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Guess these Japanese words that have sneaked into the English language.
Katakana is a Japanese system for writing non-Japanese words. Type the Roman script letters that correspond to each of the 46 Katakana characters.
59,695 Japanese Loanwords
32,274Hiragana Practice
20,244 Japanese Language - Katakana Practice
12,097 Sushi Translation
10,667Japanese Kanji Grade 1
7,389Japanese Words in English
4,929Japanese Kanji Grade 2
3,755Japanese Numbers
3,309JLPT N5 Kanji - Random 30
3,053Click to Translate - Japanese
2,701Colors in Japanese
2,376Creatures in japanese
2,107Japanese Kanji Grade 3
1,77250 Japanese Verbs in English
1,602Translate these Countries from Japanese to English
1,587Japanese Food Names
1,55925 Most Common Japanese Surnames (Kanji as Hint)
1,083Japanese common words and phrases!
1,079Japanese Kanji Grade 4
978Hiragana + Dakuten
958Japanese Greetings
932Japanese Katakana
879JLPT N5 Kanji
798Basic Japanese Quiz
636JLPT N4 Kanji
597Language Knowledge - Japanese #1
583Japanese Kanji Grade 5
506Animals in Japanese
479Japanese Kanji Grade 6
426Pictographic Kanji
412Japanese Prefecture Kanji Matching
403Japanese placenames in English
388Translate Japanese to English #1
383Japanese: City Names in Katakana
381Japanese Versions of English Words
366Katakana Alphabet
335Numbers in Japanese (Kanji)
332Katakana to Romaji
273States of USA from Japanese to English
270Languages Most Similar to Japanese
270Country names in Japanese
23320 Most Famous Countries in Japanese
225Japanese Words for Kinds of Fish and Shellfish
178European Capital Cities from Japanese to English
157US State Capitals from Japanese to English
155Colours in Japanese
148Names of Famous People in Katakana
144Asian Capital Cities from Japanese to English
125Translate Elements from Japanese to English
124Country name in Japanese
120Chinese and Taiwanese Cities from Japanese to English
118Katakana Alphabet (in 60 seconds)
111Japanese Placenames in English #2
110Japanese: City Names in Katakana - Part 2
99What's That Japanese Word?
96Placenames of Tokyo
84Japanese: City Names in Katakana - English Edition
80Japanese Placenames in English #3
80Kanji Meaning Quiz #1
74Japanese Prefecture Romaji Matching
67Hokkaido Placenames in English
61Common Kanji #1
60Kanji Semester 1 - English
56Japanese Cities by Japanese Name Quiz
51Shikoku Placenames in English
50Katakana yō-on (contracted sounds)
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