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124Naruto characters
123My Hero Academia Class 1-A and 1-B
122Emperors of Japan
122JR Keiyo Line Stations, Tokyo, Japan
121Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Stations
121Naruto Characters by Picture
120Anime Groups and Organizations
119Country name in Japanese
119Japan Geography by letter - N
11830 Biggest Cities in Japan
11810 Least Populous Prefectures of Japan
118Naruto Quiz
118Japanese J1 League Football Clubs by Badges
117Anime Character Quiz
117DEMON SLAYER all important characters
117Haikyuu!! — Date Tech (Dateko) Members
117Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon booster pack
116Chinese and Taiwanese Cities from Japanese to English
116Yu-Gi-Oh card game card types in 1 minute
115Attack on Titan Character Quiz
114US President who have visited Japan
113Anime Couples
112How Many Godzilla Monsters Can You Name
111Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters Extreme
111Ehime Prefecture Japan, Map Quiz
111Sword Art Online Known Affiliations
111Who would win: Godzilla vs Hulk
110Prefectures of Kyushu Japan (Highlighted Version)
1102010 FIFA World Cup Japanese Members
110Japanese Placenames in English #2
110Natewantstobattle anime song cover quiz
108Dragon Ball Z - 24th World Martial Arts Tournament Competitors
108Japan Geography by Letter - F
107Godzilla Franchise
107Katakana Alphabet (in 60 seconds)
106Famous Korean People
106Prefectures of Honshu, Japan (with a map)
105'Shin' Shinkansen/Bullet Train Stations
105Stations of Odakyu Electric Railway, Tokyo, Japan
104Japanese Prefectures with the most Bullet Train Stations
104Yuri!!! on ice ;)
104Anime: Yuri on Ice Skaters and Coaches
104Airports of Shikoku, Japan - All Destinations
103Yamanote Line Stations, Tokyo, Japan - Sprint Version
103Naruto quiz
103Anime: English Voice Actors
103Attack on titan : locations (SNK)
101Every Godzilla movie 1954-2021
101Who would win: Cthulhu vs Godzilla
100Largest trading partners of Japan
100Japanese: City Names in Katakana - Part 2
100Stations of Keio Electric Railway, Tokyo, Japan
101Every Kyoto Animation TV Anime Series
100Japan Professional Football League teams
100World Capitals Closest to Tokyo - distance order
97Top 20 Universities in Japan
97Tokyo Metro -Namboku Line Stations
97Naruto characters
96Stations of the Tokyu Electric Railway, Tokyo, Japan
96Biggest cities of Japanese prefectures
96Avatar: The Last Airbender
96Yugioh Anime Trivia
95Japan Geography By Letter - O
94Kagawa Prefecture Japan Map Quiz
94Naruto Clans - Uzumaki
94All Known Quirks My Hero Academia
94Everyone in Team Avatar (Avatar The Last Airbender)
935 Biggest Cities : Japan
93Wards of Sapporo, Japan (with a map)
92Japan Railways (JR) Group - Passenger Railway Companies
92Stations of Seibu Railway, Tokyo, Japan
91All 1M+ Cities in Japan
91Placenames of Tokyo
90Members of the Order of the White Lotus
90Osaka Subway Lines
89Godzilla general knowledge quiz
89Attack on Titan Cadet Corps Rankings
88Yu-Gi-Oh GX character quiz
88Naruto Characters
88Japanese feudal system
87Wards of Nagoya Japan - With a Map
87Yu-Gi-Oh! Groups of Things
86Japan Decoder
86Fukuoka City Subway - All Stations
86Top 10 Highest Rated Anime of 2017
86Nagoya Subway Lines Quiz
85Famous Japanese People
86Movies Set in Japan
85jutsu in naruto
84Japan Geography by letter-K
84The 20 Furthermost Capitals - Tokyo
84Biggest cities in Japan
83Haikyuu!! — Aoba Johsai/Seijoh Team Members
83Black Clover Openings
8310 Biggest Cities in Order: Japan
82Wards of Fukuoka, Japan - Map Quiz
82Japan Geography by Letter -A
81Avatar: The Last Airbender Episodes With the Avatar State
81Tokushima Prefecture, Japan - Map Quiz
81JR Sobu Line Rapid and Yokosuka Line Stations, Tokyo, Japan
80Japanese: City Names in Katakana - English Edition
80Monster Musume Monster-Girl Characters Quiz
80Tokyo By Picture
80Largest Cities Once in the Empire of Japan
79Naruto quiz (medium)
79FIFA World Cup data of Japan
79New Quizguess anime
79Japanese Placenames in English #3
79Haikyuu!! Episodes
80Naruto Characters by Picture #3
80Naruto Characters by Picture #2
78Japanese Foods - Word Scramble
78Highest-Grossing Anime Films
77Japan Geography By Letter -C
78Kanji Meaning Quiz #1
77Narita Express (NEX) All Stations
7710 Most Populous Cities in Japan
76Japan Geography by Letter - M
76Attack on Titan Openings
76Japan Geography by Letter - Y
76Do you know Godzilla?
76Naruto Characters Quiz
75Midosuji Line - All Stations - Osaka Japan
73Naruto Hokage Quiz
73Yugioh Instant Win Cards
73Top 10 YouTube Anime Channels by Subcribers
72Japan Geography by Letter- I
72Avatar the Last Airbender Charectors
732009 WBC(World Baseball Classic) Japanese Members
71Wards of Saitama Japan, Map Quiz
71Kyoto Wards Map Quiz
71Cities of Japan which have subwey line
70Attack on Titan Character Quiz (spoilers)
70World Capitals Closest to Tokyo - One Minute Sprint
69Largest Cities in Kansai Region, Japan
67Godzilla Movies and TV Shows
67Hokkaido Placenames in English
66Most popular sports in Japan
65Senju Clan Quiz (Naruto)
65Yu-gi-oh season 1 quiz
65Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Stations
64Most Capped International Footballers for Japan
64Countries with Population Greater Than Tokyo
64Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters Quiz
63Minatomirai Line, Yokohama Japan - All Stations
63Tokyo Monorail Stations
63Japanese Traditional Culture
63Japanese Prefecture Romaji Matching
63Avatar The Last Airbender All Characters
62Best Yugioh Card by Set
612019 Rugby World Cup - Host Cities
61Common Kanji #1
61Haikyuu — MSBY Black Jackal Members
61Yamanote Line Stations, Tokyo, Japan -Clockwise Order
6212 Professional baseball Team in Japan
60What's That Japanese Word?
60Cities of Okinawa
60Guess Anime Character Names by Japanese Letters - Male
60Toei Asakusa Line Tokyo - Station Quiz
59Japanese Yen Denominations (¥)
58Osaka Subway Line Logos - Harder Version
58Haikyuu!! — Japan National Team Members
57Peace Sign Lyrics - My Hero Academia
57Designated Cities of Japan
57Biggest Cities in Japan Quiz
562022 FIFA World Cup Group E - Germany - Japan
56Kanji Semester 1 - English
56Countries Closest to Japan - 30 Second Sprint
55Tokyo Metro Yūrakuchō Line Stations
55Top 20 Castles in Japan
56Countries Closest to Japan - 15 Second Sprint
55Japanese Geography A-Z
54Yu-Gi-Oh! Attributes
54Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line Quiz
53Name these Japanese People
53Countries Apart From Japan That.......
53Haikyuu!! — Fukurōdani Team Members
53Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line Stations
54Naruto Characters
52Members of the Order of the Red Lotus
5210 Closest M Countries to Japan - One Minute Sprint
52Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters Quiz
52Avatar: The Last Airbender (Characters)
51Godzilla Monsters
51Japanese Baseball Teams by Insignia
51Sendai Subway - All Stations
512022 FIFA World Cup Round of 16 - Japan - Croatia
50Wards of Chiba City, Japan - Map Quiz
50Godzilla Kaijus and Their Ability
49Shikoku Placenames in English
49Ishizuchi and Shiokaze Stations - JR Shikoku Japan
50da naruto quiz
48Iyotetsu Railway, Ehime Japan, All Stations
48JR Joban Line Local Stations, Tokyo, Japan
48Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 Spell Cards
47Avatar: The Last Airbender Franchise
46Wards of Hiroshima Japan - Map Quiz
46fma:b or naruto