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38,978 Ligue 1 Champions
7,217Ligue 1 Top 4
6,292Paris Saint-Germain 2010's Starting XI
5,932Ligue 1 2010's Winners Starting XI
5,5292025 Ligue 1 Teams
4,675All Ligue 1 Teams Ever
3,9922020 Champions League Final Paris SG - Bayern Munich
3,539Paris Saint-Germain 2020's Starting XI
3,473Ligue 1 Clubs (All Time)
2,830Lyon 2010's Starting XI
2,533Paris Saint-Germain Players Quiz
2,380PSG Record Transfers
2,379Marseille 2010's Starting XI
2,244Ligue 1 Winners
2,032Best Player in Ligue 1
1,893PSG Squad 2021-2022
1,875Marseille 2020's Starting XI
1,846Lyon 2020's Starting XI
1,812Top 10 Ligue 1 Best Starting XI
1,756Top 10 Paris Saint-Germain Starting XI
1,574Buteurs du PSG depuis 2020
1,425French Ligue 1 Clubs by Badge
1,413Monaco 2010's Starting XI
1,410Paris Saint-Germain Best Scorer By Year
1,406One Paris Saint-Germain Player by Nation
1,241Ligue 1 2020's Winners Starting XI
1,211Football players who have played for Chelsea and PSG
1,151PSG Players By Market Value (2023/24 Season)
1,150Top 10 Lyon Starting XI
1,136Ligue 1 Clubs
1,115Top 100 Ligue 1 Players XXI Century
1,111French soccer club ever play a cup in Europe
1,100Lille 2010's Starting XI
1,091Ligue 1 Top Goalscorer since 2000
1,079PSG 2023/24 Squad
1,064Paris Saint-Germain Current Squad
1,063PSG squad 2019-2020
947Every Club to Knock PSG Out of the Champions League
946Ligue 1 Logos Quiz
937Lille 2020's Starting XI
935Monaco 2020's Starting XI
880Ligue 1 Teams 2013-2014
862Paris SG - Real Madrid UEFA Champions League 2015-2016
846Olympique Lyonnais Current Squad
833Ligue 1 2017-18 Logos
735Ligue 1 Teams (2021-2022)
722Top 10 Marseille Starting XI
679Saint-Etienne 2010's Starting XI
668Paris SG Squad 2013-2014
647Lyon Best Scorer By Year
642Rennes 2020's Starting XI
631Paris Saint-Germain Champions League XIs
612Paris SG - Barcelona UEFA Champions League 2016-17
608Marseille Best Scorer By Year
5902021-22 Champions League Paris Saint-Germain - Manchester City
578PSG - Players to have scored - 2003/04 - 2014/15
578FIFA 23 Top Ligue 1 Players
569Top 10 Olympique Lyonnais Goalscorers
528Paris Saint-Germain Trivia
520Most Expensive Transfers from Olympique Lyonnais
499Top 10 Monaco Starting XI
495Record transfers: Paris Saint-Germain
484Paris SG Squad 2014-2015
468One Lyon Player by Nation
466Top Rated FIFA Ultimate Team Ligue 1 Players 2014
446Players who have played for Newcastle United & Paris Saint Germain
442PSG Squad 2020-2021
430Football players who have played for Chelsea and Marseille
430Top 10 Lille Starting XI
420Olympique Lyon Record Transfers
420Paris SG Opponents In UEFA Champions League
418One Marseille Player by Nation
414Olympique Lyonnais Champions League XIs
412Lens 2020's Starting XI
406Olympique de Marseille Current Squad
397FIFA 16 - Guess the player (Ligue 1)
390PSG's Ideal Starting 11
3892022-23 Ligue 1 First XI
350Olympique Lyonnais Squad 2014-2015
345Paris Saint-Germain Goalkeeper By Year
3352023-24 Ligue 1 First XI
333Ligue 1 Players
332Ligue 1 Scorers 2012-2013
328Olympique Lyonnais Trivia
319Top 10 Paris Saint-Germain Goalscorers
316Manchester City - Lyon Champions League 2019-20
311Paris Saint-Germain Squad 2018/19
309Olympique de Marseille Champions League XIs
308French Ligue 1 Logos
300Olympique Lyonnais 2019/2020 Squad
297Paris Saint-Germain Scorers in 2010s Champions League
296Top 50 Ligue 1 2010s Scorers
289Guess the PSG player 2020-2021
278AS Monaco Record Transfers
275Marseille Goalkeeper By Year
275Paris Saint-Germain Top 10 Leaders
270Olympique de Marseille Squad 2014-2015
2612004 Champions League Final Monaco - Porto
260Lyon Goalkeeper By Year
259Olympique de Marseille scorers in Ligue 1 2015-2016
258AS Monaco Current Squad
257Ligue 1 Champions
257Real Madrid - Paris Saint-Germain Champions League 2019-20
254Top 10 Ligue 1 Clubs by Points of the Decade (2010s)
251Paris Saint-Germain 2017/18 Squad
250Olympique de Marseille Trivia
246Top 10 Bordeaux Starting XI
244Olympique Lyonnais Squad 2016-2017
226Paris SG scorers in Ligue 1 2014-2015
220Olympique de Marseille 2020-21 Squad
220Olympique Lyonnais Squad 2017-2018
217Lyon Top 10 Leaders
215Top 10 Saint-Etienne Starting XI
210Paris SG Squad 2016-2017
210Paris Saint-Germain F.C. 2019/2020 Squad
202Juventus - Lyon Champions League 2019-20
198Ligue 1 Best Scorer By Year
197Monaco Best Scorer By Year
1872020-21 Ligue 1 Map Quiz
186Top 10 Ligue 1 Goalscorers of the Decade (2010s)
185AS Monaco Squad 2016-2017
180Top 10 Olympique de Marseille Goalscorers
180Paris SG - Borussia Dortmund Champions League 2019-20
173Paris SG Squad 2017-2018
168Ligue 1 Teams 2015-2016
166Top 10 Rennes Starting XI
154Paris SG Squad 2015-2016
153FIFA 15 Team Of The Season Players from Ligue 1
146Monaco Champions League XIs
143Paris SG scorers in Ligue 1 2015-2016
142Lyon - Bayern Munich Champions League 2019-20
141Top 10 Ligue 1 2010s Scorers
140Marseille Top 10 Leaders
137Lyon Scorers in 2010s Champions League
132Wine, Cheese, King, or Ligue 1 Team - A France Click Quiz
128PSG 2022 Squad
125Paris SG scorers in Ligue 1 2017-2018
124Lille OSC Current Squad
123Lyon - Saint-Etienne 2015-2016
121Paris-Saint Germán (PSG) Players
120Saint-Etienne Best Scorer By Year
118Lille Best Scorer By Year
116Ligue 1 2013-2014 Ranking
115AS Monaco Trivia
114Rennes Best Scorer By Year
114Highest Goalscorers in the Champions League for Paris Saint-Germain
113Paris Saint-Germain - Marseille 2019-20
113Marseille Scorers in 2010s Champions League
113Monaco Goalkeeper By Year
110Girondins de Bordeaux Trivia
109AS Saint-Etienne Squad 2014-2015
109Lille OSC Trivia
107Countries With the Most Foreign Players in Ligue 1
106Ligue 1 Scorers 2014-2015
104Monaco scorers in Ligue 1 2016-2017
103Olympique de Marseille 2019/2020 Squad
103Monaco Scorers in 2010s Champions League
100Atalanta - Paris Saint-Germain Champions League 2019-20
100Lille Goalkeeper By Year
99Ligue 1 2014-2015 Dream Team
98Paris Saint-Germain 2016/17 Summer Transfers
98Girondins de Bordeaux Current Squad
98AS Monaco Squad 2014-2015
97Paris SG scorers in Ligue 1 2016-2017
96Lyon Scorers in Ligue 1 2019-20
90Bordeaux Best Scorer By Year
90Olympique Marseille UCL Final 1993 Squad
89Toulouse Best Scorer By Year
87Marseille Scorers in Ligue 1 2019-20
87Rennes Goalkeeper By Year
86RB Leipzig - Paris Saint-Germain Champions League 2019-20
86Nantes Best Scorer By Year
85Paris Saint-Germain Scorers in Ligue 1 2019-20
85Monaco Top 10 Leaders
84Nantes Goalkeeper By Year
82Lille Champions League XIs
79Paris SG Players 2015
79Ligue 1 2015-2016 Coaches
78Bordeaux Goalkeeper By Year
77PSG Players 19-20
74Monaco scorers in Ligue 1 2015-2016
71Saint-Etienne Goalkeeper By Year
70Ligue 1 Scorers 2013-2014
68AS Monaco Squad 2017-2018
66Montpellier Best Scorer By Year
66Lille Scorers in Ligue 1 2019-20
65Bordeaux Champions League XIs
62Lens Best Scorer By Year
62Ligue 1 2017-18 Opening Day Starting XI
61Country of Origin of AS Monaco FC
60Clubs de Ligue 1 (2013-2014)
58Lille OSC Squad 2014-2015
57Top 10 Ligue 1 Clubs by Goals Conceded of the Decade (2010s)
57Rennes Scorers in Ligue 1 2019-20
56Saint-Etienne Top 10 Leaders
55French Ligue 1 Updated 2015/16
53Ligue 1 Teams 2015-2016
53Top Scorers Ligue 1 2016-17
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