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573Demon Slayer Ultimate Test
572Human names in Axis Powers Hetalia
571Tokyo Narita Airport - Top 10 European Destinations
571Japanese Kanji Grade 5
569Fairy Tail Guild characters in 2 minutes
569Yet Another Anime Character Quiz
568Finish the Anime Titles
566Berserk (manga) quiz
559Naruto general knowledge quiz 2
559Airlines which fly to Tokyo!
557Haikyuu!! Anime Quiz: Karasuno's Road to Victory
555Godzilla Movies
556One Piece Users Blox Fruits Fruits
551Dragon Ball Super: Tournament of Power Results
552Word Chain - Japan
550Countries Japan Invaded, Occupied or Fought.
549Naruto quiz
548JoJo’s Bizarre adventure character themes/OST
546One Piece Characters - Punk Hazard
544Anime titles based on characters (Hard)
542Guess the blue lock character by the picture
538Black Butler
537DBZ techniques
536All Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) Aircraft Carriers
531Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3
531Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Quiz
528Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Character Quotes Quiz
528My hero Academia- Classement
526100 Biggest Cities in Japan
526Dragonball Character Quiz
527Famous Japanese People
522Straw Hat Grand Fleet Commanders (One Piece)
524JoJo Evolved Stands Quiz
521Dragon Ball Z Sagas
515Naruto Opening Songs
515Death Note Character Quiz
514Anime by Description
512F1 Winners: Japanese Grand Prix
511Avatar Intro text/lyrics [The last airbender, Aang]
509Biggest Cities once in the Japanese Empire
508Japanese prefecture Flags
508Provinces of Japan in Meiji era
506demon slayer quiz
507World War II Battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy
506Hetalia Character Quiz #2
505Dragon Ball Super: Most Eliminations in Tournament of Power
503Dragon Ball super quiz
502Hetalia General Knowledge
502Every blue lock player (anime/manga)
492JoJo Quiz (Difficult)
492Animals in Japanese
482The Legend of Korra Quiz
489Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters by First Name
474Diabolik Lovers Character Quiz
472Japanese Kanji Grade 6
472Japanese Food
470Dbz- Most important Characters to the plot.(DB,DBZ,DBS)
470Anime OP quiz
470Dragonball Z/Battle of the Gods quiz by RhysClarke69
453Hetalia Character #3
452Naruto Quiz Sharingod
450List of DBZ ki blasts
450Dragon Ball Z characters
446Anime Main Character Quiz
445Do You Know These Anime? (Updated at 5 May 2016)
444guess the anime off two character
443Sengoku period Japan quiz
442Guess Naruto Characters
437Yu-Gi-Oh Card Quiz
443Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series Trivia
435Bleach Quiz by RhysClarke69
434Ultimate Fairy Tail Characters Quiz
430Prefectures of Kyushu, Japan (with a map)
426My Hero Academia Quirk Quiz
424Groups of Things: Jujutsu Kaisen
423naruto character quiz
422Fairy Tail Villain Quiz
420JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Openings
420Pictographic Kanji
419Multiple Choice Anime Quiz
417Stations of Keisei Electric Railway, Tokyo, Japan
415Which City in Japan?
415Sword Art Online Trivia
413Guess The Anime Opening Song
411Yugioh Archetypes by signature card
411Haikyuu Characters!
411Name the players of the Blue Lock Eleven
409Fairy Tail last names
409demon slayer quiz part 2
410Basic Anime Knowledge
40620 Busiest Airports in Japan
405JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Localization Names
40675 One Piece Characters (until timeskip)
405Naruto Deaths and Their Killers
401naruto & boruto characters
401Tokyo Ghoul / Tokyo Ghoul:re Characters
401Japanese placenames in English
39980 Most Popular Dragon Ball Characters
397Ranker's 100 Hottest Anime Males
397Top 12 Smartest Dragon Ball Characters
394Guess 50 Anime by First Episode Names
392Guess Naruto Characters
390Dragon Ball Characters
38511 Supernovae One piece
385Popular Anime Series
384bad anime description quiz
383Tokyo Subway Lines Logo Quiz
381Yuri on ice characters
381Prefectures of Tohoku, Japan (With a Map)
377Anime Charcters
373Who would win: Godzilla vs King Kong
373Sword Art Online Characters (Ep. 15 - 25)
372Black Butler Characters Quiz
370Japanese Versions of English Words
369Translate Japanese to English #1
369Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) Teams Quiz
368Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers
369JoJo Part 4 Localized Stand Names
368Last Words: Dragon Ball Z Abridged
368Avatar The Last Airbender Trivia
366Dragon Ball: Wishes
364Japan Geography Quiz A-Z
364Cities, Towns & Villages of Tokyo (東京都の市町村)
363Kuroko no Basket Quiz
363Top 5 Funniest Dragon Ball Characters
362Most Visited Countries by Japanese
361Japanese: City Names in Katakana
359Bleach Manga Quiz
357Naruto Characters
353Naruto - Nicknames
352Naruto - The Jutsu's User
352Katakana Alphabet
350Groups of Things - Dragon Ball
350Godzilla Kaiju #1
348Japan A-Z #2
344Ultimate Dragon Ball Quiz
341Guess the anime from the character
341How Well Do You Know Fairy Tail?
341Forever list of Japanese Emperors
337Famous Japanese People
333Who Does Naruto Have A Crush On?
332Numbers in Japanese (Kanji)
331Japanese Prefecture Kanji Matching
333All Dead Naruto Characters
329Overseas Japanese Population
328Top 20 Most Popular Anime
325The Avatars
324Fairy Tail Guilds
322Dragon Ball Z - Budokai Tenkaichi 3: Playable Characters
320All Breathing Forms Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba
317Fullmetal Alchemist
316Most Visited Countries by Japanese
316Shinkansen/Bullet Train Stations of Japan (Tokaido and Sanyo Lines)
315Demon Slayer ALL characters
314JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stand Quiz
312Wards of City designated by government ordinance of Japan
310Japanese Grand Prix Winners (Formula 1)
311Japanese History
307Haikyuu!! — Karasuno Team Members
306Anime quiz - HARD
306Top 48 Dragon Ball Characters
306Japan Airlines Destinations
306Fairy Tail Characters
305THE Naruto Quiz
304Death Note Character Quiz (HARD)
303Avatar the Last Airbender Characters
302Durarara!! Characters
302'Tokyo Ghoul' - character quiz
302The Best Romance Anime
301Prefectures of Shikoku, Japan (with a map)
300Geography of the Japanese Empire
30025 Busiest Japan Rail Stations
300Most Visited U.S. States by Japanese
299Name the Avatar: The Last Airbender character by quote
298Ranker's Top 100 Anime Shows
297Guess the anime
297Dragon Ball Z Characters
296Landlocked Prefectures of Japan
29615 Largest Cities in Japan
297One Piece Quiz
295Avatar the Last Airbender Season Three
297Blue Lock characters nicknames
295One Piece Devil Fruits
293List of Yokozuna, highest rank sumo wrestler
291My hero academia quirk quiz
291Anime Pairs
287Anime Quotes
286Dragon Ball Z
283US States With the Highest Japanese American Population
283One Piece: Islands
283Soul Eater Characters Part 2.
282Naruto Characters by Clue
281Anime With Colors In Their Names
280Clannad Characters