Language Quizzes - Page 9

Take a Random Language Quiz
61Cities of the World in Portuguese
61Kanji Semester 1 - English
61Greek Cities by Greek Name Quiz
60Malay Loanwords
5911 Languages of South Africa
59Portuguese Dessert Vocabulary
58Duolingo Dutch Basics 1 quiz
57Capitals of Countries That Speak Arabic (By Their Names In Arabic)
57Countries of North America in estonian with a map
57English Words of Yiddish Origin
56Country to second most popular language
56English to Italian - Food (Part 1)
56"I Love You" Quiz
56Greek Alphabet in Greek
56Click the Animals - German
56English Translations of Paris Streets
55Greetings from Europe
54Famous Portuguese People A-Z
54Katakana yō-on (contracted sounds)
54French borrow words quiz
54Guess These Languages #2
53Portuguese Bathroom Vocabulary
53Months of the Year in Europe
52Portuguese Living Room Vocabulary
52Portuguese Religions Vocabulary
51Shikoku Placenames in English
51The Translating Quiz
50World's Top 20 Languages
50Ukrainian Language - Grammatical Cases
49Capita Terrae
49World Languages by Letter - K
49Voyager 1 Golden Record Languages
48Polish Language - Grammatical Cases
47Guess These Languages #1
46Capitals, Largest Cities, Languages, and Religions 2
46Days of the Week in Vietnamese
46Portuguese School Vocabulary
46Animals in European Languages
45Count to 10: Languages of Nordic Countries
45Capitals of Countries where Portuguese is Official Language
44Countries with the most Duolingo German learners
43Guess These Language Passages
43Portuguese Vehicle Vocabulary
43Portuguese Seasons and Holidays Vocabulary
43Tengwar Alphabet
42Portuguese Music and Instruments Vocabulary
42French Republican Calendar - Months
41Archaic Greek alphabets
39Nine-Letter Conundrums
38All JetPunk Languages
38Languages by the word for "street"
38Languages & Scripts by Unique Character
38Alphabets on the Wikipedia Logo
37Summer in European Languages
37Fast Typing - Greek Alphabets
35Babushka Countries
35Hedgehog in European Languages
35Cardinal Directions in Latin
35Maori Names of 100 Biggest Cities in New Zealand
34Languages available on Babbel
33South Africans official languages
33Georgian Alphabet - Nuskhuri
33Archaic Greek Alphabet
32Portuguese Laundry Room Vocabulary
32Luke's Dictionary-Random words from languages I know
31Portuguese Easter Vocabulary
31Common Nahuatl loanwords
30Winter in European Languages
30Official Languages of the World: Tile Select Quiz
29Numbers 1-10 in Welsh
29Languages available on Google Translate-updated
28Oscar for Best International Feature Films
27The Khmer Alphabet (Full consonant values)
27Portuguese Thanksgiving Vocabulary
27Languages available on JetPunk
26Constellations by English Description
25Happy New Year! around the world
252022 French presidential election results
25Multilingual Greetings
24The Khmer Alphabet (Consonant value only)
24Featured Languages ​​on JetPunk
22European Union official languages added in 2004
19Family Members in Korean - 가계도
17English to Italian - Sport (Part 1)
16Listenburg Country Quiz
150-15 in Alphabetical Order - Spanish
14Recognized regional languages of Guyana
12Roman Tribes
11Fruit/Vegetable Genera
7French Republican Calendar - Days
6Tengwar Letters