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363Galatasaray Champions League XIs
362Biggest Cities in Turkey Quiz
362The Ottoman Empire
362Languages of Iran
360Biggest cities in Egypt
359Shapes of Countries That Border Turkey
357European Countries From Turkish to English
357Biggest Trading Partners - United Arab Emirates
356Countries bordering Qatar
353Countries that Speak Arabic
351Country Transits: Closest Countries to Qatar by Starting Letter
351Countries of the Seleucid Empire
350Top 9 US States with the Most Arabic Speakers
349Middle Eastern Geography By Letter - A
349Geography of Turkey #2
348Turkish Vocab
348Middle East General Knowledge
348Top 20 baby boy names Turkey (2016)
346Iraq A-Z
346Life of Muhammad Quiz
345Reasons Why Cyprus is in ______
345Egyptian Gods
343Countries that Beat Kuwait
342Arab members that recognize Israel
341Biggest Cities of the Byzantine Empire in 1453 - Under Constantine XI
340Big Cities Of Iran
336Ancient Egypt Quiz
333Teams that Mohamed Salah Has Played For
333Geography of Saudi Arabia
330Biggest Trading Partners - Cyprus
329Biggest Cities in Israel and Palestine
328Baghdad City Trivia
327"Stan" Countries in Turkish
328Saudi Arabia 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
326Fifa 20 Top 10 Super Lig Players
323Countries that Turkish Airlines fly in or out of
317Biggest Cities in the Byzantine Empire in 1025 AD - Under Basil II
316Ultimate Cities Quiz (Middle East)
315Iranian History A-Z
314Countries that Voted Against Palestine's UN Observer Status
314Turkish Cities Plate Numbers
312Countries that Do not Recognize Israel
311Israeli Cities by Hebrew Name Quiz
311Arab Nations in Arabic
310100 largest cities of Iran
309Middle Eastern History Quiz
310Countries That Have Controlled Egypt
309Which City in Turkey?
307Geography of Iraq Quiz
306Countries bordering Kuwait
305Word Chain - Turkey
302Word Chain - Egypt
300Countries Bordering Lebanon
301Middle East Cities by Pictures
299Countries that Visit Oman the Most
299Biggest Cities in Turkey
298Countries Bordering Egypt
296Random Persian Words
294Languages: Countries from Turkish to English
291Country Names in Arabic
290Prime Ministers of Turkey
288Persian Emperors
284Middle Eastern Geography By Letter - C
283Countries Maintaining Diplomatic Missions of Northern Cyprus
284Top 10 Galatasaray Starting XI
2818 Largest cities in Egypt
278Flags of countries that border Saudi Arabia
277Countries Closest to Türkiye by first two letters
275Quarters of Jerusalem - Map Quiz
274Egypt by Picture
274Countries Closest to Yemen - One Minute Sprint
272Rulers of Israel and Judah
271Bahrain Grand Prix Winners (Formula 1)
269Islamic Golden Age History Quiz
268Cyprus Country Quiz
266Tribes of Israel With a Map
266Click the Country - Middle East
265Qatar Airways Destinations ( with countries hints )
264Countries not recognizing Israel as an independent country
264Countries Closest to Iran
263Countries that Beat Qatar
262Middle Eastern Geography By Letter - D
261All 1M+ Cities in Turkey
261Contemporary Varieties of the Arabic Language
261Countries where Arabic is an Official Language
26120 Biggest Cities in Iraq
260Israel A-Z
259Beşiktaş Goalkeeper By Year
256Countries that have Controlled Istanbul
256Countries Closest to Egypt by first two letters
255Fenerbahçe Champions League XIs
25420 Biggest Cities in Saudi Arabia
252Presidents of Israel
252Football - Turkish Clubs by their Numbers 2019-20
251Uae vs Qatar
251Beşiktaş Scorers in 2010s Champions League
249Districts of İstanbul
250Top 10 Süper Lig Goalscorers of the Decade (2010s)
249Middle Eastern Geography By Letter - E
247Egypt see what you know!!!
247Largest Cities in the Maghreb on a Map
245Countries that cannot be visited with an Israeli stamp
244Egypt Football Team World Cup Starting XI
244Biggest Cities in Oman
241Biggest Trading Partners - Syria
241Countries With "Oman" in Their Name
241Egyptair Destinations-Cairo
241Countries Bordering Saudi Arabia by Border Length
240Istanbul Quiz
240Allies of Iran
23910 Largest cities in Iran
237Island Nations Closest to Cyprus
236Cairo City Trivia
236Middle Eastern Geography By Letter - I
234Languages of the United Arab Emirates
233World Capitals - Turkish to English
233Presidents of Egypt
232Israel wars / מלחמות ישראל
228Countries in Arabic (Latin Script)
226Countries Closest to Israel - One Minute Sprint
225Red Sea General Knowledge
224Countries Closest to Qatar by first two letters
221Countries involved in the military intervention against the Houthis in Yemen
221Longest Reigning Roman and Byzantine Emperors
220Geography of Syria
220Famous Egyptians
220Attributes: Egyptian gods
219Which City in Turkey?
218Iraq War Countries
218Countries that Visit Turkey the Most
216Birthplaces of Members of Israeli Knesset
214Largest Cities in Each Middle Eastern Country
214Arabic Country Names
212Biggest Trading Partners - Iraq
210Countries of Ancient Egypt
207The Four "Countries" on the Island of Cyprus
205Arabic Letters to English Sounds
205Meaning of the Arabic word
204Countries Closest to Palestine - One Minute Sprint
2047 Largest cities in Saudi Arabia
202Countries Closest to Saudi Arabia A-Z
201Countries Bordering Turkey by Picture
1975 Largest cities in Yemen
197Turkish Groups of Things
197Middle Eastern Geography By Letter - G
197Kuwait Airways Destinations-Kuwait City
196Countries That Reject Passports From Israel
196Who's That Byzantine Emperor
196Ottoman Empire Quick Questions
195Governorates of Kuwait Map Quiz
195Middle Eastern Geography By Letter - H
1935 Biggest Cities : Saudi Arabia
193Most Populous Turkish Cities
193Biggest Cities in Israel on a Map
19225 Biggest Cities in Turkey
191Turkish Cities(easy)
191Biggest Trading Partners - Qatar
190Famous Arabs
190Countries that voted for Jerusalem to be Israel's capital
188Israeli Figures by Picture Quiz
188Middle East Geography A-Z
187Ancient Egypt A-Z
186Turkish things
188Famous Iranian People
185Biggest Cities in Jordan
1857 Largest cities in Iraq
185Closest Countries to Saudi Arabia
1855 Biggest Cities : Turkey
184Middle Eastern Geography By Letter - S
184Country Names in Persian Quiz
18310 Biggest Cities in Israel
182Countries Bordering Turkey With a Map
179Countries That Do Not Recognize Israel
178Egyptian Gods
176Biggest Cities in Kuwait
176Pakistan vs iran
174Middle East Group of Things
174Countries that Beat Yemen
173Top 20 baby girl names Turkey (2016)
170Asian Countries from Turkish to English
170Countries with embassies and consulates in Lebanon
170Biggest Cities in Iraq
169Euro 2020 Group A - Turkey - Italy
1695 Largest Cities in Syria
168Countries That Visit Iran the Most
170Iran Football Team World Cup Starting XI
168Biggest Cities in Bahrain
167Cyprus First Level Subdivisions
1662017-18 Turkish Super League Teams Quiz
166Countries Closest to Iraq by first 2 letters
166Quiz about Israel
166Middle Eastern Cities A-Z
165Turkish People Around the World
165Facts about the Jewish State (Israel)
164Capitals once in the Ottoman Empire
163European Countries with a Lower Population then Syria
162Most Common First Names in Turkey