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Take a Random Italy Quiz
113AS Roma Squad 2018-2019
112Countries Bordering Italy (Maritime Borders)
112Highest International Goalscorers for Italy
111Modern Italian History
111AS Roma - Lazio 2015-2016
111Italian Serie A Teams Quiz 2015/2016
110Word Scramble- Italian Cities
110Italian Football clubs
109Italy's 2016 Football Team (last three letters)
109Top 10 Most Italian-American U.S. States
108Top 10 Serie A Clubs by Points of the Decade (2010s)
108Football Clubs Managed by Claudio Ranieri
108Italian cities by photo
108Juventus Squad 2019/20
10830 Italian Musical Acts by Songs
108Parma Best Scorer By Year
107Inter Milan 2018/2019 Squad
106Sicily Region Quiz
102Inter Milan Record Signings
102Italian Football Players That Play Abroad
102Best Player on Every Team: Serie A
101Inter Milan's Ideal Starting 11
100Landlocked Countries Bordering Italy - 30 Seconds
100Italy World Cup Squad 1990
99Juventus Players at Euro Cup
100Atletico Madrid - Juventus Champions League 2019-20
98Italian People Around the World
97Juventus 2017/18 Squad
98Footballers by Picture - Italy
96Lazio Champions League XIs
96Italy - Spain UEFA Euro 2016 - Round Of 16
95AS Roma - 2013/4 shirt numbers
95Most Appearances & Goals at the FIFA World Cup for Italy
95Serie A 2020-21 First XI
95Languages of Italy
95Roman/Byzantine Names for Modern Cities in Turkey
95Random Roman Numeral to Number
93Italy World Cup Squad 1982
92Top 10 Inter Milan best scorer
912022-2023 Serie A Teams Quiz
90Largest Cities on the Italian Mediterranean
90Juventus scorers in Serie A 2017-2018
90Inter Milan 2016/17 Summer Signings
90AS Roma scorers in Serie A 2015-2016
90Juventus FC squad 2015-2016
89Countries bordering Italy
88Top 10 Serie A 2010s Scorers
88Sassuolo Best Scorer By Year
87Dante Alighieri Quiz
87Atalanta Goalkeeper By Year
86Biggest Cities on Sicily
86Cities by clues: Italy
85Cagliari Best Scorer By Year
85Roman cities in Portugal
84Roman cities in France
84Sicily provinces
84City by picture 4 (Italy)
83Juventus FC squad 2014-2015
83Internazionale Milan Squad 2019
82Word Scramble - Italian Cities
82A.C. Milan 2018/2019 Squad
82AC Milan squad 2015/16
82A.C Milan's Ideal Starting 11
811991 to 2010 in Roman Numerals in Word Length Order
81Cities in Italy by Letter
80Largest Countries Apart From Italy That ....
792023 Europa League Final Sevilla - AS Roma
79Wines of Italy
79Football Clubs Managed by Fabio Capello
78Juventus Scorers in Serie A 2019-20
78Countries Without A Roman Numeral In Their Name
78Holst's The Planets
78AC Milan Scorers in Serie A 2019-20
78Prime Ministers of Italy
77Juventus Squad 2021-22
77Internazionale Milan Squad 2019-20
78AS Roma 2017/18 Squad
76Highest Goalscorers in the Champions League for Juventus
76Soccer Players That Play For Juventus 2019-20
76A.S Roma Squad 14/15 Season
74Highest Goalscorers in Serie A Since 2000
74AC Milan Squad 2017-2018
73Euro 2020 Group A - Italy - Switzerland
73AS Roma scorers in Serie A 2014-2015
73Juventus Players at Continental Cups (No Euro)
73Players who played for Inter and Ac Milan
72Italian City to Region #1
73The Italian Lakes on a Map
72All Teams Ever Managed by Claudio Ranieri
71AC Milan Top Scorers
71Juventus scorers in Serie A 2016-2017
71Palermo Best Scorer By Year
71AS Roma Scorers in Serie A 2019-20
71Naples scorers in Serie A 2015-2016
70AS Roma scorers in Serie A 2016-2017
70Bologna Best Scorer By Year
70Genoa Best Scorer By Year
70Movie Trivia: Italian and Italian-American filmmakers
69Highest Goalscorers in the Champions League From Italy
69A.C. Milan 2020-21 Squad
69Foreign A.C. Milan Players By Picture
68Roman Political and Military Positions
68Countries that border Italy
68Countries Bordering Italy - One Minute Sprint
67British Juventus Players
67A.C. Milan Most Appearances
66Guess AC Milan 2004/05 squad by image
65Italian Serie A Logos
65Italian Footballers Overseas -- Which Countries?
65Italian Islands Quiz
64Countries Closest to Italy - 30 Second Sprint
63Juventus Players With More Games Played
62Departments of the Two Sicilies on a Map
61Fiorentina Champions League XIs
61AC Milan number 10 (1985.-2022.)
60Largest Cities in Sicily
60Biggest Cities In Italy
60Countries in the Kingdom of Sicily
59AC Milan 2017/18 Squad
59Roman Numeral Addition Quiz
59Countries Bordering Italy
58Italy - Sweden UEFA Euro 2016
58Sestieri of Venice on a Map
58Juventus, champion of europe 1996
58Inter Milan Scorers in Serie A 2019-20
57Rome Landmarks on a Map
57Inter Milan trophies in chronological order
57Top 10 Serie A Clubs by Goals Conceded of the Decade (2010s)
56Countries Bordering Italy
55Naples scorers in Serie A 2017-2018
55Naples scorers in Serie A 2014-2015
55AC Milan Squad 2019
55Top Scorers Serie A 2016-17
54Chievo Verona Best Scorer By Year
53A.C. Milan Quiz #1
53One 2022 Giro d'Italia Rider by Team
53Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest Quiz
53A-Z Famous People - Italy
53Where Did These 22-23 Players Play Before Joining AC Milan
532015-2016 AC Milan Roster
53Atalanta Players by Picture
51Highest Goalscorers in Serie A 2022/23
51Euro 2020 Round of 16 - Italy - Austria
50Atalanta Scorers in Serie A 2019-20
50Roman Emperors born within the current borders of Serbia
50Juventus FC Squad 2019-20
492020-21 Juventus F.C. Squad
49Hellas Verona Best Scorer By Year
49Euro 2020 Group A - Italy - Wales
49AS Roma Squad 2019
48Byzantine Empire
48One 2022 Giro d'Italia Rider by Country
47Sardinia or Sicily?
45Random Number to Roman Numeral
45AC Milan Squad 2012-2013
45Naples scorers in Serie A 2016-2017
45Top 10 A.C. Milan Goalscorers
44Capita Terrae
44Countries where Italian is an Official Language
44Top Scorers Serie A 2017-18
43Atalanta Players Quiz
43Lazio Players Quiz
43Guess the football match scorers - AC Milan v Liverpool
43Word Unscrambler: Italian Cities
43Italian City to Region #2
43Players of 2015-16 Juventus FC
42Highest Goalscorers in Serie A 2019-'20
42Juventus Squad 2020-2021
42Flags of Italian Cities Quiz
41All Teams Ever Played for by Christian Vieri
41Random Roman Numeral to Number (Rush Version)
41Napoli Scorers in Serie A 2019-20
40Top 10 Inter Milan Goalscorers
40Juventus Squad 2020/21
40Juventus Squad 2019
39Juventus FC squad 2017-2018
39Countries within 200km of Italy
39Name all the Juventus players of 2019/2
38Highest Goalscorers in Champions League for Lazio
38Inter Milan - Shakhtar Donetsk Europa League 2019-20
38Juventus 2019/20 squad
37Juventus Player 2020/2021
36Salernitana Best Scorer By Year
36Top 25 Trading Partners - Italy
36Spezia Best Scorer By Year
35Empoli Best Scorer By Year
35Valencia - Atalanta Champions League 2019-20
34Italian Rugby Centurions
33Random Number to Roman Numeral (Rush Version)
32Italy - Ireland UEFA Euro 2016
31Countries that the Byzantine Empire once owned
31Countries with embassies and consulates in Milan
31Football - Italian Clubs by their Numbers - 2019-20 season
31Inter Milan Squad 2020/21
30German Cities by their Roman name
27Benevento Best Scorer By Year
26Regions of Italy by Coat of Arms
26Sestieri of Venice
26AC Milan Squad 2020/21