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Translate these random Italian words into English.
Translate these Italian food words into English.
Translate these greetings into various European languages.
Not just coffee and pasta.
Name the countries with the most people speaking Italian as a first or additional language.
Translate these random English words into Italian, based on length of word and starting letters.
57,728 Random Italian Words
56,880 Italian Food Words
52,376 European Greetings Quiz
51,411 English Words of Italian Origin
41,786 Countries With the Most Italian Speakers
14,296 Italian Vocabulary Mega-Challenge
4,766Click to Translate - Italian
1,990Italian Foods
1,843Italian language in Europe
1,598Colors in Italian
1,101Italian-speaking countries
1,081How do you say in English? (Italian names for food)
1,073Italian Loan Words
1,050Italian Verbs
834European Countries in Italian
797Italian Words #1
771Translate these Countries from Italian into English
751166 Italian Verbs
713Numbers in Italian
638How do you say in English? (Italian - parts of the body)
572Italian Name Translation Quiz
569Italian Words #2
496Italian Names of Italian Cities
480Italian Language Quiz
456Languages : Animals from Italian to English
393Common Italian Words
377Asian Countries In Italian
282Italian "are" Verbs
279Countries Where Italian is the Official Language
274English Geography (for Italians)
273Italian Speaking Countries
233Italian irregular verbs #1
231Italian to English
223Travel Vocabulary : Italian
217Countries that Speak Italian
216How do you say in English? ( medical Italian)
201Italian terms for musical words and phrases
191I Crostacei, Roditori ed I Mammiferi (Prima)
181Italian Cities in Italian
171Animals in Italian
155Frutte, Bacche e Verdure - IT
134"B" Verbi 1
130Languages Most Similar to Italian
124Italian irregular verbs #2
112Countries that are the Same in Italian and English
11150 Italian Names For Cities
104Top 20 Most Famous Countries of the World in Italian
86Top 10 Most Italian-American U.S. States
28English to Italian - Food (Part 1)
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