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Take a Random Language Quiz
407How Much Do You Know About Arabic?
406Random German to English - Countries
406Vietnamese Words Similar to their English Meanings
406Portuguese Clothes Vocabulary
406Greek Letter By Symbol
405Countries by Combination of Official Languages
404Spanish Place Names in California
404Click to Translate - Bengali
403Months of the year in Spanish
401Spanish Translations of Song Titles #5
400Japanese: City Names in Katakana
398Click to Translate - Scottish Gaelic
397Translate Japanese to English #1
396Languages - 10 biggest germanic languages
396German Names in English
394Regular French Verb Conjugation
393Click to Translate - Latvian
392Korean Loanwords Quiz
390Early Cyrillic Alphabet
390Katakana to Romaji
390Asian Countries In Italian
388Japanese Versions of English Words
388Names of European countries in their official languages
38815 Most Spoken Languages in the World
384Click to Translate - Lithuanian
383Portuguese Days of the Week Vocabulary
383Spanish Translations of Song Titles #7
382International Cities by English Translations
381Click to Translate - Vietnamese
381Native languages of the Philippines
381Languages of Sweden
379Finnish finger names
378Germanic Languages
376Biggest Turkic-Speaking Cities Quiz
375Katakana Alphabet
375Italian Speaking Countries
375Test your Latin - Click the Animal
374Second Most Common Language by European Country
372French Names in English
371Top Official Languages by Total Area Covered
370British to American & American to British words
371Languages of Iran
369French - Difficult GCSE words Pt2
367Languages Most Similar to Russian
366Most Spoken Languages that use the Latin Alphabet
366Greek Alphabet - Hidden With a twist!
365First and Last 25 Countries Alphabetically in Swedish
364Languages: Countries from Greek to English
363Top 10 Countries with the Most Multilingual Speakers
363Most spoken non-European languages
362Countries that Speak Arabic
362Countries that Speak Portuguese
360French Speaking Countries
358European Countries From Turkish to English
356Portuguese Body Part Vocabulary
353Turkish Vocab
352Balkan-Romance languages with a Map
351Top Bantu Languages
351Top 9 US States with the Most Arabic Speakers
351Languages Most Similar to Latin
35010 Asian Countries with the Most English Speakers
349Letters of the Greek Alphabet
348Latin Quote Decoder #1
346Serbian words 2
345Numbers in Japanese (Kanji)
344Korean Vocab Quiz: Places
343Top 10 Main Languages of Australia
341Colours in Different Languages
341Languages with the Most Words in the Dictionary
341Biggest Slavic-Speaking Cities Quiz
341African Countries in Spanish
340Random Czech Words #3
340Spanish Translations of Song Titles #9
340Letters of the Lithuanian alphabet
339Spanish Translations of Song Titles -- Kpop
338American Countries that Don't Speak Spanish
338Spanish Place Names Translated to English
337Conjuguer les verbes en -ger
336Languages of Norway
336Most Spoken African Languages in the World
335Five Countries with the Most Speakers by Language
332Latin Quotes Quiz
331"Stan" Countries in Turkish
331Click to Translate - Azerbaijani
329Spanish Translations of Song Titles #8
329Asian countries in Spanish
329French: Common, Irregular Present-tense Verbs (1 of 2)
327Countries Where Portuguese is the Official Language
326French Months
325English Words of French Origin
324Countries that Speak Greek
322Most Spoken Languages of India
321Letters of the Latvian alphabet
320French irregular verbs #2
317Spanish Translations of TV Shows #2
315Names From Greek To English
315French Geography Words to English
316Arab Nations in Arabic
314Top 20 Most Spoken Languages in London
314European countries in Estonian
313Click to Translate - Gujarati
313Animals by Latin Names
313Korean Vocabulary: Food
312Italian "are" Verbs
312Click to Translate - Amharic
309Random German words
309Spanish Versions of the Spongebob Characters
309Countries with the most Hindi speakers
308Vegetables from German to English
309Click to Translate - Maori
308Countries Where Italian is the Official Language
308Top 20 Languages Spoken in the World
307Random French Words
307Random Persian Words
306Click to Translate - Breton
303Languages - 10 biggest slavic languages
303Languages Most Similar to Japanese
301Latin Derivatives
301Countries from Serbian to English - Cyrillic Script #2
300Spanish Translations of Restaurant Names
299Spanish Translations of Band Names #3
299Farsi Alphabet
29820 Most common Dutch words
298Yiddish Loan Words
298New Zealand National Anthem (Maori + English)
298Click to Translate - Armenian
297Most spoken languages in India
295Languages: Countries from Turkish to English
296Country Names in Arabic
294German Words For Friends
294Biggest Persian-Speaking Cities Quiz
29350 Most common Dutch words
291Official Languages of Bolivia
289Los Verbos Reflexivos
288Language quiz
288Thai Alphabet
287Top 20 German speaking cities in world
286Portuguese Zoo Animal Vocabulary
286Biggest Hindi-Speaking Cities Quiz
285English Geography (for Italians)
285Top 20 Most Famous German Words
285Direct Translations from Swedish - Animals
284Most Populated Continents and Languages
283Click to Translate - Sanskrit
282Top Languages Spoken in France
282Click to Translate - Telugu
280New Zealand Maori Place Names
279Hindi Vocab - Words about the Home
279States of USA from Japanese to English
277French speaking countries
276Countries of the World in Serbian *1
276JetPunk Languages
275Travel Vocabulary : Italian
275Languages : Capitals from Icelandic to English
275Country names in Japanese
274Most Guessed Capitals on JetPunk (English, Spanish, French)
274Countries that speak Russian, German, or Persian
273Portuguese (Brazilian)
271Portuguese Fruit Vocabulary
271Common French Verbs
267Languages Most Similar to Dutch
266Countries with More English Speakers than England
266Click to Translate - Kazakh
265Contemporary Varieties of the Arabic Language
265Matchup - Countries in English and French
264Letters of the Danish/Norwegian alphabet
264Countries where Arabic is an Official Language
263Native Language Europe Map Quiz
262Spanish Translations of TV shows #3
262Italian to English
262Modern Germanic Languages
262Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken in Arizona
262Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken in Massachusetts
261Spanish Names in English
261English Words of Dutch Origin
260Languages Most Similar to Finnish
260French Versus English Names
260French - Difficult GCSE words Pt1
259Biggest Cities with Greek Names
259Animals in Germanic Languages
258United States Cities with French Names
257Amharic Alphabet
255Languages of Afghanistan
255Language Families - Tile Select #2
255Main Languages of Finland
251Native Languages of Italy
251Languages of the Top 20 Language-Learning Subreddits
251Most Bilingual Cities in Canada
250Italian irregular verbs #1
249Literal English Translations of German Words for Animals
249French Authors Quiz
247Languages Spoken in the Most Countries
246Random Pig Latin to English - Countries
246Click to Translate - Vietnamese (Verbs)
245French regular verbs: -er group
246Biggest Cities by Language Quiz #2
244Countries that Speak Italian
244The Maori Alphabet
243Letters of the Estonian alphabet