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Miami sure has a lot of serial killers!
Can you guess these facts about the city of Miami and its suburbs?
15,155 Movies Set in Miami
8,374 Miami City Trivia
3,0342012 Miami Heat Roster
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1,470Denver... or Miami?
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398Miami Hurricanes: 1st Round NFL Draft Picks since 1983
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365Miami Dolphins Offensive Starters
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327Miami Heat Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
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311Top 12 Miami Heat Players of All-Time
302Miami Dolphins Trivia
299Miami Heat: Most Dunks Each Year
289Miami Dolphin's Trivia
2802013 Miami Heat Roster
277Miami Dolphins: Most Passing TDs Each Year
269NFL Miami Dolphins 2022-2023 Active Roster
268NBA 2k21 all-time Miami Heat
253NBA Miami Roster 2014
248Miami Heat Quiz
241All Time Miami Heat Roster
238World Capitals Closest to Miami
238Miami Heat 2016-17 Roster
232Miami Heat Playoffs Starters
232Miami Marlins Nicknames
214Top 10 Miami Heat NBA Starters
188Miami Heat: Retired Numbers
1862013/14 Miami Heat Roster
182Miami Hurricanes First Round draft picks since 1983 (NFL)
178Miami Heat (2013 roster)
175All-Time Miami Dolphins
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163Miami Marlins: All-Star Selections
162Miami Heat All-NBA Players
1602019-2020 Miami Dolphins Current Roster
149Top 5 Miami Heat Players Per Position
149Miami Heat 40 Point Games
145One Miami Heat Player By Season
136Miami Heat 2018-19 Roster
126Miami Heat 20 Points Per Game Players
115Miami Heat 2017-18 Roster
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109Miami Heat 2013 Starting 5
106Miami Heat 2000's Starters
105Miami Heat 2010s Top 10 Leaders
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712001 Miami Hurricanes
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70Florida Panthers Records
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67Miami Heat Triple Double
68Miami Dolphins 53 Man Roster 2023
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58World Capitals Closest to Miami - One Minute Sprint
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50Miami Dolphins 2021 Roster
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43Miami Dolphins full 2022-2023 53 man roster
35Inter Miami Best Scorer By Year
34All Miami Hurricanes Football Head Coaches 1926-2019
33Florida Panthers Captains
32Miami Dolphins 2023
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24Miami Dolphins 2020 Schedule
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132017-2018 Florida Panthers Player Stats
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9Florida Panthers Starting Lineup 2017-2018 Season
8Miami dolphins 53 man roster quiz2022-2023
72018-2019 Florida Panthers Training Camp Roster
72017-2018 Florida Panthers Training Camp Roster
6Miami Dolphins First Round Picks
6Tallest Buildings in Miami
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