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Take a Random Language Quiz
Name the world's most widely spoken languages.
Fill in the map by guessing languages. When you guess a language, all the countries that use it as an official language will be filled in.
Try to name all 24 Greek letters.
Name the countries of the world where more than 50% speak English or an English-based creole as a first language.
Can you name the national languages of every country in the world?
Name the countries where more than 50% of the population speaks fluent Spanish.
Guess the name of each selected Greek letter.
For each language, name the country with the most native speakers.
For each language, name the most populous city that speaks it.
Can you name the countries where more than 25% of people speak French?
Can you guess the English names of these places based on a spelling in one of their native languages?
585,624 Top World Languages
522,242 Countries by Languages in 90 Seconds
505,010 Letters of the Greek Alphabet
315,778 English Speaking Countries
297,452 Spanish-Speaking Countries Quiz
292,202 Official Languages of the World
258,295 Name that Greek Letter
217,054 Countries and Languages Quiz
195,408 Biggest Cities by Language
195,334 French-Speaking Countries Quiz
193,259 Spanish Food Words Quiz
189,739 Places in their Native Language #1
178,791 Official European Union Languages
161,528 Top 10 Languages Spoken in Europe
152,918 Most-Spoken Languages of the United States
150,686 Countries in their Native Language
143,086 Countries by Official Language
142,515 French Food Words Quiz
141,904 Official Languages Spoken in the Most Countries
136,923 Random French Words #1
136,859 Spanish Name Translation
132,229 European Countries in their Native Language
129,493 Random German Words
129,367 Count to 10 in Europe
128,264 Biggest English-Speaking Cities
122,541 German Loan Words
120,945 Flags to Languages
115,660 Name an Official Language A-Z
110,126 Language Names in the Language
107,200 German-Speaking Countries
107,090 Capitals in their Native Languages
104,221 French Animal Words
103,984 Places in their Native Language #2
103,525 Top European Languages on a Map
99,839 Biggest Spanish-Speaking Cities
98,309 15 Most Populous Countries that Speak a Romance Language
97,861 Random Spanish Words #1
97,851 Third Most Common Language by U.S. State
95,852 Official UN Languages
95,070 Latin Words #1
90,259 Random French Words #2
89,023 Countries That Speak Portuguese
88,193 Top 10 Countries with the Most Spanish Speakers
86,682 Wikipedia Languages
81,240 Top World Languages on a Map
79,589 Countries With the Most English Speakers
79,446 Official Languages of the World on the Disappearing World Map
78,762 Random Spanish Words #2
74,529 Latin Words #2
73,844 Spanish Animal Words
73,655 Ancient Greek Words
71,687 Numbers in Spanish Quiz
69,151 Official and Regional Languages of Europe on a Map
68,449 French Vocabulary Mega-Challenge
68,405 World Language General Knowledge #2
67,952 Spanish Place Words
62,468 Countries with the Most Arabic Speakers
61,927 French Verbs
61,880 15 Most Populous Countries that Speak a Germanic Language
61,458 World Languages A-Z
61,083Popular Spanish Verbs Vocabulary Quiz
60,968 U.S. States with Spanish Names
60,562 Random Italian Words
60,268 Japanese Loanwords
60,061 Latin Words #3
59,241 Italian Food Words
58,875 World Language General Knowledge #1
55,615 Count to 10 in Europe: Pro
54,514 Common Descriptive Words in Spanish
54,358 Movie Titles in Spanish
54,345 European Greetings Quiz
53,773 Latin and Greek Word Roots
53,476 Top 10 European Countries by English Proficiency
53,011 Most Commonly-Taught Languages in the U.S.
52,507 Top Asian Languages on a Map
52,447 English Words of Italian Origin
51,862 World Language General Knowledge #3
51,545 Spanish Place Names in English
51,246 Top 10 Non-English Languages of Los Angeles
50,438 Spanish Verbs
49,043 Five Languages with the Most Native Speakers by Continent
48,900 Category Elimination - Official Languages
48,522 Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken in New York City
47,441 Capital Cities with Spanish Names
46,256 Countries where Arabic is an Official Language
45,938 Latin Phrases Used in English
45,932 All Romance Languages on a Map
45,610 English Words of Russian Origin
45,561 Countries With the Most Russian Speakers
45,415 Random French Words #3
44,794 Countries With the Most Italian Speakers
44,438 Slavic Languages
42,934 Click to Translate - French
42,732 Colors in Europe Quiz
42,659 Days of the Week in Spanish
42,591 Spanish Loan Words Quiz
42,326 The Body in Spanish Vocabulary Words
42,245 Countries With the Most German Speakers
42,071 All Germanic Languages With a Map
42,015 Click to Translate - Spanish
41,905 French Phrases used in English
41,210 Random Spanish Words #3
41,104 Official and Regional Languages of Asia on a Map
40,286 Most Spoken Languages in Canada
38,938 Identify the Language on the World Map
37,789 German Vocabulary Mega-Challenge
36,636 Movie Titles in French
36,411 Languages of the United Kingdom
36,251 Languages by Combined Flags
36,169 Movie Titles in German
35,284 Random Translations Quiz #1
35,158 Most Common French Words
35,158 Top Five Languages by Language Family
34,961 Random Name Translation
34,068 English Words of Arabic Origin
33,645 Random Translations Quiz #2
33,146 Random Translations Quiz #4
32,881Hiragana Practice
32,165Spanish Food Vocabulary Words Quiz
31,832 Song Title Translation - Spanish
31,527 Top African Languages on a Map
31,201 Languages of the Roman Empire with a Map
30,988 Top Romance Languages
30,492 Random Translations Quiz #3
29,048 Click to Translate - German
28,763 French Phrases
28,119 Languages Most Similar to English
27,293 Spanish Words Widely Known by U.S. Americans
27,072 Top 12 Languages Spoken in Asia
26,671 Click to Translate - Italian
26,402 Vocabulary Mega-Challenge: French Origin
26,309 Spanish Phrases Quiz
25,884Popular Spanish Verbs Vocabulary Word List (Large)
25,045 Days of the Week in Europe
24,995 Most Common Spanish Words
24,421 Officially Recognized Languages of India
23,853 Italian Name Translation Quiz
23,721Spanish Family Vocabulary Words Quiz
23,084 TV Title Translation - French
22,896 Countries of the World in All Featured Languages
22,667 Official Languages of South Africa
22,488 Song Title Translation - French
22,323 Months of the Year in Spanish
21,788Color Vocabulary Words in Spanish
21,424 French Place Words Quiz
21,257 Translations of John
20,733 Japanese Language - Katakana Practice
19,908 Spanish Words for Jobs
19,903 French Antonyms
19,784 Alphabets, Scripts, or Writing Systems
19,575Basic Question Words in Spanish
19,173 Numbers in French
19,068Languages Spoken in Canada
18,997 Languages of Spain
18,486 Italian Vocabulary Mega-Challenge
18,170 Click to Translate - Dutch
18,092 Language Origins of Popular First Names
17,949Spanish Clothing Vocabulary Quiz
17,466 Southernmost Country by Language
17,225Hangul Alphabet
17,224 Days of the Week in French
16,339Spanish Adjectives Vocabulary Words
15,985 U.S. Cities with the Most Spanish Speakers
14,504Basic Greeting in Spanish Vocabulary Words
13,927Around the House Spanish Vocabulary Words
13,673Name a Valid Letter
13,534Spanish Pronouns Quiz
13,294 Spanish Antonyms
12,868 Proverbs Translated into French
12,610 Rhyme Time - Spanish
12,425Five Languages with the Most Total Speakers by Continent
12,302 What's That Dutch Compound Word?
12,163 Sushi Translation
11,315 Hebrew Letters Quiz
11,149Japanese Kanji Grade 1
11,151World Languages with an Empty Map
10,884Spanish Fruit Vocabulary Words Quiz
10,776Spanish Phrases
10,342Languages of Austria-Hungary with a Map
10,227 TV Title Translation - Spanish
10,226Countries of the World in Spanish
10,191Spanish Animals Vocabulary Words Quiz
9,982Languages of the Ottoman Empire with a Map
9,823 Song Title Translation - German
9,390Russian Alphabet
9,357Top 20 languages in the world by total GDP
9,104Spanish Vocabulary Words That Start with D
8,997Countries of the World in German
8,413Canadian Provinces in French - Map Quiz
8,160500 Most Common English Words
7,888Spanish Vocabulary Words That Start With M
7,868World Language General Knowledge #4
7,826French Vocabulary - Learning Mode
7,804Hello in 15 Languages!
7,672Time and Date Spanish Vocabulary Words
7,635Spanish Weather Vocabulary Words Quiz
7,532Spanish Vocabulary Words That Start With B
7,467Spanish Sports Vocabulary Words Quiz
7,450Place Names in their Native Language #3
7,441Japanese Words in English
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