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Can you name the thirty-two teams that play in the National Hockey League?
Can you guess the NHL team that uses each of these logos?
For each city on the map, name the NHL team that plays there.
A word-guessing game where all the answers are NHL hockey team names.
For each highlighted year, name the team that won the Stanley Cup.
Guess the top ten countries of origin for players who are currently active in the NHL.
For each of the major pro sports leagues, name the 5 most guessed teams on their quizzes.
Can you name the players who have led the NHL in scoring since 1968?
Name the countries that have won a medal in men's or women's ice hockey.
One jerk is hogging a lot of NHL records.
Can you name the players who have scored the most goals in NHL history?
472,131 NHL Hockey Teams Quiz
99,512 NHL Ice Hockey Team Logos
76,268 NHL Hockey Cities Map Quiz
60,241 NHL Hockey Team Names by Clue
59,744 NHL Hockey Stanley Cup Champions
49,043 Countries With The Most NHL Hockey Players
38,593 NHL Hockey Art Ross Trophy
38,033 Most Guessed North American Teams by Sport
34,305 NHL Hockey MVPs
33,158 NHL Hockey 600 Goal Club
26,628 Vezina Trophy Winners
25,855 Olympic Medalists in Ice Hockey
25,328 NHL Hockey Team Goal Leaders
22,013 NHL Hockey Records Quiz
21,974 NHL Hockey Top 50 All-Time Goal Scorers
20,702 NHL Hockey Teams in Canada
18,759 #1 NHL Hockey Draft Picks
18,369 NHL Hockey Players with the Most Points
17,436 NHL Hockey General Knowledge
12,780 Merged NHL Logos
9,357 NCAA Division I Ice Hockey Teams
9,352 NHL 60 Goals in a Single Season
8,275NHL Hockey Teams - One Minute Sprint
6,588100 Greatest NHL players of all time
5,483NHL Hockey Conn Smythe Trophy Winners
5,025NHL Stanley Cup Champions
4,356NHL Teams by Color
4,259NHL Norris Trophy Winners
4,167All Retired NHL Numbers
4,008NHL Player Nicknames
3,749NHL (EA SPORTS) Video Game Cover Athlete (US Editions)
3,585Top 200 NHL Points
3,551Top 50 Highest Rated Players in NHL 15
3,510All National Hockey League Teams Ever
3,448NHL Points Leader By Country
3,431NHL Captains and Alternate Captains 2021
3,411TSN's Top 50 NHL Players 2021-2022
3,287Montreal Canadiens Roster 2024
3,269NHL Stanley Cup Losing Teams
3,110Hockey Nationalities Quiz
2,984NHL Teams with the most Stanley Cup Wins
2,794Top 20 Nationalities in NHL
2,749NHL President's Trophy Winners Since 2000
2,662NHL All Time wins (goalie)
2,557Famous NHL players who only played for one team
2,403Finnish NHL ice hockey players!
2,394NHL Top 100 Players of All-Time
2,352NHL 50 Goal Scorers
2,348Hockey Teams in the 2014 Olympics
2,286Hockey Teams Without A Stanley Cup
2,164All NHL Starting Goalies of the 2010s
2,090IIHF Ice Hockey World Rankings
2,062NCAA College Hockey Teams Quiz
2,001EA Sports NHL21 Top 50 NHL Players
1,976Top 20 NHL Centers 2024
1,923NHL - Defensemen's 30 goals club
1,906NHL Starting Goaltenders 2022-23
1,885NHL - Player with most points in a single season for each team
1,849First Five NHL Draft Picks by year
1,822NHL Points Leaders 2012 Regular Season
1,818NHL Top 5 Scorers for Each Country
1,747Toronto Maple Leafs Roster 2022
1,731NHL All-Time Career Shutouts
1,690Division 1 Mens College Hockey NCAA Tournament Champions
1,685New York Rangers Roster 2022
1,670Biggest NHL Trades
1,662NHL Teams by Clue
1,627Hockey Trivia
1,601Top 100 NHL players heading into the '16-'17 season
1,570Stanley cup winners from Finland
1,539Top 100 Greatest NHL Players
1,522NHL Goalies Who Scored A Goal
1,521Top 50 Assists Of All Time (NHL)
1,516Hockey (NHL) Penalties
1,506NHL Maurice "Rocket Richard" Trophy Winners
1,499Top 25 Best Selling Pro Hockey Jerseys 2013
1,491Olympic Men's Ice Hockey Gold Medalists
1,489NHL 2000's Top Point Scorers
1,478Former NHL Teams (1960s-2000s)
1,465AHL Hockey Teams
1,453Olympic Men's Ice Hockey Top 4 Positions
1,446NHL CAPTAINS 2024
1,421Original Locations and Nicknames of Current NHL Teams
1,409NHL 1990's Top Point Scorers
1,394Boston Bruins Roster 2022
1,376Top 20 NHL Wingers 2024
1,354Merged NHL Logos - Tile Select Version
1,347Ice Hockey World Championship Winners
1,331NHL Top Five Scorers per Franchise
1,2882010 Canada's Gold Winning Hockey Team Rosters
1,284NHL - Player with most goals in a single season for each team
1,280Best 3 players on each team (based on NHL 13 ratings)
1,269NHL Canada 2014 Olympic Hockey Team
1,266NHL 1st Overall Draft Picks Since 2000
1,257WHL Teams
1,214New Jersey Devils Roster 2022
1,1592016 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round Selections
1,126NHL 1980's Top Point Scorers
1,117Groups of Things - Hockey
1,113Top 10 leading scorer from each country (nhl)
1,107Defunct NHL teams
1,099NHL Starting Goaltenders 2015
1,097Highest NHL Salaries since 1989-90
1,091Edmonton Oilers Roster 2024
1,078NHL All-Time Games Played by a goalie
1,065NHL Hall of Famers
1,063NHL- Put A Name To The Number
1,050NHL 2011-2012 Leaders
1,003NHL Stanley Cup Champions
991Colorado Avalanche Roster 2022
9812017 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round Selections
979World Cup of Hockey Rosters 2016
958NHL Top 50 Goal Scoring Defensemen
953Players Inducted into The Hockey Hall of Fame (1970-2014)
931NHL Players by Team History
929Name a Valid NHL Team
918Hockey Nicknames
918NHL - Pittsburgh Penguins' 50 goals club
916Top Countries in IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships
914Most Popular NHL Jerseys Quiz
903Top 100 NHL players heading into the '17-'18 season
900Top 250 Fantasy NHL rankings for 2017-2018
886Montreal Canadiens' Captains
884NHL Teams (Past & Present)
877NHL Arenas Quiz
871Top 250 NHL Players Coming Into The 2022-2023 Season
871Top 100 NHL players heading into the 2021 season
865NHL First All-Star Team Players
86112-13 NHL Starting Goalies Quiz
859Toronto Maple Leafs Roster
857NHL players with 5 or more individual awards
8572019 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round Selections
852Vancouver Canucks Quiz
846Top 30 NHL Defenceman Of All Time
843Top Selling NHL Jerseys
832All Montreal Canadiens` Goalies
831Stanley Cup Champions Since 1927
828Norris Trophy Winners for top NHL Defensive Player
823NHL Canadian Olympians
821Stanley Cup Winners
819NHL Career Penalty Minutes Leaders
811NHL Quiz 2022-23
811Carolina Hurricanes Roster 2023
797Top 20 NHL Defensemen 2022
793Pittsburgh Penguins Roster 2022
779Top 50 Highest Rated Players in NHL 16
778NBA Playoffs 2015 Starting Line-ups
777NHL Calder Trophy Winners since 1980
771NHL players who have had 100 point seasons since 2000
763NHL Team Colors Quiz
762NHL Top 100 Players (2021-22)
760New York Islanders Roster 2022
749NHL Teams by Stanley Cup Wins
741NHL Team Logo Colors
740NHL Debut Teams
732100 Greatest NHL Players
7302015 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round Selections
724NHL Arenas by Team
720NHL Teams by Emoji
718Hockey Postions
710NHL Hockey Stanley Cup Champions - Sprint
709All Montreal Canadiens players with 200 games and more
702Countries Where Ice Hockey is the Most Popular Sport
693NHL - AHL Affiliations
693Every 2022-2023 player in the nhl
679NHL Teams by #1 Goalie & Captain
676Top 25 Montreal Canadiens points leaders of all time
670Vancouver Canucks Roster 2022
663nhl hockey teams by city
656NHL Starting Goalies 2017-2018
656Top 10 NHL Goalies 2022
6552015 Chicago Blackhawks Roster
6501980 United States Hockey Team
650Tampa Bay Lightning Roster 2022
646NHL Player Nicknames
641NHL Coaches Quiz
640NCAA Frozen Four
632NHL Defensemen with over 1000 Points
632Which NHL Player Am I?
629Calgary Flames Roster 2022
626Montreal Canadiens head coaches
623Top 100 NHL Players of the 2010's
601NHL Players by Picture
600NHL Players with 80 point seasons since 2010
598NHL Team Names
5972020 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round Selections
592NHL 2nd Overall Picks Quiz
587International Ice Hockey Rankings
586NHL Players With Most 30 Goal Seasons
585Detroit Red Wings Roster 2022
582NHL Conn Smythe winners
580All National Hockey League Starting Goalies
575Buffalo Sabres Roster 2022
571NHL Maurice Richard-trophy winners.
554NHL Top 5 Season Leaders by Franchise
549NHL Championships for every team
544NHL Best Players on Each Team 2017-2018
537Top 100 NHL players heading into the '18-'19 season
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