can you name the countries which lie closest to the eight main islands of Hawaii?
Played: 18,690
Rating: 4.55
For each category, name any U.S. state that ranks higher than Hawaii. Have fun!
Played: 12,623
Rating: 4.71
There are 8 major islands in the state of Hawaii. Can you correctly place each one on the map?
Played: 11,016
Rating: 4.17
For each letter of the alphabet, can you guess these things that pertain to the state of Hawaii?
Played: 9,328
Rating: 4.37
Can you answer these multiple choice questions about the U.S. state of Hawaii?
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Rating: 5.00
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