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Take a Random Island Quiz
There are 47 countries that are entirely on islands. How many can you name?
We give you the island. You tell us the nation that it is part of.
Can you name the countries that have the most islands of at least 10 square kilometers in size?
In just 3 minutes, try to name the biggest countries located completely on islands.
Name the 26 world largest islands highlighted on the map.
Name the countries that have two or more islands greater than 10,000 km2.
Name the world's biggest islands.
Try to name the 100 islands that have the highest population.
Name the island, based on its first letter and description.
Name the six African nations that are completely located on islands.
Try to name any island country that belongs in each selected category.
586,027 Island Countries Quiz
151,169 Islands by Country #1
126,458 Countries With the Most Islands of at Least 10 Km²
124,304 Largest World's Islands on the World Map
120,392 15 Biggest Island Countries
116,694 World's Biggest Islands Quiz
103,777 Most Populous Islands
99,055 Countries with Multiple Big Islands
93,133 Islands A-Z
83,041 Asian Island Nations
81,757 African Island Countries
80,638 Name a Valid Island Country
78,932 Islands by Largest City #1
71,749 Countries with Multiple Populous Islands
68,830 Islands by Shape #1
67,249 Richest Island Countries
63,964 Islands by Country #2
57,824 Islands by Picture
53,644 Modern-Day Countries of the Umayyad Caliphate on a Map
53,532 Islands by Satellite Image #1
50,126 Biggest Mediterranean Islands
50,081 Most Dispersed Island Nations
48,934 Satellite Images - Island Chains
42,812 Biggest City by Island
42,765 Cyprus to New Zealand Island Nation Chain
41,007 Islands by Shape #2
39,231 Name a Valid Island
39,055 Largest Indonesian Islands
37,567 People Born on Islands
36,351 Name an Island Country A-Z
28,143 East Asian Islands on the Map
28,082 Largest Islands of Greece
27,244 Countries with the Most People Living on Islands
26,706 Islands by Wikipedia Descriptions
26,532 Largest Islands in the British Isles With a Map
25,066 Islands in History
24,342 Islands by Largest City #2
24,018 Islands Revealing Islands
23,812 Island Superlatives
21,145 Islands by Nearest Mainland Country
21,015 Four Main Islands of Japan
20,868 Most Populous Islands of Europe
20,812 407 Islands on the World Map
20,140 Saintly Islands of the Caribbean
18,468 Asian Islands
17,152 Largest Philippines Islands
17,149 Largest Arctic Islands with a Map
17,071 Which Asian Island?
16,518 Which European Island?
15,850 Islands by Satellite Image #2
15,736 Islands With the Highest Elevation
15,052 Canary Islands
14,939 American Islands
14,688 Bahamas to Singapore Island Nation Chain
14,001 Largest Caribbean Islands
13,563 Islands of "The World" in Dubai
11,998 Name a Valid Island by Archipelago
11,740 Canadian Islands on the Map
11,259 Capital Cities Nearest to Islands
9,871All Islands on the World Map
9,208Five Biggest Island Countries by Continent
8,812 Largest Scottish Islands
8,417100 Largest Islands on the World Map
7,343Most Populous Islands on a World Map
5,975Islands Divided Between Several Countries
4,628Mediterranean Islands Map Quiz
4,560 Largest Virgin Islands
4,405Modern Day European Countries ever Controlled By Muslims
4,207Draw Islands Larger than 10,000 km2 on the Empty World Map
3,932Five Smallest Island Countries by Continent
3,876 Islands of the Galápagos
3,010Five Biggest Islands by Continent
2,996Most Populous European Islands
2,520Islands of Greece Map Quiz
2,483All Islands by Largest City on the World Map
2,231Island Nations
2,226Caribbean Islands (difficult)
2,193Largest Islands of Croatia Quiz - Map
2,192Most populated islands A-Z
2,075World Capitals Located on Islands
2,058100 Biggest Islands of the Earth
1,975Flags of Islands
1,940All Residential Islands of Greece
1,938Caribbean Islands Map Quiz
1,921Islands: A to Z
1,841Non-island Countries with relatively large Islands
1,65350 Largest Islands in the World
1,648Countries whose largest island is at least 1,000 km2
1,605Largest Island Nations in Size
1,519Scottish Islands (extreme)
1,508Countries and Territories of the Lesser Antilles (with map)
1,474Five biggest islands in every continent
1,458Islands with National Capitals
1,426All States and Islands on the USA JetPunk Map
1,42250 biggest Cities on Islands Countries on a Map
1,419Indonesian Islands Map Quiz
1,413Can You Name These 10 Random Island Countries
1,412Top 10 Countries With the Most Islands
1,404All Islands on the World Map by Scambigol
1,353Largest Island Countries A-Z
1,341Island Countries Outside Oceania Farthest from the Mainland
1,34020 Largest Islands and Their Countries
1,314Archipelagos on the Map
1,295Island Countries with the Biggest Economies 🏝
1,27220 Random Islands on the World Map
1,270Name The Country Who Owns That Island
1,270Islands of Indonesia larger than 500 km2 on a Map
1,240What Country Are These Islands Part Of?
1,238Most Populous Atlantic Ocean Islands
1,234Countries Closest to the World's Island Countries
1,231Largest European Islands Quiz
1,213Top 25 Most Populous Landmasses
1,204Largest Islands in the British Isles
1,194Countries with Populations in Noncontiguous Parts
1,129100 Largest Islands of Europe
1,119Biggest Island Countries by Continent
1,073The biggest Greek islands
1,067Coastal countries without islands
1,055Philippines Islands Map Quiz
1,021Island Countries By Shape
1,017European Islands on the Map
1,015Shared Islands
1,006Islands in the Map of Europe Quiz
997Scottish Islands Map
994Island trivia
980Largest City by 25 Largest Islands Map Quiz
976Most Populous Islands by Letter
973World's Biggest Islands with World Map
928Countries That Share Islands
917Southeast Asian Islands on the Map
916Former Sovereign Island Nations
909Island Countries with Land Borders
895Countries By Largest Island
874Name the Island Group or Archipelago
859Largest Islands of Denmark Quiz - Map
829Channel Islands on a Map
817British Islands (UK)
804Most Populated Islands in the USA
802Geography of Ireland
784Closest Countries and Mainlands to Islands
7585 Largest Islands by Archipelago
757312 Islands larger than 1,000 km2 on the World Map w/ hints
749Smallest island countries by area
748Word Scramble - Islands
744Greek Islands
741Asian Island Countries
74120 Largest Islands of Japan by Area
714Small Island Developing Countries
712Countries Owning the 200 Most Populous Islands
710Top 20 Most Famous Islands
708Islands >= 200 km2 on the Map of Europe
694British Isles Map
68725 most populated islands in continental countries
663Islands of the U.S.
653Biggest Islands A-Z
639312 Islands larger than 1,000 km2 on the World Map
636Canada largest islands
630Island Countries With Man-Made Links To Continents
623Largest Islands of the Bahamas - Map Quiz
621Islands by Clue
605Islands of Malta in a Map
599Islands by Satellite Image #3
588Nordic Islands and Territories Quiz
587Island Countries Beginning with the Letters of JETPUNK
586Tasmania Trivia
57066 Largest Islands of the United States on a Map
566Most Populated Island Countries
565Counties of Long Island on a Map
562Mediterranean Islands larger than 200 km2 with a Map
559Largest Islands of Greece
555Islands on the World Map (Robinson Projection)
542Italian Islands with a Map
529Most Populous Islands of Indonesia
524Inhabited danish islands
521The Only Remaining Island Country . . .
518Island to Language
515Island Countries by First 2 Letters
508Island Countries with a Map
496Top 10 Richest Island Countries (PPP and Nominal)
485Large Islands of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Philippines
462Macaronesian Islands by population (Canary Islands, Madeira, Azores, Cape Verde).
456Most Populous Islands of Canada
453Croatian Islands
438Island Chains by Country
436North American Islands on the Map
430Indian Ocean Island Countries
417Islands of the Netherlands
409Island Countries: Poorest and Smallest Economies
407Oceania Islands on the Map
404Islands of the Marshall Islands with a Map
402Biggest Towns on Long Island with a Map
397Inhabited Islands of French Polynesia
393Martinique Trivia
391The Islands of Indonesia
377All the Europe Island Countries
375Orkney Islands
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