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Some of these jobs still exist. Others, not so much.
Can you guess the modern-day countries that were settled by the Vikings?
Can you guess these notable people, places, and things from the years 1001–1200?
Can you guess the most common given names of English people living in the years 1107–1600?
This explorer "discovers" the New World. Can you guess these notable people, places, and things from the 15th century?
Name these historical facts about England from the 5th to 15th centuries.
Name the modern countries, in which the Holy Roman Empire controlled land, at any point in it's existence from 962-1806.
Can you guess these notable people, places, and things from the 14th century?
With the help of a map, can you name the states of the Holy Roman Empire after the Golden Bull of 1356?
Can you name the countries whose modern-day territory encompassed the Holy Roman Empire from its existence from 955-1806?
In order, guess the modern-day countries visited by Marco Polo on his famous journey of the 1200s AD.
114,562 Ye Olde Professions
87,722 Countries Settled by Vikings
40,774 The 11th and 12th Century
40,199 English First Names of the Middle Ages
37,880 The 15th Century
36,570 Medieval English History
35,799 The 14th Century
35,394 Holy Roman Empire Countries
30,663 States of the Holy Roman Empire in 1356
30,173 The 13th Century
30,127 Modern-Day Countries of the Holy Roman Empire on a Map
29,301 Dark Ages History
27,639 Trace the Route of Marco Polo on a Map
2,1838th and 9th Century History
1,88910th Century History
1,786Imperial Circles of the Holy Roman Empire - Map Quiz
1,685Countries of the Holy Roman Empire in 1500
1,346Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire and of Austria.
1,335Nations of Medieval II: Total War
1,142Cities in the Holy Roman Empire (with Map!)
1,130Figures of the Middle Ages
1,056Famous People of the Renaissance
751Medieval French History
726All Civilizations of AGE OF EMPIRES II (NEW 2O23)
699Medieval Europe by Picture
682Middle Ages True or False
662Old English Word!
647Holy Roman Emperors
645Holy Roman Empire Quiz
590Historical Figures in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
522Timeline of the Middle Ages (5th - 15th Century)
472Electors of the Holy Roman Empire (1376)
450Electors of the Holy Roman Empire (1792)
447The medieval weapons quiz
397Medieval Vocabulary
374The History of Medieval Europe - 13th century
337Countries of Norman Expansion by 1130
300Countries of the Holy Roman Empire Today
279The History of Medieval Europe - 12th century
267Holy Roman Empire Countries
242Current States of the Empire of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
211Polish medieval history
208The History of Medieval Europe - 15th century
194Biggest Cities in the Holy Roman Empire
190The History of Medieval Europe - 11th century
186Stem Duchies of the Holy Roman Empire
185The History of Medieval Europe - 14th century
179Medieval Era Inventions
167The History of Medieval Europe - 6th century
162Imperial Circles of the Holy Roman Empire
144Medieval Hand and Siege Weapons.
142Countries of the Mongol Empire
140The History of Medieval Europe - 7th century
137The Three Learned Professions of Medieval Times
136The History of Medieval Europe - 5th century
130The History of Medieval Europe - 9th century
128Medieval Weapons and Armor
117The History of Medieval Europe - 10th century
111The History of Medieval Europe - 8th century
91Medieval Philosophers
70Medicine during the Middle Ages
60Historical Figures of Medieval Islam
58Medieval Armor Components
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