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Guess these Japanese words that have sneaked into the English language.
Katakana is a Japanese system for writing non-Japanese words. Type the Roman script letters that correspond to each of the 46 Katakana characters.
60,975 Japanese Loanwords
33,656Hiragana Practice
21,343 Japanese Language - Katakana Practice
12,269 Sushi Translation
11,931Japanese Kanji Grade 1
7,523Japanese Words in English
5,517Japanese Kanji Grade 2
3,827Japanese Numbers
3,668Click to Translate - Japanese
3,684JLPT N5 Kanji - Random 30
2,787Colors in Japanese
2,417Japanese Kanji Grade 3
2,411Creatures in japanese
1,81350 Japanese Verbs in English
1,668Translate these Countries from Japanese to English
1,644Japanese Food Names
1,61325 Most Common Japanese Surnames (Kanji as Hint)
1,138Japanese Kanji Grade 4
1,139Japanese common words and phrases!
1,019Hiragana + Dakuten
985JLPT N5 Kanji
968Japanese Katakana
845Basic Japanese Quiz
704JLPT N4 Kanji
631Language Knowledge - Japanese #1
594Japanese Kanji Grade 5
573Random Hiragana practice
524Animals in Japanese
499Japanese Prefecture Kanji Matching
496Japanese Kanji Grade 6
437Pictographic Kanji
409Japanese placenames in English
404Japanese: City Names in Katakana
403Translate Japanese to English #1
413Katakana to Romaji
389Japanese Versions of English Words
380Katakana Alphabet
346Numbers in Japanese (Kanji)
315Languages Most Similar to Japanese
279States of USA from Japanese to English
276Country names in Japanese
23520 Most Famous Countries in Japanese
228Japanese Words for Kinds of Fish and Shellfish
182European Capital Cities from Japanese to English
163Colours in Japanese
162US State Capitals from Japanese to English
154Names of Famous People in Katakana
147Asian Capital Cities from Japanese to English
135What's That Japanese Word?
130Translate Elements from Japanese to English
126Country name in Japanese
125Katakana Alphabet (in 60 seconds)
123Chinese and Taiwanese Cities from Japanese to English
119Japanese: City Names in Katakana - Part 2
112Japanese Placenames in English #2
99Placenames of Tokyo
90Japanese: City Names in Katakana - English Edition
88Japanese Prefecture Romaji Matching
85Kanji Meaning Quiz #1
81Japanese Placenames in English #3
70Common Kanji #1
68Hokkaido Placenames in English
67Japanese Cities by Japanese Name Quiz
61Kanji Semester 1 - English
58Katakana yō-on (contracted sounds)
51Shikoku Placenames in English
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