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87,041 Countries that Border Hungary
32,418 Hungary Country Quiz
8,465Countries Closest to Hungary
5,318Biggest Cities in Hungary
3,872Largest cities in Austria-Hungary Empire
3,260Countries With the Most Hungarian Speakers
2,541All 50k+ Cities in Hungary with a Map
2,510Counties of Hungary with a Map
1,662Hungary Country Quiz
1,389Monarchs of Hungary
1,235Subdivisions of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1490 with a Map
1,139Counties of Hungary (With a Map)
1,086Hungary by Picture
1,055Hungary Country Quiz
970Counties of Hungary
879Click to Translate - Hungarian
862Countries that Visit Hungary the Most
855Budapest... or Bucharest?
662Budapest Metro Stations
576Biggest Cities of Austria-Hungary with a Map
558Countries Bordering Hungary
548Hungary A-Z
526History of Hungary Quiz
504Countries Bordering Hungary- Map Quiz
503Hungary Country Quiz
483Hungary Euro 2020 Squad
464World Capitals Closest to Budapest
396Historical Timeline of Hungary
382Budapest by Picture
344District names of Budapest
329Districts of Hungary on a Map
307Countries Bordering Hungary by Border Length
302Flags of countries that border Hungary
25110 Biggest Cities in Hungary
251Countries thath Bordered Hungary Before 1991
230Biggest Cities in Hungary on a Map
227countries that border Hungary
224Hungarian Prime Ministers
215Hungary Trivia Quiz
198Districts of Budapest (Easy)
197Countries Apart From Hungary That.....
197Countries Bordering Hungary With a Map
194Famous Hungarian and Serbian People
191Countries Closest to Hungary - One Minute Sprint
163Countries that border countries that border countries that border Hungary
1555 Biggest Cities : Hungary
126Famous Czech and Hungarian People
123Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest
101Most popular baby names in Hungary
93Countries with embassies and consulates in Hungary
88Biggest Cities in Austria-Hungary
84Capitals of Countries Bordering Hungary
69Euro 2020 Group F - Hungary - France
68Austria - Hungary UEFA Euro 2016
61Countries Bordering Hungary
56Hungary - Belgium UEFA Euro 2016 - Round Of 16
48Hungary - Portugal UEFA Euro 2016
47Euro 2020 Group F - Hungary - Portugal
40Euro 2020 Group F - Germany - Hungary
23Iceland - Hungary UEFA Euro 2016
22Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest
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