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Think you know geography? Check out these geography games and tests that involve countries, states, borders, mountains, and everything else on the map.
Whether you like basketball, football, soccer or any other sport - we have trivia games to test your skill at memorizing random facts.
Fill in the map by clicking the name of each country, region, or city highlighted on the map.
Our most popular category of sport trivia. Check out these NBA basketball quizzes.
Trivia games where all the answers are names of countries.
History games and quizzes to test your knowledge of times gone by.
We've written hundreds of general knowledge trivia challenges for the well-rounded individual.
From Atari to Xbox, we have lots of quizzes to test your video game knowledge.
Think you know movies? Check out these trivia games from the world of film.
Try guessing song lyrics, or see if you can name the band based on the song title. Lots of quizzes for the music trivia enthusiast.
We show you a picture and you try to guess what's it in.
Grab your dictionary and try to solve these word and vocabulary trivia challenges.
Check out these trivia challenges from the world of international football.
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