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Take a Random Inventions Quiz
Played: 42,264
Rating: 4.30
Name these objects that are named for their inventors.
Played: 38,060
Rating: 4.43
Let the nit-picking begin!
Played: 37,929
Rating: 4.44
Name the people credited with these inventions.
Played: 30,013
Rating: 4.21
Based on the clues, try to name these things that were invented in China.
Played: 29,841
Rating: 3.52
Name these things that were invented in the United States.
Played: 28,040
Rating: 3.67
Name these German inventions and discoveries.
Played: 23,069
Rating: 4.17
I foresee some whining about the first question.
Played: 21,754
Rating: 3.08
A better question is what WASN'T invented by the English.
Played: 16,871
Rating: 3.72
Many of these are music-related.
Played: 14,354
Rating: 3.66
Some important ones and some silly ones.
Played: 13,447
Rating: 4.07
Name these inventions and discoveries of ancient Greece.
Played: 12,161
Rating: 4.53
Can you name these inventions and discoveries which were made by people of Japanese descent?
Played: 12,006
Rating: 3.95
Name these French inventions and discoveries.
Played: 9,491
Rating: 4.29
Based on the clues, name these Russian inventions and discoveries.
Played: 9,144
Rating: 4.20
Can you name these people, companies, and things which originated in the Los Angeles area?
Played: 8,361
Rating: 3.97
A clever bunch, those Scots!
Played: 6,969
Rating: 3.84
Even more English inventions and discoveries.
Played: 4,009
Rating: 3.79
Guess these facts about the life of the American inventor Thomas Edison.
Played: 216
Played: 187
Played: 104
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