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Rating: 4.58
Name the countries that had at least 10,000 military deaths during WWII.
Played: 138,423
Rating: 4.99
The Axis powers controlled parts of 69 modern-day countries. How many can you name?
Played: 128,986
Rating: 4.84
Name the countries that had at least 1,000 military deaths during WWI.
Played: 98,005
Rating: 4.40
Name these people, places, battles, and words from World War 2.
Played: 96,244
Rating: 4.97
Name all the countries of Europe that existed in 1946, after the end of the Second World War.
Played: 77,778
Rating: 4.88
Name the 11 states that fought for the Confederacy in the American Civil War.
Played: 77,449
Rating: 4.99
Try to name all the countries of Europe just before World War I in 1914.
Played: 74,818
Rating: 4.74
Can you name these places that played important roles in the Second World War?
Played: 70,071
Rating: 4.39
Can you answer these multiple choice questions about WWII?
Played: 69,177
Rating: 4.96
Name the countries of Europe that neither invaded other countries nor were themselves invaded during World War II.
Played: 65,945
Rating: 4.74
For each letter, name these people, places, and things from World War 2.
Played: 65,886
Rating: 4.33
Based on a description, can you name these cities and towns that were important in WWII?
Played: 64,726
Rating: 4.97
Can you name the modern-day countries that were directly controlled by Nazi Germany at its peak in 1942?
Played: 64,386
Rating: 4.50
Name these famous figures from WWII.
Played: 62,981
Rating: 4.50
You probably don't know anything about WWI.
Played: 62,409
Rating: 4.77
Name the countries that suffered at least 300 deaths in the Second Indochina War from 1955–1975.
Played: 58,406
Rating: 4.87
Try to guess whether each statement applies to the First World War or the Second World War.
Played: 57,898
Rating: 4.96
Name the modern-day countries who possess territory that was occupied by Japanese troops during WWII.
Played: 53,379
Rating: 4.51
For example, what general was called The Desert Fox?
Played: 42,949
Rating: 4.68
Can you answer these relatively easy questions about the Second World War?
Played: 38,609
Rating: 4.74
Can you name these facts about the infamous dictator Adolf Hitler?
Played: 38,305
Rating: 4.79
There wasn't anything civil about it.
Played: 36,751
Rating: 4.49
Without the revolution, we might have ended up like Canada!
Played: 36,473
Rating: 4.98
With the help of a map, can you guess all modern day countries that were at one point controlled by the Axis powers and their co-belligerents during World War II?
Played: 36,329
Rating: 4.38
Guess these short answers about WWII.
Played: 36,212
Rating: 4.40
E = Supreme Allied commander?
Played: 34,877
Rating: 4.68
Guess these words and phrases from military history.
Played: 28,842
Rating: 4.24
Name the most populous modern-day urban areas that were one controlled by the Axis powers.
Played: 28,525
Rating: 4.38
For each selected category, enter any valid answer which fits.
Played: 28,319
Rating: 4.07
We looked at all the battles that have a Wikipedia page. Which countries and empires have appeared on the winning side of the most battles throughout history?
Played: 28,005
Rating: 4.40
Guess the first names of these prominent WWII personalities.
Played: 25,399
Rating: 4.72
The Treaty of Versailles was signed 100 years ago today. Can you name the countries whose territory changed in the aftermath of WWI?
Played: 25,178
Rating: 4.66
Italy has declared war 18 times on 16 unique countries. What were the countries?
Played: 24,761
Rating: 4.46
For each letter in the alphabet, guess these answers related to the First World War.
Played: 24,355
Rating: 4.43
Name these world leaders from era of WWI and WWII.
Played: 24,302
Rating: 4.35
Can you answer these questions about the Vietnam War?
Played: 21,827
Rating: 4.49
Guess these facts about Napoleon and his reign as Emperor of France.
Played: 21,788
Rating: 4.17
Art experts rescue priceless artworks stolen by the Nazis?
Played: 21,717
Rating: 4.15
Which cities suffered the most civilian deaths due to bombing in WWII?
Played: 21,613
Rating: 4.72
D-Day was seventy-five years ago today. Guess the codenames of the five sectors that were stormed by Allied troops on June 6, 1944.
Played: 21,332
Rating: 4.47
Can you guess whether these statements about World War II are true or false?
Played: 21,099
Rating: 4.11
Can you name these facts about the infamous dictator Joseph Stalin?
Played: 20,783
Rating: 4.43
Guess the modern-day countries with territory that was once part of German Empire.
Played: 20,726
Rating: 4.06
Guess these short answers about the Civil War to reveal a well-known quote.
Played: 19,668
Rating: 4.68
Can you name these famous figures from WWII from a picture?
Played: 17,646
Rating: 4.10
Among the countries that exist today, which had the highest percentage of their population die in WWII?
Played: 17,335
Rating: 4.82
For each selected battle or operation, guess the modern-day country in whose territory or waters it took place.
Played: 16,641
Rating: 4.15
Guess these short answers about the Revolutionary War.
Played: 16,115
Rating: 4.19
Guess the modern-day countries that were once in the Italian Empire, in whole or in part.
Played: 16,046
Rating: 4.07
For each letter A-Z, guess these people, places, and things from military history.
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