Language Quizzes - Page 3

Take a Random Language Quiz
1,899100 Common German Verbs
1,898random french words Quiz
1,894Jewish languages - with a map
1,879Slavic Languages Map Quiz
1,870Random Chinese Words to English
1,870French Vocabulary Mega-Challenge #2
1,866Chinese speaking countries
1,864Click to Translate - Arabic
1,852Countries With the Most Greek Speakers
1,846Top 10 Urban Areas by Language
1,838Translate These Countries From Icelandic To English
1,828Languages of France Quiz (with map)
1,825Guess the Asian Language
1,823French phrase translations
1,820Latin Phrases 2
1,815Countries Without an Official Language
1,79950 Japanese Verbs in English
1,796Countries With the Most Chinese Speakers
1,792Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in the European Union
1,790Count to 20 in Polish
1,791All 1M+ Languages on the Map
1,771Languages of the Byzantine Empire with a Map
1,737French Loan Words 2
1,736Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in France
1,715Colors in Italian
1,714Click to Translate - Catalan
1,705Five Biggest English Speaking Countries by Continent
1,702Hardest European Languages to Learn (with map)
1,6745 Biggest Languages by Country on the Map
1,672Language Families and Subfamilies with a Map
1,662Translate These Countries from Polish to English
1,659Top 10 Countries with most Punjabi speakers
1,657Languages: Find the Odd One Out #1
1,647Translate these Countries from Japanese to English
1,629French Word Translation - Colours
1,630Spanish Foods/Drinks
1,626Japanese Food Names
1,625Languages of Ukraine on a Map
1,618French Verbs 2
1,617US States Where English and Spanish are NOT the Most Common Languages
1,618Languages of Slovakia (with map)
1,615Spanish Terms
1,613More Countries in their Native Languages
1,614Countries by First Two Letters of Languages in 30 Seconds
1,601Turkish Words - Random
1,596French 1-10 in 15 seconds
1,59525 Most Common Japanese Surnames (Kanji as Hint)
1,593Languages by Map
1,596Guess the language
1,590Countries With the Most Arabic Speakers
1,589Spanish Verbs
1,585Languages of Serbia Quiz (with map)
1,584Top 10 Languages Spoken in the United States
1,583Click to Translate - Turkish
1,580Spanish Astronomy Vocabulary Words
1,57010 European Countries with the Most English Speakers
1,570Translate these Countries from Russian into English
1,565Ultimate German Vocabulary Quiz
1,558Spanish Speaking Countries Empty Map Quiz
1,556German Verbs (very long)
1,550English words of Portuguese origin
1,538Food (La Comida)- Spanish 1
1,528Ultimate French Vocabulary Quiz
1,511Ten Most Common Words in European Languages
1,510Official French Speaking Countries
1,510Click to Translate - Esperanto
1,507Random Serbian Words
1,501Korean Vocab Quiz: Food and Drink
1,497Languages of Kosovo (with map)
1,497Languages of Albania Quiz (with map)
1,495Germanic languages in Europe
1,502Three Most Common English Words A-Z
1,485"Hello," In Various Languages
1,485Asian Countries That Speak A European Language
1,479Top Regional European Languages on a map
1,478Days of the Week in German
1,461Most Popular Language in Every Country (with a map)
1,456Translate These Countries from French into English
1,448Swedish Numbers 1-10
1,446Click to Translate - Anglo-Saxon
1,443The Planets in Spanish Vocab Words
1,442Identify the language: Let It Go multilanguage version
1,437French Speaking Cities Map Quiz
1,433Cities by Greek Spelling
1,433European Countries in their native language
1,431Jewish Languages
1,419Indo-European Language Family
1,414Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in Turkey
1,413Movie Titles in Spanish 2 Quiz
1,408Click to Translate - Icelandic
1,403Languages - True or False?
1,402Which Language is Closest?
1,401Click to Translate - Czech
1,400Foreign Languages Spoken By Presidents
1,392Native speakers in European countries
1,392Top 3 Languages of U.S. States with Map
1,384Common given names in all featured languages #1
1,383Words That Can Use Any Vowel
1,382Europe Map Quiz in their Native Language
1,380count to 10 in Danish
1,375Most influential languages
1,371Main Languages of the UK Quiz
1,358Languages of Montenegro Quiz (with map)
1,354Grammar Quiz #1
1,355Countries with the most native speakers of each UN official language
1,347Languages of Greece Quiz (with map)
1,338Countries With Most Official Languages
1,335Countries of the World by Official Language
1,333French to English
1,329Languages That Have Been Used At Eurovision
1,328US States by Languages other than English or Spanish
1,328Click the Odd Translation
1,322Languages of Belgium Quiz (with map)
1,316Dutch Vocabulary
1,314Basic Danish Words
1,306150 More Common French Verbs
1,305Cities in Cyrillic Script
1,303Translate these Countries from Turkish to English
1,303Korean Vocabulary: Words Relating to Kpop
1,291Spanish Verbs
1,291Names of the United States
1,287Language Families - Tile Select #1
1,284Most Common Language for Every Country
1,280Yes in various languages
1,279Languages of Spain Quiz (with map)
1,279Countries With English as an Official Language
1,274Serbo-Croatian Language Speaking Countries
1,268Random Czech Words
1,267Guess the Language
1,266Greek and Latin Prefixes
1,262Most Common Languages on the Internet
1,257Europe in German - Map Quiz
1,25250 Biggest US Cities with Spanish Names
1,251Identify the Language
1,251Languages of the Persian Empire with a Map
1,248English Words of German Origin
1,248Guess the Asian Languages on the Map
1,248European Languages with Over Three Million Speakers
1,245Most Common Native American Languages
1,225Chinese languages quiz
1,225Guess These Languages by Three Native Country Names
1,218French Verbs #3 Aller (to go)
1,218Italian Verbs
1,217spanish words top 100
1,214Countries with the Most English Speakers
1,206Languages of Croatia Quiz (with map)
1,206All Language Families with a Map
1,204Click to Translate - Finnish
1,198Spanish - Named U.S. Cities by Rough Translation
1,199Countries Where Spanish is an Official Language
1,194Words to Languages
1,194Spanish to English (Easy)
1,195Translate These Countries From Greek to English
1,188Click to Translate - Filipino
1,183Countries With the Most Persian Speakers
1,183Days of the Week in Four Languages
1,176Languages spoken in Pakistan
1,174Italian-speaking countries
1,173Countries in Cyrillic Script
1,168Countries That Speak Persian
1,163How do you say in English? (Italian names for food)
1,164Indo-European Languages With The Most Speakers
1,163Polish Food Words Quiz
1,162Click to Translate - Hindi
1,162Russian Name Translations
1,161Europe in Spanish - Map Quiz
1,159Latin Demonstrative Pronouns (hic/haec/hoc)
1,151Korean Words in English
1,146European countries in Spanish
1,144Top World Countries and Languages
1,143Spanish Translations of Song Titles #1
1,140Italian Loan Words
1,137Curren Indo-European Languages - Hard
1,133Official Languages of the Middle East
1,129Main Languages of Switzerland
1,129Greek names of world cities
1,1262nd Largest Language by Country
1,118Most Widely-Spoken Languages In Africa (With A Map)
1,118Food in Russian
1,115Countries That Speak Russian
1,112Japanese common words and phrases!
1,111Japanese Kanji Grade 4
1,109Translate These Countries From Icelandic To English #2
1,106Guess the language II
1,105European Countries in their own language - Map Quiz
1,097Latin Phrases 3
1,097Guess the European Language II
1,095Most Common Second Languages Learned by US College/Uni Students
1,091Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in Spain
1,087Greek Alphabet
1,085Movie Titles in Spanish 3 Quiz
1,082Languages of Austria Quiz (with map)
1,082Languages of Slovenia Quiz (with map)