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79Largest Cities in Kansai Region, Japan
79Highest-Grossing Anime Films
79Midosuji Line - All Stations - Osaka Japan
79Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line Stations
79Naruto Characters
78Kyoto Wards Map Quiz
78Japan Geography By Letter -C
782022 FIFA World Cup Round of 16 - Japan - Croatia
77One Piece Characters
78One Piece Main and Secondary Characters by Arc (until Impel Down)
78Assassination Classroom - Quiz with Map
77Studio Ghibli Characters
76Japan Geography by Letter - Y
76Japan Geography by Letter - M
772009 WBC(World Baseball Classic) Japanese Members
75Top 10 YouTube Anime Channels by Subcribers
74One Piece Seven Warlords of the Sea
7410 Closest M Countries to Japan - One Minute Sprint
74World Capitals Closest to Tokyo - One Minute Sprint
73Haikyuu!! — Japan National Team Members
73Toei Asakusa Line Tokyo - Station Quiz
72Yu-Gi-Oh! Attributes
72Wards of Saitama Japan, Map Quiz
72Demon Slayer Quiz
72Japan Geography by Letter- I
72Avatar: The Last Airbender Character Quiz
71Most Capped International Footballers for Japan
70Common Kanji #1
69One Piece Four Emperor's Crew Members
69Most popular sports in Japan
692022 FIFA World Cup Group E - Germany - Japan
69Countries Closest to Japan - 30 Second Sprint
69One Piece Highest-Known Bounty by chapter.
68Hokkaido Placenames in English
70One Piece - General Knowledge #6
68Japanese Cities by Japanese Name Quiz
68Tokyo Metro Yūrakuchō Line Stations
69One Piece Logia Devil Fruits
67Minatomirai Line, Yokohama Japan - All Stations
66One Piece Random Devil Fruit User
66da naruto quiz
66Countries Closest to Japan - 15 Second Sprint
66Pre Timeskip One Piece Trivia
66Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters Quiz
65Marunouchi Line - Tokyo Japan - All Stations
65Haikyuu!! — Fukurōdani Team Members
65Yugioh Classic Cards
65Countries with Population Greater Than Tokyo
65Osaka Subway Line Logos - Harder Version
65Tokyo Monorail Stations
65Japanese Traditional Culture
64Yamanote Line Stations, Tokyo, Japan -Clockwise Order
64Best Yugioh Card by Set
65Japanese Baseball Teams by Insignia
63Naruto Characters
63Cities of Okinawa
63fma:b or naruto
62Godzilla Monsters
62All Movies Made By Studio Ghibli
612019 Rugby World Cup - Host Cities
61Name these Japanese People
61Kanji Semester 1 - English
61Yugioh Ace Monsters
63One Piece Admirals
60Japanese Yen Denominations (¥)
60Avatar: The Last Airbender (Characters)
59Peace Sign Lyrics - My Hero Academia
58Biggest Cities in Japan Quiz
58Katakana yō-on (contracted sounds)
58One Piece Supernova Bounties at Sabaody
58Japanese Geography A-Z
56Yugioh GX Trivia
56Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line Quiz
56Tokaido Shinkansen - Nozomi Stations
55All Godzilla and King Kong Movies!
55Members of the Order of the Red Lotus
55Sendai Subway - All Stations
55Top 20 Castles in Japan
55Avatar: The Last Airbender Franchise
55Countries Apart From Japan That.......
54The Dragon Quiz
54JR Joban Line Local Stations, Tokyo, Japan
53Godzilla Kaiju class
52Japanese Cities A-Z
52Wards of Chiba City, Japan - Map Quiz
52Toei Mita Line - Tokyo, Station Quiz
52Name the Yugioh Archetype
51Shikoku Placenames in English
51Ishizuchi and Shiokaze Stations - JR Shikoku Japan
51Earth Rumble VI Wrestlers
49Busiest Train stations in Shikoku
49One Piece Worst Generation
49Iyotetsu Railway, Ehime Japan, All Stations
48Enigmes One Piece
482022 FIFA World Cup Group E - Japan - Spain
48Toei Shinjuku Line - Tokyo, All Stations
48Yamanote Line Stations, Tokyo, Japan - Anti-Clockwise Order
47Kyushu Shinkansen - All Stations
47One Piece Marines Quiz
46Biggest Cities of Japan with 'Yama' (山)
46Wards of Hiroshima Japan - Map Quiz
46Japanese Prefectures in the Answer
42One Piece Paramecia Devil Fruits
41Haikyuu!! — Openings and Endings
41European countries that have smaller population than Tokyo
41One Piece Zoan Devil Fruits
41Wards of Shizuoka City, Japan - Map Quiz
40Name the Yugioh Archetype 2
40Japan's 6 Official Professional Sumo Tournaments
40Wards of Sendai Quiz - With a map
41One Piece Donquixote Family Officers
39Princess Mononoke
38Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Quiz
37Wards of Kawasaki, Japan (with a map)
36Haikyuu — Schweiden Adlers Members
36Japan Rugby - World Cup Opponents 1987-2023
36Cats in Ghibli Movies - Picture Click Quiz
36One Piece Alabasta Characters
35One Piece East Blue Characters
34Wards of Niigata, Japan - Map Quiz
34Stations of Tsukuba Express, Tokyo, Japan
34National Holidays of Japan
33One Piece Blackbeard Pirates
332022 FIFA World Cup Group E - Japan - Costa Rica
32The Shikoku Quiz - Japan
32Top 20 Tourist Attractions of Japan
32Souffles de demon slayer
32Country of the Day #9-Japan
32All Teams Ever Played For by Keisuke Honda
31Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise
31Name the Studio Ghibli Feature Films
30Kobe Municipal Subway- All Stations
29Tokyo Animated Movies by Picture
28One Piece Skypiea Saga Characters
28Wards of Kobe, Japan - Map Quiz
28Countries Due East or West From Tokyo
28Wards of Osaka - Map Quiz (Highlighted Version)
27Japan Baseball 400 Home Run
27Pro-Bending Teams
26Japan Rugby - Most Tries
26Wards of Kitakyushu Japan Map Quiz
23Haikyuu!! — Kamomedai Team Members
23Tokyo/Toei Subway stations not in Tokyo
23Studio Ghibli Characters #2
23godzilla iq level
23Saitama Railway Line - All Stations
22Japan Rugby - 50 or more appearances
21Japanese Castle Picture Quiz
20Wards of Sakai City Japan - Map Quiz
19Fill in the Wiki Blanks - Japan
18Japan Top League Rugby Teams 2014-15 Season
17Traditions of Japanese Buddhism
16Name all the pieces in Suzuki book 1 Viola
14Wards of Hamamatsu, Japan - Map Quiz
14Japan Rugby - League One Teams
12The Castles of Shikoku, Japan - Picture Quiz
12Japan Rugby - Top Pointscorers
12Japan Rugby Top League Teams 2016-2017
6Shonan Monorail, Japan - All stations
4Buildings In a Japanese Buddhist Temple
3All Fan Made Breathing Forms Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba
3Japan Rugby - Most World Cup appearances