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1,350Prefectures of Japan with an Empty Map
1,348attack on titan (characters; show)(spoilers alert!)
1,345Attack on Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin quiz
1,325Naruto Characters!
1,318Countries mentioned in the Wikipedia Page of Japan
1,298U.S. Presidents Turned into Cartoon Characters
1,286My Hero Academia Villains
1,286Names of Animes
1,285Naruto Characters
1,279Guess English Anime Names from Romanised Japanese Names
1,275Characters from anime series quiz
1,25810 Strongest Naruto Female Character
1,255Jinchuuriki and their bijuu
1,255Bungou Stray Dogs Trivia
1,250Dragon Ball Z Characters in the Majin Buu Saga
1,239My Hero Academia quirk to character
1,228Prefectural capitals in Japan
1,226Hetalia Characters (ALL)
1,217JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Trivia (Hard)
1,221From which manga / anime is this the main character ?
1,21611 Supernovas of One Piece
1,205Strongest 15 Naruto Shippuden Characters
1,204Avatar: The Last Airbender Ultimate Character Quiz
1,201Bounties Mugiwara One piece
1,182Dragonball characters
1,159Naruto: Hand Signs
1,147Death Note Quiz #1
1,139Top 20 Most Popular Anime (Easy)
1,123Top 10 Japanese cities by population
1,124One Piece Shichibukai
1,119Jujutsu Kaisen Character Picture Quiz
1,104Avatar Cities quizzes
1,101JoJo Stands Put Through a Bad Thesaurus
1,096JoJo Characters from my garbage explination
1,095Guess the Anime from these characters
1,095Dragon Ball Super: Tournament of Power Fighters
1,094Naruto general knowledge quiz
1,092Soul Eater Characters Part 1.
1,090Naruto: Kage (and Kage related) Shinobi
1,087Demon Slayer Characters in Alphabetical Order
1,077Japanese common words and phrases!
1,074Naruto Susanoo Color Quiz
1,075Japanese Kanji Grade 4
1,071Match-The-Word Anime Titles Quiz
1,067fairytail quiz( anime)
1,067DBZ Quiz
1,063Anime by Antagonist
1,060Jojo Stands
1,051Dragon Ball Z Characters in the Frieza Saga
1,035Sword Art Online Trivia Quiz
1,030Anime/Manga Quiz
1,030Attack On Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin)- Character Quiz
1,029Every 1,000,000+ Japanese and Korean City on a Map
1,005naruto quiz name as many as possible
997Strongest DBZ Fighters
989Guess as many animes as you can
985The Definitive Attack on Titan Characters Quiz
987Avatar: The Last Airbender A-Z
981Naruto Quiz!
977Do you know your anime?
977Yugioh Quiz
973Hiragana + Dakuten
969Yu-Gi-Oh GX Quiz
969Biggest Trading Partners - Japan
965History of Japan Quiz
962Jujutsu Kaisen Quiz
958Dragon Ball Z Name the Saiyans
956Japanese Greetings
953Naruto Strongest Uchiha Clan Members
941Guess the Demon Slayer Characters
939Japanese Prefectures in Regions
937Dragon Ball Z Characters Defeated by Vegeta
937Can you name 150 Animes?
932Haikyuu! Anime Series Quiz #2
929Naruto Konoha Clans
927Japanese Katakana
921Bleach Characters First Name
920Sword Art Online Characters (Ep. 1 - 14)
914Naruto - Characters
899naruto names from original series
898The Promised Neverland Characters in Alphabetical Order
897Anime Quotes
895Avatar: The Last Airbender (2)
884Japanese Cities by Map
882Very hard naruto quiz
869Pokémon by the Anime Pokédex entries
868Regions of Japan
864JLPT N5 Kanji
867Naruto: Animals
861Dragon Ball Super Universe 7 Team
860Yu-Gi-Oh Card Quiz
857Naruto Jinchuriki and Tailed Beasts
852(Hard) Anime Characters Quiz
848naruto ultimate quiz
841Dragon Ball Z/Super/GT Ultimate Quiz
840Japan Multiple Choice
839Naruto: Kabuto's Edo Tensei Shinobi (Shinobi War)
838My Hero Academia Trivia (Hard)
835fairy tail ships
824Countries Closest to Japan by first two letters
816Attack On Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin Characters Quiz
815JoJo Stands
818Dragon Ball Characters by Picture
807Fairy Tail Intermediate Quiz
811One Piece Charters By Picture 1#
803All 100k+ Cities in Japan with a Map
799Best Japanese-Born MLB Players
798Basic Japanese Quiz
793All US Cities that Japan Airlines flies directly to
792Bleach's Gotei 13 (Captains and Lieutenants)
792Black Clover Quiz
790Difficult Dragon Ball Quiz
788Guess the Bungo Stray Dogs Character by Ability
784Name Every Godzilla Monster!
784The Seven Deadly Sins 10 Commandments Characters(Anime)
783Romance Anime Quiz
780One Piece Characters - Dressrosa
779Anime common knowledge
775naruto quizz
774Countries with the Biggest Japanese Populations Outside of Japan
774Ranker's 100 Sexiest Anime Females
767Shinkansen Stations on a Map
765Avatar: The Last Airbender Opening Lyrics
759Naruto: Famous Ninja
743My Hero Academia Pro Heroes
747One Piece - Flags
735Naruto: all kage
731100 Largest Cities in Japan
732Haikyuu!! Characters
729JoJo Part 5 Localized Stand Names
727Naruto-Guess their Jutsu
726Dragon Ball Addition Quiz
71820 Largest Islands of Japan by Area
717The Raditz Quiz
715The Japan Quiz
711Anime by Main Character Quiz
710Fruits Basket Character Quiz
709Guess The titans from Attack on Titan
707Avatar the last airbender characters
702Anime Characters by picture
705Attack on Titan by Picture
700Japan 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
697Dragonball Z Quiz
695Anime: Yuri!!! on Ice - History Maker
695Anime terminology
691Dragon Ball Super Quiz *New*
690Kuroko No Basket's Characters
686Anime Quiz
685Tokyo Metro - All Stations
680Naruto Characters jo
67790s Japanese Cars
677Attack on titan (BIG SPOILERS AHEAD)
672All My Hero Academia Characters
671Avatar Episode Names
655Top 50 Manga
655Yugioh Archtypes
653Demon Slayer Advanced Knowledge Quiz (MANGA SPOILERS)
653Naruto Word Scramble Hard
653Anime Sword Users
650Naruto: Enigme Personnages (Anime) #2
648My Hero Academia Teachers
648Countries Closest to Japan
649Dragonball Z Characters
650One Piece Arcs
645FullMetal Alchemist Characters
640Naruto Character Quiz
634Can you guess the anime?
635Naruto Jutsu(EASY)
634Geography of Japan
633Haikyuu!! - Guess the random character!
632Periods of Japanese History
630Anime Villains Quiz
629JLPT N4 Kanji
629Attack on titan quiz :D
625All Shinkansen Stations of Japan
622Naruto: Groups of six
619Dragon Ball Z quiz
616Anime Test
618Biggest Cities in Japan on a Map
612Isekai Anime Quiz
611Demon Slayer Ultimate Test
609The Naruto Characters Surname Quiz
608Death Note: Who Killed Who?
606Guess the blue lock character by the picture
601One Piece Users Blox Fruits Fruits
595Language Knowledge - Japanese #1
592Tokyo Narita Airport - Top 10 European Destinations
590know your elemental heros, a yugioh quiz
590Top 10 Countries with the Most Camels