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20,405Manchester City Current Squad
7,947Manchester City 2010's Starting XI
4,625Manchester City's 2011-12 Title Winning Squad
4,096Manchester City Premier League Players
3,993Manchester City 2020's Starting XI
3,840Manchester City Squad 2017-2018
3,485Manchester City Best Scorer By Year
3,0142021 Champions League Final Manchester City - Chelsea
2,712Manchester City F.C. Transfer Record
2,693Manchester City Record Transfers
2,595Manchester City Trivia
2,506Top 10 Manchester City Starting XI
2,113One Manchester City Player by Nation
1,759Manchester City Squad 2021-2022
1,656Manchester City Squad 2016-2017
1,536Manchester City Squad 2014-2015
1,349Manchester City squad 2019-2020
1,188Manchester City Premier League XIs
1,074Manchester City Squad 2023-2024
1,0402023 Champions League Final Manchester City - Inter Milan
1,013Pep Guardiola's Most Expensive Signings
946Manchester City Champions League XIs
932Manchester City Squad 2022-2023
900Manchester City Players by Picture
842Manchester City - Players to have scored - 2003/04 - 2014/15
829Manchester City F.C. 2020-21 Squad
773Man. City Title-Winning Squad 2011-12
771Manchester city lineup vs Manchester united 9/12/12
701Manchester City squad 2012-13
674Manchester City FC 2018-2019 Squad
671Football Clubs Managed by Pep Guardiola
636Manchester City: The Premier League Years
605Manchester City Greatest XI Of All Time
580Leicester City - Manchester City 2015-2016
5702021-22 Champions League Paris Saint-Germain - Manchester City
566Manchester City Champions League Winner Starting XI
530All Time Manchester City Premier League Scorers
530Manchester City F.C. 2019/2020 Squad
522Football players who have played for Chelsea and Manchester City
458Top 10 Manchester City Premier League Scorers
455Every Premier League Goalscorer for Manchester City
427Manchester City Squad 2015-2016
425Manchester City Goalkeeper By Year
412Name The Player (Manchester City)
406Former Clubs Of Current Manchester City Players
397Manchester City scorers in Premier League 2015-2016
395Managers of Manchester City From 2008-present
375Manchester City Champions League Final Winning Team 2023
369Manchester City FC 2020-2021 Squad
359Manchester City Treble-Winning Squad 2022/23
355Manchester United - Manchester City 2016-2017
351Manchester City - Chelsea 2015-2016
351Manchester City Scorers in 2010s Champions League
350Top XIs: Manchester City (1978-2023)
3482021-22 Premier League Chelsea - Manchester City
338Manchester City's Ideal Starting 11
338Manchester City scorers in Premier League 2014-2015
334Top 10 Manchester City Goalscorers
334Manchester Derby XIs 2017-2022
320Manchester City Squad 2018/19
318Manchester City Players Quiz
310Manchester City Players By Market Value (2023/24 Season)
306Manchester City - Lyon Champions League 2019-20
298Manchester City Players At 2018 World Cup
296Manchester City - Real Madrid Champions League 2019-20
295Top 10 Manchester City Premier League Most Assists
288Players Who Have Played For Both Sides In A Premier League Manchester Derby
281Manchester City v Wigan Athletic FA Cup Final 2013 Squads
279Football Clubs Sergio Agüero Played For
271Manchester United - Manchester City 2015-2016
264Top 10 Manchester City Premier League Appearances
256Teams that beat Manchester City
251Manchester City 2019/20 Summer Transfers
242Liverpool or Manchester City
236Tottenham Hotspur - Manchester City 2015-2016
226Manchester City 2022-2023 squad
225Manchester Derby Top Goalscorers Ever
221Manchester City Quiz
209Manchester City - Liverpool 2019-20
202Manchester City Top 10 Leaders
201Manchester Citys Last 10 Managers
198Guess 100 Manchester City footballers by image
194Manchester City Squad 23/24
192Manchester City Full Squad (2000-)
186Players who transfered from arsenal to manchester City
182Manchester City fifa 23 ratings
180All Manchester City Managers Ever
175Manchester City scorers in Premier League 2016-2017
170Manchester City General Knowledge Quiz 2017-2018
169Manchester Derby XIs 2022-2027
1652015/16 Manchester City Squad
156The Clubs Manchester City Bought From
153Manchester Derby XIs 2012-2017
149Manchester City Champions League Players
147Manchester City Squad 2015-16 Season
145Manchester City Players With 2 Or More Premier League winners Medals
141Manchester City 2018-19 Title Winning Squad
140Manchester City Players Who Played In PL Winning Season
137Manchester City Squad 2020-2021
134Top 20 Manchester City Players By Appearance
131Manchester City scorers in Premier League 2017-2018
131Footballers by Career - Manchester City
123Where do they come from? - Manchester City 22/23
123Manchester City 2017/18 Squad
12022/23 Manchester City
114Manchester Derby Quiz
109Foreign footballers in PL #9 Manchester City F.C.
107Highest Goalscorers in the Champions League for Manchester City
106Football Clubs Managed by Mark Hughes
106Manchester City Scorers in Premier League 2019-20
104Manchester City Biggest Transfers
103manchester city starting eleven
100All Players bought by Manchester City Since 2015/16
1002020-21 Manchester City Squad
98Manchester City - Top 10 Goalscorers by season
98Manchester City players in FUT 19
97Manchester City's Top Premier League Goalscorer Per Season
97Current Manchester City Squad
95Manchester City 2017/18 Summer Transfers
92Manchester City highest rated FIFA cards ever
90Sergio Agüero Goals 2015
90Manchester City Top Scorers
89Every Manchester City Player Since 2000
86Top 20 Manchester City Goalscorers in the Premier Leauge
85Where Did These 2022-2023 Players Play Before Joining Manchester City
85Manchester United or Manchester City?
832021 UEFA Champions League Final Factfile
82Manchester City- Champions League Final Starting XI. 2022/23
79Manchester City Players by Shirt Number (Updated)
77Manchester Derby XIs 2007-2012
76All Manchester City Premier League Players Ever
76Atalanta - Manchester City Champions League 2019-20
76Manchester City Players by Picture #2
74Manchester City women squad 22/23
72Manchester City Current Squad Blitz
68Football Clubs Managed by Sven-Göran Eriksson
66All foreign players Manchester City
65Guess the Manchester City player 1
62Manchester City 2016/17 Summer Transfers
62All Manchester City 2022-2023 Scorers
61Manchester City Squad 2019-2020
60Manchester City 2020-21 Squad
59Manchester Derby XIs 2002-2007
57Every Current Manchester City Player
57Manchester City Squad 2019-2020
56Manchester City 2020/21 Squad
56Top 10 Manchester City Premier League Goalscorers
51Guess the Manchester City player 2
50Manchester City 2018/2019 squad
49Manchester City squad 2021/22
48Manchester Derby XIs 1992-2001
47Manchester City Roster
47Manchester City Squad 2018-2019
46Manchester City Squad 2019-2020 (Previous Club)
45All Manchester City Goal Scorers This Season
44Manchester City Full Roster
43Manchester City 2022/2023 xl
40Blue Moon- Manchester City Anthem Lyrics
39Manchester City Squad 2020/21
39Manchester City Squad 2019-20
37Manchester City Squad 2017-18
36Manchester City 21/22 Squad
35Top 20 Manchester City Premier League Appearances
35Every Manchester City Manager
33Every Manchester City Manager
32Guess the Manchester City player 3
28Guess the Manchester City player 4
27Manchester City Current Squad
27City Football Group Clubs
26Manchester City Squad
26All Manchester City Players of the 2000's
26Famous Manchester City Fans
23Manchester City all-time jersey makers
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