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Can you name the 6 countries that share a land border with India?
There are 36 states and union territories in India. How many can you name?
Can you guess these facts about the country of India?
Name the fifteen countries that have the largest Hindu population.
Can you name the twenty countries that are geographically closest to India?
Can you name the countries bordering the Bay of Bengal?
Huge cities you've probably never heard of.
Click the name of each highlighted Indian city.
Can you name all of the countries that bordered the British Raj, or British India, in 1937?
How many of India's state capital cities can you name?
For each selected category, name any of the countries that ranks higher than India.
131,071 Countries Bordering India
124,618 States of India
105,699 India Country Quiz
80,397 Top 15 Countries with the Most Hindus
75,540 Countries Closest to India
65,786 Bay of Bengal Countries With an Empty Map
56,340 Biggest Cities in India
51,349 India Cities Map Quiz
51,261 Countries that Beat India
50,332 India State Capitals Quiz
47,763 Countries of the Indian Diaspora
47,263 Countries that Bordered British India with an Empty Map
36,512 Countries that Visit India the Most
34,428 All Cities in India with Population of 1 Million
27,932 India A-Z
27,416 Hindu Countries
27,288 China... or India?
24,949 Officially Recognized Languages of India
19,815 20 Indian Cities Everyone Should Know
17,181 History of India
15,293100 Biggest Cities in India on a Map
14,902States of India Map Quiz
12,861Countries Bordering India
12,176Modern Day Countries of the Mughal Empire on a Map
11,908 The Life of Gandhi
11,094Modern Day Countries of the Mauryan Empire on a Map
5,857Indian States by Official Language with a Map
4,36220 Biggest Cities in India on a Map
4,095Indian Geography on a Map
4,046Top 20 Hindu Countries
3,971Top 20 Bollywood Actors of All Time
3,602Top 20 Most Hindu Countries
3,513Pakistan...or India?
3,491Indian States by Borders in 30 Seconds
3,462Flags of Countries That Border India
3,421Languages of India
3,199Its all about India
2,674Indian Food and Drink (by Picture)
2,568Guess the Bollywood Movie from the Description
2,472Countries Closest to India (with a map)
2,402Scheduled Languages of India Map Quiz
2,368Common Indian Last Names Quiz
2,296Districts of Maharashtra Map Quiz
2,262India True or False?
2,118Capitals of Indian States
2,073Top 20 Bollywood Actresses of All Time
2,054Which City in India?
1,986A Quiz About Hinduism
1,982India... or Indonesia?
1,912Indian Cities over 1 Million Population
1,894Bollywood Heroines by Song
1,838Indian Cricketers Who Have Played 80 Tests
1,775Quiz on Hinduism - Multiple Choice
1,755Top 100 Biggest Cities in Indiana
1,741Word Chain - India
1,721Districts of Tamil Nadu (with map)
1,652Mega Hard Bollywood quiz
1,610World Capitals Closest to New Delhi
1,594Indian Premier League (IPL) Cricket Team Captains 2012
1,494South Asian Foods
1,488Word Scramble - Indian States
1,476China or India? - Multiple Choice Quiz
1,453States of India by First Two Letters in 30 Seconds
1,421Bollywood Actresses by Songs
1,402States of India on an Empty Map
1,390Countries mentioned in the Wikipedia Page of India
1,375All time India Cricket XI
1,367Countries that are bigger than India
1,318Monuments of India
1,255Hindu Gods
1,242Click to Translate - Hindi
1,213All Indian ODI Cricketers
1,181Biggest Cities in the Indian Subcontinent on a Map
1,123India's state and union territory capitals Quiz
1,092Biggest Trading Partners - India
1,091India Immigration by Country
1,063India-National Symbols Quiz
1,040Districts of Kerala on a Map
1,035Bollywood Films 2013
1,034Union Territories of India
1,007Prime Ministers of India
9881M Cities on the Map of India, with hints appearing on dots
982India by Picture
969Top Languages of India
944Indian states by first 2 letters in 45 seconds
930Biggest Indian Cities A to Z
913Geography of India
898Bollywood Actresses
896Indian History A-Z
873Indian Prime Ministers Quiz
876T20 Cricket Captains of India
883Capitals of Indian States on a Map
862Indian Languages
830Bollywood King - 1
828North East India Map Quiz
812Indian Cities Map Quiz
808Five Countries with Most Hindus by Continent
806Languages of Indian States
803Famous Indians
786Districts of Uttar Pradesh Map Quiz
783The 32 districts of Tamil Nadu
783Biggest Indian Cities by Decade
783Districts of Rajasthan on a Map
769Indian Cricket Teams
75525 Indians that Everyone Should Know
745Indian Cricket - 20 or more test centuries
689Districts of Kerala , India
686All-Time Indian Premier League Cricket XI
681Provinces (Subahs) of the Mughal Empire with a Map
672Identify the Hindu deity (picture quiz)
672Capitals of India
662Sidewinder's Bollywood Quiz I
616Sidewinder's Bollywood Quiz II
610Dravidian Languages
598cricket players in india
589Countries Closest to India A-Z
588100 Largest Cities in India
576Delhi Metro Stations by Map Quiz
565Landmarks of India by Picture Quiz
563Click to Translate - Tamil
556Famous Indian and Pakistani People
556Hinduism Review Quiz (World History I)
540Country Quiz on a Map - India
537Sidewinder's Hindu Mythology Quiz I - Mahabharata
500Mumbai City Trivia
492Bollywood Bacon Quiz
489Airlines at Delhi Airport (DEL)
488Indian Premier League Cricket - Team Nicknames
483Biggest Cities in the Indian subcontinent
479Countries with the Greatest Proportion of Hindus
474Delhi Airport (DEL) Destinations
473Bollywood Actors / Actresses by Picture
461Indian Geography A-Z
456States of India
457All 100k+ Cities in India on a Map
447Indian states and their official languages
445Indian General Knowledge
442Countries Bordering India - Map Quiz
440Click to Translate - Bengali
425Indian Modern History
405Indian City Nicknames Quiz
398Indian Cricket Captains Since World War II
384State Quiz - Tamil Nadu
377Religions in India by Number
379States of India By Borders in 15 Seconds
370Biggest Airports in India (By Passengers)
371India General Geography
365Countries Closest to India A-Z (5 minute version)
363Countries Closest to India - One Minute Sprint
352India's International Cricket Grounds
346Indian cities by a clue
346Cricket: Leading Indian Test Batsman A-Z
344Most Guessed Indian cities
342Cricket World Cup 2016 india team
338Click to Translate - Gujarati
334Most Indian Countries in the World Quiz (with map)
332Most Spoken Languages of India
327Indian Batsmen with a test average over 50
326Indian Mythology Quiz
326Indian States by Religious Population
323Cricket Stadium to City (India)
322Geography of the Indian Subcontinent
320Facts about India
316Indian States : Punjab
315Biggest City in Each Indian State
312India - General
309Click to Translate - Sanskrit
306List of indian states by population
302Most spoken languages in India
296Click to Translate - Telugu
294Countries with largest population of Indians
292UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India
290Top 10 Countries in Africa with the highest number of Hindus
287Bollywood inspired from Hollywood
287Bollywood King - 4
275Shopping List- Indian & Southeast Asian
27420 Renamed Indian Cities
271Indian Inventions
271Biggest Cities in South India
263Destinations from Mumbai Airport
261Regions Bordering India Map Quiz
255Mumbai by picture
253Top 25 Greatest Test Cricket All-Rounders 🏏 (updated)
252Bollywood King - 2
252Click to Translate - Marathi
251Name the Hindu majority countries
249State Quiz - Kerala
245Delhi Airport (DEL) International Destinations
246Indian Prime Ministers Quiz
246Guess the Bollywood Movie... 2!
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