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Can you guess these facts about the country of Japan?
Which countries are nearest to Japan?
Name the modern-day countries who possess territory that was occupied by Japanese troops during WWII.
Try to name the prefectures of Japan.
Can you guess the modern-day countries whose territory was occupied by Japanese troops during WWII?
Unless you've been to Japan, good luck naming more than four!
Guess these Japanese words that have sneaked into the English language.
Name the countries that sent the most tourists to Japan in 2018.
Name the countries that are visited by the greatest number of Japanese residents.
For each selected category, name any of the countries that ranks higher than Japan.
Can you guess whether these statements about the country of Japan are true or false?
97,197 Japan Country Quiz
96,366 Countries Closest to Japan
69,979 Countries of the Japanese Empire
68,082 Japanese Prefectures
63,562 Biggest Cities in Japan
60,671 Modern Day Countries of the Japanese Empire on a Map
57,844 Japanese Loanwords
44,867 Countries that Visit Japan the Most
41,255 Most-Visited Countries by Japanese
39,653 Countries that Beat Japan
33,929 Japan True or False?
33,362 Japan Multiple Choice
32,732 U.S. States Closest to Tokyo
31,172 Japan A-Z
31,077Naruto Characters
29,922Hiragana Practice
28,895 Japanese Companies
22,734Guess the Anime
21,500Name that Naruto Character
21,433Anime by BAD DESCRIPTION
20,882 Japan by Picture
18,965 Four Main Islands of Japan
18,621 Japanese Language - Katakana Practice
15,268One Piece Characters
14,321Akatsuki Members (Naruto)
14,283 Japanese Inventions
14,117 Real or Fake: Japanese Kit Kat Flavours
13,792Haikyuu!! Anime Series Quiz
12,875Can you guess the anime based on the bad description?
12,154Anime Main Characters
12,045JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stands Quiz (Parts 3-9)
11,810 Sushi Translation
11,596Naruto Quiz
11,559Avatar: The Last Airbender Quiz
10,692DragonBall Z General Quiz (Easy)
9,777 Tokyo City Trivia
9,746Dragon Ball Z: Top 30 DBZ characters
9,742Fairy Tail Character Name Quiz
8,901Japanese Kanji Grade 1
8,025Popular Naruto Shippuden Characters
7,955Naruto : All Hokages
7,891Top 150 Most Popular Anime on MyAnimeList
7,693JoJo's Bizarre Adventure characters and stands
7,452Guess the Naruto Characters
7,371Japan Cities Map Quiz
7,252Regions of Japan - Map Quiz
7,177Japanese Words in English
7,120One Piece Devil Fruits
6,685Anime Couples
6,572DragonBall Z General Quiz (Intermediate)
6,549One Piece Character Quiz (Anime)
6,341100 Biggest cities in Japan on a map
5,952The Anime Titles Quiz
5,843Avatar: The Last Airbender Quiz
5,712Guess the Country (Hetalia)
5,390 Sushi by Picture 🍣
4,907Groups of Things - One Piece
4,842One Piece All characters
4,755Guess the manga/anime by description
4,727Name That Avatar Character
4,703Name that Pretty Cure!
4,692Anime Protagonists
4,586One Piece General Knowledge
4,412Naruto Names
4,209How Many Times Can You Type "JAPAN" in 15 Seconds?
4,141Japanese Kanji Grade 2
4,020The Dragon Ball Super Quiz
3,880Anime: Attack on Titan Character Trivia Quiz
3,831Dragon Ball Z Gohan Quiz
3,777Avatar Bending Types
3,620Japanese Numbers
3,449DragonBall Z Goku quiz
3,378Prefectures of Japan Map Quiz (Highlighted Version)
3,322My Hero Academia Class 1A Quirks
3,287Dragon Ball Z Vegeta quiz
3,210Anime Logo Quiz
3,091My Hero Academia Class 1-A
3,047Anime Quiz: Tokyo Ghoul Characters
3,012All Naruto Characters in Alphabetical order. IMPOSSIBLE
2,981Dragon Ball Z People Who can use the Kamehameha
2,962Anime Series Quiz
2,918Hetalia Character Quiz
2,913Anime opening quiz
2,88823 Special Administrative wards of Tokyo, Japan (With a Map)
2,869Name that Anime
2,805guess that anime!
2,737The Ultimate Tokyo Subway Quiz
2,728One Piece Groups of Things
2,711The Seven Deadly Sins Main Characters (Anime) Quiz
2,696Four Main Islands of Japan - Map Quiz
2,658"Avatar: The Last Airbender" Map Quiz
2,650Will of D's (One Piece)
2,638Attack On Titan Quiz #1
2,595JLPT N5 Kanji - Random 30
2,589All Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Breathing Styles
2,576Colors in Japanese
2,574Japanese Prefectures - 1 Minute Sprint
2,535Naruto Shippuden - Female characters quiz
2,519Ultimate Naruto Quiz
2,500Fairy Tail Characters
2,426Dragon Ball Z + Super Characters
2,400Bleach Characters
2,365Avatar: The Last Airbender (Episode Names Quiz)
2,315Avatar (The Legend of Korra)
2,308One Piece Arcs
2,301Creatures in japanese
2,245Demon Slayer Quiz
2,236Cities that Beat Tokyo
2,199Yamanote Line Stations, Tokyo, Japan
2,165Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers
2,150Anime by Description
2,113Dragonball Z Moves
2,114One Piece Yonko
2,10920 Most Popular Anime
2,089Seven deadly sins (anime) quiz
2,038DragonBall Z General Quiz (Difficult)
2,025Anime Boys
1,982The toughest Naruto quiz
1,975Strawhat Crew Members (One Piece)
1,963JoJo's charachter by death (Part 1 to 5)
1,954Naruto Characters
1,953Japan Immigration by Country
1,946Guess the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Character
1,931Naruto Characters
1,912Dragon Ball Z Characters in the Android Saga
1,868Click to Translate - Japanese
1,844Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Characters
1,841Fullmetal Alchemist Anime (2009) and Manga Quiz
1,815naruto eyes (tipos de ojos de naruto)
1,792Hiragana Quiz
1,789Japanese Kanji Grade 3
1,752All Characters/Transformations in the Dragon Ball Universe
1,742Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters by Episode Appearances
1,727Naruto Multiple Choice Quiz IMPOSSIBLE!
1,723Naruto: Members of the Akatsuki
1,717Fairy Tail Members
1,708Countries with More Population than Tokyo
1,697World Capitals Closest to Tokyo
1,691Avatar the Last Airbender Quiz
1,688Naruto: Jutsu that requires Sharingan (or Mangekyo)
1,68750 Japanese Verbs in English
1,664Naruto: A to Z
1,634Yugioh Character
1,625Studio Ghibli Movies
1,614Countries Closest to Japan A-Z
1,610Naruto/Boruto Quiz
1,596Top 100 Anime Ever
1,589Guess the Anime Titles
1,587Prime Ministers of Japan
1,584DragonBall Z Saiyan Quiz
1,572Naruto Jutsu Quiz
1,566Naruto Character Popularity Polls
1,546JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stand Users
1,541Godzilla Monsters
1,532Name the blue lock characters (anime/manga)
1,520My Hero Academia Trivia (Easy)
1,517Japanese Food Names
1,489Translate these Countries from Japanese to English
1,480Naruto: Character Last Names
1,476Avatar: Book I: Water
1,45425 Most Common Japanese Surnames (Kanji as Hint)
1,428Japanese Diaspora - Top 10 Countries
1,424The Goku Quiz
1,406List of DBZ villains
1,400Anime Characters
1,369Ultimate Naruto Deaths Quiz
1,364Dragon Ball Z Characters in the Saiyan Saga
1,342Studio Ghibli Movies
1,341Death note characters
1,338Sailor Moon Characters
1,336Name EVERY Haikyuu Characters
1,334Fullmetal Alchemist Character Quiz
1,310Top 50 Most Common Japanese Last Names in Japan
1,301attack on titan (characters; show)(spoilers alert!)
1,300Black Clover: Members of the Black Bulls
1,299Naruto Characters!
1,276Names of Animes
1,271Attack on Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin quiz
1,271Bungo Stray Dogs Characters by Ability
1,256Characters from anime series quiz
1,256Naruto Characters
1,242Japanese car brands
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