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Which world capital cities are closest to Madrid?
Can you answer these questions about the great footballer Cristiano Ronaldo?
For the 10 seasons of the decade, guess the Real Madrid's starting 11 in La Liga according to the number of matches started.
Try to name the players who have scored the most career goals in Real Madrid history.
Name the teams that Cristiano Ronaldo has played for in his long career.
39,258 World Capitals Closest to Madrid
36,290 Cristiano Ronaldo Trivia
33,792 Top 10 Real Madrid Goalscorers
33,057 Real Madrid 2010's Starting XI
25,328 Football Teams Cristiano Ronaldo Played For
14,780Messi... or Ronaldo?
9,327Real Madrid Current Squad
8,292Real Madrid Best Scorer By Year
7,097Real Madrid Squad 2017-2018
7,038Real Madrid Record Transfers
6,914Ballon d'Or Winners if Messi and Ronaldo Were Disqualified
6,265Real Madrid Squad 2014-2015
6,109Football players who have played for Chelsea and Real Madrid
5,955Top 10 Real Madrid Starting XI
5,732Real Madrid 2020's Starting XI
5,130Real Madrid All-Time Greatest XI
4,383Countries That Cristiano Ronaldo Scored Against
4,036Cristiano Ronaldo's 100 UCL goals
3,998Real Madrid Squad 2016-2017
3,939Atletico Madrid 2010's Starting XI
3,165Real Madrid Champions League Winner Starting XI
3,0272016 Champions League Final Real Madrid - Atletico Madrid
2,6392018 Champions League Final Real Madrid - Liverpool
2,6162022 Champions League Final Liverpool - Real Madrid
2,520Atletico Madrid 2020's Starting XI
2,479Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?
2,242Every Club Cristiano Ronaldo Has Scored Against
2,169Real Madrid - Players to have scored - 2003/04-2014/15
2,157Real Madrid CF Squad 2021-2022
2,117Real Madrid UCL Final 13/14 Lineup
2,117All players to have played for Barcelona and Real Madrid
2,115Real Madrid Trivia
2,095One Real Madrid Player by Nation
2,046Real Madrid 2011-2012 team
2,045Football players who have played for Chelsea and Atletico Madrid
2,004Guess the Real Madrid player
1,846Premier League Player of the Season Winners
1,8132017 Champions League Final Juventus - Real Madrid
1,770Messi vs Ronaldo
1,763Cristiano Ronaldo Trophies Winning Team
1,751Ronaldo... or Cristiano Ronaldo?
1,731Real Madrid Champions League XIs
1,697Real Madrid Opponents In UEFA Champions League
1,589Real Madrid... or FC Barcelona?
1,582Madrid Metro Stations Map
1,581Real Madrid squad 2019-2020
1,559Real Madrid Club de Fútbol Squad 2012 / 2013
1,480Top XIs: Real Madrid (1974-2023)
1,400Real Madrid - FC Barcelona 2015-2016
1,319Real Madrid top 15 soccer players of 2016
1,296Teams to score more Champions League goals than Ronaldo
1,243Real Madrid CF Squad 2023-2024
1,160Top 10 Atletico Madrid Starting XI
1,018Madrid Airport (MAD) Destinations
973Real Madrid CF Legends
936Every Club Cristiano Ronaldo Has Scored Against for Juventus
936Most Games with Ronaldo
928Real Madrid Squad 2013-14
918Real Madrid Galacticos
911Real Madrid Squad 2014/2015
904Real Madrid Squads 2008-2018
886Real Madrid CF Squad 2022-2023
863Paris SG - Real Madrid UEFA Champions League 2015-2016
855Atlético Madrid Current Squad
8552014 Champions League Final Real Madrid - Atletico Madrid
842Real Madrid Players Quiz
825Atletico Madrid Best Scorer By Year
814Real Madrid Goalkeeper By Year
812Top 3 Ballon d'Or Rankings Without Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi
800Real Madrid Scorers in 2010s Champions League
787Every Real Madrid coach from 2000 to present!
753One Atletico Madrid Player by Nation
727Real Madrid Players of the 2010s
718Record transfers: Real Madrid CF
718All german players in Real Madrid
708Real Madrid Squad 2018/19
687Teams that Cristiano Ronaldo Has Played For
681Former Clubs Of Current Real Madrid Players
650Real Madrid/Barcelona Current Combined XI
646Real Madrid C.F Full 2012/2013 Squad Kit Numbers
641Real Madrid 2017/18 Squad
628Busiest Air Routes from Madrid Airport
624Real Madrid Full Squads (2000-)
623Real Madrid squad 2012-13
618Real Madrid Top 10 Players of All-Time
592Every Player to Have Played with Both Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi
589Famous Football Players Picture Quiz - Atlético de Madrid
547Atlético Madrid Champions League XIs
541Madrid Metro Stations
539Real Madrid Squad 2015/16
537Premier League Players to Real Madrid
536Real Madrid Iconic Shirt Numbers #1
521Real Madrid Trivia
504Madrid City Trivia
504Football Clubs Zinedine Zidane Played For
496Real Madrid Top 10 Leaders
474Guess 100 Real Madrid footballers by image
470Real Madrid squads since 2010
468Highest Goalscorers in Champions League for Real Madrid
454Atletico Madrid Squad 2014-2015
447Atlético Madrid Trivia
439Atlético Madrid Record Transfers
439Real Madrid UCL Final Starting XI's
437Real Madrid Record Transfer Fee Signings
428Real Madrid - Napoli UEFA Champions League 2016-17
419Real Madrid Champions League Players
420El Clásico XIs 2020-2025
414Sporting Lisbon Trivia
412El Clásico XIs 2015-2020
409Atletico Madrid Squad 2016-2017
405Atletico Madrid Goalkeeper By Year
405FC Barcelona - Real Madrid La Liga 2020-21
390Real Madrid scorers in Liga 2014-2015
387Anyone but Cristiano Ronaldo
384World Capitals Closest to Madrid - One Minute Sprint
383Atletico Madrid squad 2019-2020
372Clubs Cristiano Ronaldo has scored the most goals against
368Real Madrid Squad 2019-2020
363Current Real Madrid Players
352British Real Madrid Players
340Real Madrid Squad 2019/20
330Football Clubs Sergio Agüero Played For
325Real Madrid C.F's Ideal Starting 11
317Real Madrid players by city of birth
315Real Madrid scorers in Liga 2015-2016
313Real Madrid CF 2020-21 Squad
312Real Madrid starting Xl
310Manchester City - Real Madrid Champions League 2019-20
3102002 Champions League Final Bayer Leverkusen - Real Madrid
308El Clásico XIs 2010-2015
306Every Player to Score in a UEFA Champions League Final (1993-)
3022018 Europa League Final Marseille - Atletico Madrid
300Ballon d'Or Winners Without Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi
2901998 Champions League Final Juventus - Real Madrid
282Atletico Madrid Squad 2017-2018
273Real Madrid 0-4 Barcelona
269Real Madrid Players By Market Value (2022/23 Season)
263Atlético Madrid Squad 2018/19
2632000 Champions League Final Real Madrid - Valencia
263Highest Transfer Fees Paid by Real Madrid
257Real Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen 2002
257Real Madrid - Paris Saint-Germain Champions League 2019-20
255Real Madrid scorers in Liga 2016-2017
253The titles of Real Madrid
253The Madrid Derby all-time top scorers
246Football Clubs Managed by Rafael Benítez
246Atletico Madrid Top 10 Leaders
243Real Madrid CF Squad 2020-2021
238Real Madrid Squad 22/23
233Real Madrid Iconic Shirt Numbers #2
230Real Madrid fifa 23 ratings
230Atletico - Real Madrid 2015-2016
230Real Madrid Starting XI
229Real Madrid Top Ten Goalscorers Ever
227Atletico Madrid Scorers in 2010s Champions League
225Real Madrid scorers in Liga 2017-2018
217All real madrid players
2152024 Champions League Final Borussia Dortmund - Real Madrid
214Real Madrid
195Real Madrid Squad 2015
188Every Player to Play for Both Barcelona and Real Madrid (since 1992)
180Where do they come from? - Real Madrid 22/23
170Real Madrid - Sevilla FC UEFA Super Cup 2016
168Liverpool - Atletico Madrid Champions League 2019-20
1672022 UEFA Champions League Final Factfile
163Real Madrid 17/18's squad - Top 20 biggest signings
162Football Clubs Cristiano Ronaldo has Played for
161World Capitals Closest to Madrid - 15 Second Sprint
156Real Madrid Scorers in Liga 2019-20
155Football Quiz / Real Madrid Edition
153El Clásico XIs 2005-2010
151Real Madrid 2018/2019
150Real Madrid UCL 21/22 Scores
1482020-21 Real Madrid CF Squad
148Atlético Madrid's Most Expensive Transfer Signings
140Football Clubs in Madrid
139Real Madrid
138Real Madrid Quiz
138Atlético Madrid 2017/18 Squad
137Cities That Beat Madrid
136Real Madrid Players 2015
136Atletico Madrid's Ideal Starting 11
133Real Madrid Top Scorers
127Real Madrid 2017/2018 Players
127Atlético Madrid Players by Picture
123Real Madrid Squad 2018/2019
122Real Madrid 17-18 Squad
121Top Goalscorers in the Champions League for Atletico Madrid
121Guess Real Madrid 2016/17 squad by image
120Atletico Madrid - Juventus Champions League 2019-20
120Real Madrid Squad (2017-2018)
120Real Madrid CF Current Squad
114Real madrid and barcelona dream xi 2026
113Real Madrid Top Scorers All Time
111Atlético Madrid 2019/2020 Squad
109Guess the football match scorers - Barcelona v Real Madrid
109Atletico Madrid scorers in Liga 2014-2015
106Real Madrid CF Squad 2016-2017
106Does This Country Have More Real Madrid or Barcelona Fans on Facebook?
105Atlético Madrid Players Quiz
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