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82,833 Countries that Border Hungary
30,370 Hungary Country Quiz
7,890Countries Closest to Hungary
5,026Biggest Cities in Hungary
3,802Largest cities in Austria-Hungary Empire
3,033Countries With the Most Hungarian Speakers
2,263All 50k+ Cities in Hungary with a Map
1,806Counties of Hungary with a Map
1,628Hungary Country Quiz
1,287Monarchs of Hungary
1,082Subdivisions of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1490 with a Map
1,029Hungary by Picture
962Counties of Hungary
951Hungary Country Quiz
863Counties of Hungary (With a Map)
810Budapest... or Bucharest?
809Countries that Visit Hungary the Most
695Click to Translate - Hungarian
576Budapest Metro Stations
540Countries Bordering Hungary
518Biggest Cities of Austria-Hungary with a Map
502Hungary A-Z
490Hungary Country Quiz
470History of Hungary Quiz
454Countries Bordering Hungary- Map Quiz
446Hungary Euro 2020 Squad
443World Capitals Closest to Budapest
363Historical Timeline of Hungary
351Budapest by Picture
307District names of Budapest
301Countries Bordering Hungary by Border Length
290Flags of countries that border Hungary
23710 Biggest Cities in Hungary
232Districts of Hungary on a Map
232Countries thath Bordered Hungary Before 1991
222countries that border Hungary
205Hungary Trivia Quiz
200Biggest Cities in Hungary on a Map
194Hungarian Prime Ministers
185Countries Closest to Hungary - One Minute Sprint
182Countries Apart From Hungary That.....
180Districts of Budapest (Easy)
176Famous Hungarian and Serbian People
174Countries Bordering Hungary With a Map
156Countries that border countries that border countries that border Hungary
1485 Biggest Cities : Hungary
119Famous Czech and Hungarian People
118Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest
91Countries with embassies and consulates in Hungary
86Biggest Cities in Austria-Hungary
84Most popular baby names in Hungary
82Capitals of Countries Bordering Hungary
67Austria - Hungary UEFA Euro 2016
62Euro 2020 Group F - Hungary - France
57Countries Bordering Hungary
45Hungary - Portugal UEFA Euro 2016
43Euro 2020 Group F - Hungary - Portugal
42Hungary - Belgium UEFA Euro 2016 - Round Of 16
38Euro 2020 Group F - Germany - Hungary
22Iceland - Hungary UEFA Euro 2016
17Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest
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