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What are the 20 countries that are geographically closest to Indonesia?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Indonesia?
Can you name the largest islands that are part of Indonesia? (includes map)
For each selected category, name any of the countries that ranks higher than Indonesia.
77,281 Countries Closest to Indonesia
57,538 Indonesia Country Quiz
39,466 Largest Indonesian Islands
30,858 Countries that Beat Indonesia
13,532Provinces of Indonesia (map quiz)
6,030Biggest Cities in Indonesia
3,466Indonesia Cities Map Quiz
3,429Ibukota Provinsi di Indonesia
2,937All Indonesian Regencies/Kabupaten and Cities with a Map
2,581Countries Closest to Indonesia A-Z
2,482World Capitals Closest to Jakarta
2,112Countries Closest to Indonesia - with a map
2,059Indonesia Country Quiz
1,985India... or Indonesia?
1,629History of Indonesia
1,590Countries Closest to Borneo
1,463Biggest Trading Partners - Indonesia
1,455Indonesian Islands Map Quiz
1,310Islands of Indonesia larger than 500 km2 on a Map
1,228100 Biggest Cities in Indonesia with a Map
1,123Top 100 Biggest Cities in Indonesia
981Countries that Visit Indonesia the Most
971Provinces of Indonesia
885Indonesia's President
805Geography of Indonesia
774Click to Translate - Indonesian
73325 Biggest Cities in Indonesia
722Largest Cities in Indonesia on a Map
712Indonesia A-Z
641Religions recognised by Indonesia
549Capitals of Indonesian Provinces
536Most Populous Islands of Indonesia
495Biggest Cities on Java on a Map
436Languages of Indonesia
399Indonesia vs malaysia
394The Islands of Indonesia
365Indonesia Country Quiz
357Countries Bordering Indonesia
346Countries Visiting Indonesia the Most
344All 1M+ Cities in Indonesia
333Top 10 Indonesian cities by population
309Indonesian Islands
283Indonesia's Busiest Airports
278Countries Closest to Indonesia - One Minute Sprint
272Ethnic Groups of Indonesia
270Overseas Indonesian Population
270Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) Denominations
258Flags of Countries Bordering Indonesia
250Countries Closest to Indonesia (in Indonesian - dalam bahasa Indonesia)
244Historical Timeline of Indonesia
230Presdidents of Indonesia 1945-2016
218Countries Bordering Indonesia - 15 Seconds
208Largest Indonesian Cities by Island
201Geography of Indonesia
191Indonesian Provinces
1875 Biggest Cities : Indonesia
175Countries Closest to Indonesia - distance order
140Biggest Cities in Indonesia Quiz
134Indonesia or Malaysia
130Which City in Indonesia?
130Countries Closest to Indonesia - 15 Second Sprint
116Biggest Cities in Indonesia
101Largest Cities in Indonesia
89Countries Closest to Indonesia - 30 second map sprint
61Biggest Cities in Indonesia Quiz
6020 Biggest cities in Indonesia
54Biggest Cities In Indonesia
54Large Indonesian Islands
51Sulawesi Island Geography Quiz
51Biggest Cities in Indonesia Quiz
47Top 25 Trading Partners - Indonesia
44Countries that Visit Indonesia the Most
10Subdistricts of Prabumulih
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