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303Country Transits: Closest Countries to Italy by Starting Letter
301Italian Professional Football Teams Quiz
297Countries Bordering Italy
292Juventus Vs Barcelona CLF Line Ups
292Football (soccer) legends! Italy
2932006-07 AC Milan Winning Squad
293AS Roma Goalkeeper By Year
289Guess 100 AC Milan footballers by image
289Italian Cities by Picture
287Napoli Champions League XIs
287AC Milan Squad 2019-2020
2882009-10 Inter Milan Winning Squad
286Serie A 2021-22 First XI
284Internazionale Milano Squad 2018-2019
281AS Roma Trivia
279Inter Milan Top 10 Leaders
276AC Milan Scorers in 2010s Champions League
275Italian Football Players Abroad
275Top 10 Fiorentina Starting XI
274Roman numerals quiz
2741998 Champions League Final Juventus - Real Madrid
272Countries Bordering Italy via Land or Sea with a Map
272Roman Numerals
270Napoli Opponents In UEFA Champions League
266Ancient Gods: Greek to Roman
266Turin City Trivia
264AS Roma Top 10 Leaders
263Fascist Italy (1922-1944)
263Football Clubs Kaká Played For
261Juventus Players of the 2010s
255Prime Roman Numerals - One Minute Sprint
254Historical Timeline of Italy
253Most Populous Islands of Italy
252Busiest Airports in Italy
2505 Biggest Cities : Italy
250Napoli Top 10 Leaders
2481995 Champions League Final Ajax - AC Milan
248Native Languages of Italy
2471993 Champions League Final Marseille - AC Milan
246Longest Roman Numerals Under 100
245Juventus Squad 2015/16
244World Capitals Closest to Rome
244All AC Milan scorers 2000-now
244roman numerals quiz!
243All-Time Italian Football Honours
241101 Italian Islands
2391994 Champions League Final AC Milan - FC Barcelona
238Italy Multiple Choice
238Municipalities of Lazio (with a map)
238Corsica, Sardinia or Sicily
236Italy World Cup Squad 2014
232Juventus scorers in Serie A 2014-2015
232Italy World Cup Squad 1994
231Countries Closest to Italy (in Italian)
231Italian Cities With Biggest Population
230AC Milan Captains
229Italian Footballer of the Year
228Juventus 11
227Regions of Ancient Italy
227Prime Ministers of Italy Quiz
223Winners of the Italian soccer supercup
222AC Milan Squad 2017-2018
222Inter Milan Scorers in 2010s Champions League
221Longest Reigning Roman and Byzantine Emperors
221Sicily Trivia Quiz
221Juventus Players at World Cup
220Italian Dialects
220FIFA 20 - Italian Player Names
2191996 Champions League Final Ajax - Juventus
222Football Clubs Gianluigi Buffon Played For
218Euro 2020 Semi Finals - Italy - Spain
2141997 Champions League Final Borussia Dortmund - Juventus
213Biggest Cities in Southern Italy on a Map
211Roma Champions League XIs
212Juventus Most Appareances - Foreign Players
212Countries Bordering Italy, including Maritime Borders
211Juventus Squad 2018/19
211Italy's Top-Capped Football Players
211Busiest airports in Italy
210AC Milan Record Transfer Departures
210Can You Name The Countries Apart From Italy That .....
209Languages Native to Italy
209Smallest number by Length in Roman Numerals
2101994 FIFA World Cup Final Brazil - Italy
208A Series of Unfortunate Events Characters
208Count to 100 by Roman Numeral Length
208Italian Sights (with Pictures)
207Maneskin - Teatro d'Ira songs
207Highest Goalscorers in Champions League for AC Milan
20410 Biggest Cities in Order: Italy
204AS Roma Scorers in 2010s Champions League
202Italian Cities in Italian
201Belgium - Italy UEFA Euro 2016
200Italian Cities With More than 150,000 People
200Countries of the Italian Empire
200UEFA Euro 2000 Final France - Italy
198Juventus' Ideal Starting 11
198US President who have visited Italy
197Juventus - Lyon Champions League 2019-20
196Countries of the Republic of Venice
196Who's That Byzantine Emperor
195Lazio Current Squad
194Atalanta Best Scorer By Year
193Roman Numerals To Decimal Numbers
192Roman cities in Italy
191Inter Milan 2020-21 Squad
191Top 10 Atalanta Starting XI
190Juventus Scorers in Champions League era
186AS Roma Squad 2017-2018
184Countries that Visit Italy the Most
183This is Italy - Pictures
181Guess 100 Inter Milan footballers by image
180Teams that Gianluigi Buffon Has Played For
180Biggest cities in Italy • A-Z
179Cities in Italy - With Pictures
178Italian Association Football Champions
177Bologna City Trivia
177Countries Bordering Italy by Border Length
178Most Populous Italian Cities Through History
174Juventus scorers in Serie A 2015-2016
172Italian cities - Largest by Latitude/Longitude block
171Napoli Goalkeeper By Year
171Roman Numerals Quiz
171Ancient Rome Decoder
1732021-22 Serie A Lazio - AS Roma
171Roman Numerals*
169Euro 2020 Group A - Turkey - Italy
1684 Letter Long Roman Numerals
168SS Lazio Squad 2022-2023
169Juventus 2016/17 Summer Signings
166Top Goalscorers in Champions League for Inter Milan
166Metropolitan Cities of Italy
166The Symbols and Values of Roman Numerals
165Roman numerals
167Italian Serie A Logos
165Juventus F.C. 2020-21 Squad
164US States Without A Roman Numeral In Its Name
165Inter Milan's 50 best players of all time
164Italian Landmarks Map Quiz
163Cryptic Hint & Chronogram - Events
162100 Largest Cities in Italy
161Genoa City Trivia
161Italy Euro 2008 Squad
160Italian cities by picture
159Largest Comuni (Cities and Towns) of ITALY by First Letter
160Top 10 Serie A Goalscorers of the Decade (2010s)
158Greek and Latin authors in the Roman Empire and Late Antiquity (hard)
157Juventus Top Scorers 2000-2019
157Juventus Squad 2017-2018
157Famous Italians #2
155Football Clubs in Milan
155Top 10 Serie A Clubs by Points of the Decade (2010s)
155Fiorentina Current Squad
153Football Clubs in Italian Serie A, B and C 2018-2019
153Sampdoria Best Scorer By Year
153SSC Napoli Squad 2016-2017
152Countries that Border Italy
150Early Imperial Rome
149Countries of the Roman Empire
149Roman Numerals 2 Minute Sprint
1472020-21 Serie A Map Quiz
147Most Common Immigrant Origin by Italian Region
147Milan metro stations
146Biggest Cities of the Emirate of Sicily in 1000 with a Map
146FIFA World Cup 2006: Semifinal Germany vs Italy
145Italian Serie A teams 2017/18
1451982 FIFA World Cup Final Italy - West Germany
146AS Roma Squad 2016/17
144Italian City by Photo
143Lazio Trivia
142Napoli Scorers in 2010s Champions League
142Udinese Best Scorer By Year
142Top 10 Most Italian-American U.S. States
141Juventus Top Trophy Winners
141Cities in Sicily ( + 50k ) with map
141Juventus FC Squad 2020-2021
141World Cities Closest to Rome
140AC Milan Squad 2018-2019
139Italy National Football Team 2015
1392020-21 Internazionale Milan Squad
138Italian Authors Quiz
138Fiorentina Trivia
137Torino Best Scorer By Year
136Juventus Most Appareances 2000-2019
136AC Milan 2007 Champions League winning starting 11 and subs
1361970 FIFA World Cup Final Brazil - Italy
136AS Roma squad 2019-2020
134Closest Countries to Rome
132Euro 2020 Quarter Finals - Belgium - Italy
132Years Containing Every Roman Numeral
130US States Bigger Than Italy
1302020 Europa League Final Sevilla - Inter Milan
130Capitals of Countries Bordering Italy
131Best Player on Every Team: Serie A
129Germany - Italy UEFA Euro 2016 - Quarter Finals
130Football Clubs Managed by Roy Hodgson
128AC Milan - Juventus 2019-20
127SSC Napoli Squad 2017-2018