Homonyms Quizzes

Played: 60,759
Rating: 4.10
Type of bird or Catholic official?
Played: 49,068
Rating: 4.16
Leader or unit of lettuce?
Played: 48,639
Rating: 4.39
Sense of self-worth or group of lions?
Played: 45,446
Rating: 4.42
Foliage or departs?
Played: 40,863
Rating: 4.23
Duck noise or unqualified doctor?
Played: 36,544
Rating: 4.26
Platypus part or draft of a law?
Played: 27,645
Rating: 4.11
Part of the hand or tropical tree?
Played: 22,783
Rating: 4.29
Baby bird's noise / to look furtively?
Played: 15,897
Rating: 3.86
We give you a pair of definitions. You guess the homonym.
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