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Guess these Japanese words that have sneaked into the English language.
Katakana is a Japanese system for writing non-Japanese words. Type the Roman script letters that correspond to each of the 46 Katakana characters.
57,748 Japanese Loanwords
29,808Hiragana Practice
18,516 Japanese Language - Katakana Practice
11,800 Sushi Translation
8,772Japanese Kanji Grade 1
7,170Japanese Words in English
4,050Japanese Kanji Grade 2
3,604Japanese Numbers
2,573Colors in Japanese
2,565JLPT N5 Kanji - Random 30
2,300Creatures in japanese
1,842Click to Translate - Japanese
1,790Hiragana Quiz
1,773Japanese Kanji Grade 3
1,68450 Japanese Verbs in English
1,513Japanese Food Names
1,481Translate these Countries from Japanese to English
1,44525 Most Common Japanese Surnames (Kanji as Hint)
999Japanese common words and phrases!
919Japanese Kanji Grade 4
915Japanese Greetings
836Hiragana + Dakuten
831Japanese Katakana
729Basic Japanese Quiz
709JLPT N5 Kanji
570JLPT N4 Kanji
552Language Knowledge - Japanese #1
520Japanese Kanji Grade 5
468Animals in Japanese
451Japanese Kanji Grade 6
406Pictographic Kanji
393Japanese placenames in English
355Japanese Versions of English Words
348Translate Japanese to English #1
339Japanese: City Names in Katakana
325Katakana Alphabet
308Numbers in Japanese (Kanji)
264States of USA from Japanese to English
249Country names in Japanese
227Katakana to Romaji
22320 Most Famous Countries in Japanese
222Japanese Words for Kinds of Fish and Shellfish
208Japanese Prefecture Kanji Matching
164Languages Most Similar to Japanese
162European Capital Cities from Japanese to English
145US State Capitals from Japanese to English
140Asian Capital Cities from Japanese to English
138Colours in Japanese
120Names of Famous People in Katakana
115Translate Elements from Japanese to English
111Country name in Japanese
109Chinese and Taiwanese Cities from Japanese to English
106Japanese Placenames in English #2
89Japanese: City Names in Katakana - Part 2
85Placenames of Tokyo
78Japanese Placenames in English #3
72Japanese: City Names in Katakana - English Edition
69Kanji Meaning Quiz #1
67Katakana Alphabet (in 60 seconds)
62Hokkaido Placenames in English
52Common Kanji #1
51Kanji Semester 1 - English
47Shikoku Placenames in English
37Japanese Cities by Japanese Name Quiz
35Japanese Prefecture Romaji Matching
34Katakana yō-on (contracted sounds)
9What's That Japanese Word?
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