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Twenty-one different countries border the Mediterranean Sea. How many can you name?
For each selected flag, name the country that borders the Mediterranean Sea.
With the help of an empty map, can you name all the countries which border the Mediterranean Sea?
Name the most populous urban areas within 10 miles of the Mediterranean Sea.
Name the capitals of the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea.
Click the name of each highlighted country on the Mediterranean Sea.
Try to guess each country that borders the Mediterranean Sea based on its shape.
Try to name the largest islands that lie within the Mediterranean Sea.
Difficultly level: hard. Name these cities that appear on the map of the Mediterranean.
Name the cities, rivers, islands, coastlines, territories and seas of the Mediterranean.
Based on a clue, can you guess these cities that border the Mediterranean Sea?
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231Countries Settled by the Ancient Phoenicians
216Mediterranean Country Flags - Tile Select
214Countries That Touch the Mediterranean Sea
167Genoa City Trivia
130Almost Mediterranean Countries
124Countries Bordering Mediterranean Countries
123Name the Pizza Toppings
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78Mediterranean Coast
76Italian Islands Quiz
70Mediterranean Country Subdivisions Quiz
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