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Name the countries that had at least 10,000 military deaths during WWII.
Name the code words used in the NATO phonetic alphabet.
Try to name the countries that have the most active military troops.
Name all the countries that have ever possessed nuclear weapons.
The Axis powers controlled parts of 69 modern-day countries. How many can you name?
Name the countries that had at least 1,000 military deaths during WWI.
War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Except this quiz.
Name all the countries of Europe that existed in 1946, after the end of the Second World War.
Name the 30 countries with the the most powerful military forces on the planet, according to GlobalFirepower.
Name the American military conflicts that resulted in at least 1,800 American military deaths.
Can you name the countries with the highest annual military spending?
694,145 Countries in World War II
441,757 NATO Military Alphabet
208,667 Countries with the Most Military Troops
201,875 Countries with Nuclear Weapons
186,273 Countries in World War I
185,096 Axis Occupied Countries of WWII
179,316 Name the War Quiz
151,695 Top 30 Most Powerful Militaries
146,675 Countries of Europe After World War II
143,954 Deadliest U.S. Wars
135,766 Countries by Military Spending
132,880 WWII Trivia #1
118,407 Countries with U.S. Troops
115,334 Countries of Europe Before World War I
113,294 Neutral European Countries of WWII
112,670 Countries with Aircraft Carriers
104,841 Confederate States of the U.S. Civil War
101,568 Modern Day Countries of Nazi Germany on a Map
100,332 WWI... or WWII?
93,212 Modern Countries Conquered by Alexander the Great
90,312 WWII Geography
89,392 U.S. Army Ranks
86,693 World War II Multiple Choice
83,965 World War I Quiz
83,021 WWII A-Z #1
82,210 U.S. Military Acronyms
78,322 Vietnam War Countries
78,127 WWII for Dummies
77,287 WWII Trivia #2
76,496 Important Cities in WWII
76,363 Countries of the Japanese Empire
74,663 Notable People of WWII
73,027 Invasions
69,289 Top Arms Exporting Countries
68,197 Countries with the Most Tanks
59,099 Modern-Day Axis-Occupied Countries of WWII on a Map
52,864 Military History Vocabulary
50,754 The Dictator Files: Adolf Hitler
48,084 The American Revolution
44,953 The American Civil War
44,925 Arms Exports - United States
44,898 Famous Battles Quiz
44,582 WWII A-Z #2
44,365 Countries with NO Military
43,806 WWII Decoder
43,755 NATO Neighbors
43,547 WWII True or False?
43,229 Most Powerful Countries Bordering Each Other
39,950 Name a Valid Answer - World War II
36,839 Top Arms Importing Countries
35,858 Famous U.S. Generals
35,258 Countries Italy Declared War On
34,780 Territory Changes in World War I
34,383 WWII First Names
34,299 The Dictator Files: Joseph Stalin
33,407 Normandy D-Day Beaches
32,930 Names for Warriors
32,751 Countries that Have Won the Most Battles
32,332 Countries With the Largest Air Forces
31,781 Biggest Axis-Controlled Cities
31,705 WWII Figures by Picture
31,525 WWI A-Z
31,388 Which Country in WWII?
31,100 Battle to Country
31,028 World Leaders of the World Wars
29,925 Major non-NATO U.S. Allies
29,464 The Vietnam War
27,317 Countries of the German Empire
27,181 The Reign of Napoleon
24,571 Cities Bombed During WWII
24,273 Names of Army Units
24,185 WWII Movies
23,578 Flags of WW1
23,455 States in a Tank of the U.S. Map
22,531 U.S. Civil War Decoder
22,112 Countries by Percent WWII Deaths
20,489 Countries of the Italian Empire
20,268 People Who Died in Battle
19,911 Biggest Cities in the Confederate States in 1860
18,503 American Revolution Decoder
18,047 Military History A-Z
17,946 Fictional Military Characters Quiz
17,857 Branches of the U.S. Military
17,224 U.S. Military Aircraft Nicknames
17,164 Weapons by Picture
15,729 CrazyWombat's Name that War
14,861 Air to Force
14,636World War 2 Tanks Quiz (Difficult)
12,703 The Dictator Files: Benito Mussolini
12,464 The Iraq War
12,118 Arms Exports - Russia
12,011 Places Where Winston Churchill Said We Would Fight the Nazis
11,691 Famous Generals - Non U.S.
11,397World War II Trivia
10,615 The Life of Winston Churchill
10,355Countries of Napoleonic France (With Map!)
8,983Territorial Losses of Germany after WWI with Disappearing Map
7,974NATO Phonetic Alphabet
7,901Famous In WW2
7,661NATO Countries on a Map
7,268 U.S. Five-Star Generals and Admirals
6,985WW2 Deaths By Countries
6,914World War 2 Quiz
6,748German WW2 tanks by pictures
6,709 The Persian Gulf War
6,674 The United States Navy
6,221WW1 Or WW2?
6,170List of Countries the USA has bombed since WWII
6,040Administrative Divisions of Nazi Germany (with a Map)
5,938Colonies of the Americas in 1775 with a Map
5,730The Napoleonic Wars
5,719European countries that were not occupied in World War II
5,597Flags of WW2
5,588Countries the US Invaded, Occupied or Fought
5,542German Tanks of World War 2
5,529(In)famous Nazis
5,41830 Countries With Largest Active Military Reserve
4,975Countries that Declared War in WW1
4,740Royal Air Force and Royal Navy Aircraft of WW2
4,725British Army Ranks
4,645US Navy Aircraft Carriers
4,644Five Most Powerful Militaries by Continent
4,452Countries with a US Military Base (according to wikipedia)
4,3325 Largest Military Countries by Continent
4,315Biggest Military Spenders (as a percentage of GDP)
4,274Countries visited by Adolf Hitler
4,25120 Greatest Battles in British History
4,171World War II Casualties
4,161Famous Airplanes and Aircraft by Picture
4,076Tanks of WW2 - Place of origin
3,85415 guns of WW1 - Place of origin #1
3,774Military Phonetic Alphabet
3,674Countries of the World in 1914 by Borders
3,669Countries Currently at War
3,566Worlds Biggest Navies
3,507WW2 Planes Quiz - With Pictures
3,495Countries that stayed neutral in WWII
3,343Nazi Germany (1933-1945)
3,318Countries Occupying France after the Napoleonic Wars with a Map
3,263Most Firearms Held by Country
2,971American Civil War A-Z
2,972WWII: Axis... or Allies?
2,920Air Force Ranks Quiz
2,90150 Most Powerful Military Nations
2,883Countries with the Most Terrorism by Continent
2,810RAF Planes
2,774Gettysburg Address -- Full text
2,734Military Aircraft Quiz
2,699Leaders in WWII
2,682Countries that declared war on Japan in WW2
2,592Countries Involved in the American Revolutionary War
2,411Click Chain #14 - WW II
2,401The First World War
2,368Major Battles in Napoleonic Wars with a Map
2,368WWII Battles: Allied or Axis Victory? Click Quiz
2,363Every Country the USA has been at war with
2,353Famous Battles on a Map
2,277Top 20 European Countries With The Strongest Militaries
2,265Difficult WW2 Trivia
2,246United States' Fighters & Attack Jets
2,206U.S. Military Active Aircraft
2,161The 13 countries with Aircraft Carriers
2,148Operations in WWII
2,128Battlefields of WWI on Map (all countries and 100k+ cities)
2,120WWII Battleship/Battlecruiser Classes
2,120Updated: The Ukraine War
2,117World War I Casualties
2,047Countries invaded by the NAZIs
2,025Countries with most battles won
1,981World War 1 Quiz
1,971Battles of World War II
1,937Countries that Bordered Germany before World War II (1939)
1,911Countries the United States Declared War On
1,891Who is that general?
1,889Prisoner camps of Nazi Germany
1,817Famous Battles on the Map
1,760Countries that have had civil wars
1,759World War Two A-Z
1,757Largest U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies
1,743Most Powerful Countries at the Start of WW2
1,726Every country to have declared war on the Axis during WWII
1,715Nazi Germany - Picture Quiz
1,715WWII Trivia
1,709World War 2
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