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1,704British Tanks of World War 2
1,685World War II Trivia - Very Hard #1
1,672Countries with a Stronger Military than All Neighbors
1,646First 10 Countries Invaded by Germany in WWII
1,599American tanks
1,578World War II Battles on a Map
1,550Empires Of The Great War (WW1)
1,544WW1 Flags
1,517Deadliest Battles of All Time
1,503USMC ranks
1,462Royal Navy Ranks
1,461WW2 Guns
1,444The 13 countries with destroyers
1,424Morse code
1,415World War Two American Aircraft
1,397European Wars
1,396Deadliest Battles throughout History
1,376Click the Wars in Chronological Order
1,363All Battleships and Battlecruisers Ever Built
1,346Main Battle Tank- Countries
1,33810 Greatest Generals of all Time (According to Maths)
1,311Countries With The Most Deaths in WWII
1,290Battles of the Civil War
1,287Top 10: World Military Elites
1,285United States Marine Corps Ranks
1,234Countries with Largest Navy Fleets
1,221Korean War Quiz
1,209Sir Winston Churchill quotes
1,205Countries With the 20 Largest Armies
1,202US Navy Cruisers CA's and CL's after the Washington Naval Treaty
1,19420 deadliest battles of WW1
1,181US States & Territories in 1865 on a Map
1,183US Military Fighter jets
1,165Countries With No Armed Forces
1,162World War II Trivia
1,133WW2 Aircraft - Place of origin #1
1,128Country's Nazi Germany Occupied During WW2
1,122World Of Tanks General Knowledge
1,115Nazi Germany Multiple Choice
1,102US Military Ranks
1,091How many WW2 battles can you name?
1,087Countries with the Largest Navies
1,084Countries that were Ruled by Military Juntas (Dictatorships)
1,084Biggest lost and gained cities by Poland after WW2
1,078British Royal Air Force (RAF) Ranks
1,078World War 2 Countries Quiz
1,071Countries With The Most Military Spending 2023
1,068Click Chain #23 - World War I+
1,062UK Military Ranks
1,060Every Country in World War Two (2.0)
1,054Cities in World War II
1,054Top 10 Countries with the Most Nuclear Warheads
1,044Famous Battles
1,039100 Important Battles in History
1,018US Aircraft Vehicle Designations Quiz
1,012American Civil War A-Z
1,007American Civil War Generals by First Name
1,005Is This a Real War?
1,002WW2 History Quiz
1,001Countries in WWI
1,000Most military aid pledged to Ukraine as a percentage of GDP
985Which countries used to have colonies but lost them before the beginning of WW2
975100 Biggest Cities in the WWII Axis Countries
967Famous WW2 Generals
963US Military Aircraft by Picture
958WW1 Countries - Allies
944Biggest Arms Exporters Quiz
939Confederate States Country Quiz
939Names of WWII Operations
931WWII Tanks - Soviet Union
930main battle tanks of the world
930U.S. Presidents with the Highest Military Rank
929Highest death toll rates in wars
926WWII Tanks - Germany
921Leaders during WW2
920Countries with the most Military Aicraft
905World War II Battles
901Heavy ships of WW2
886U.S. Military Knowledge
886Wartime Presidents of the United States
885Countries with the Largest Air Forces
881Battleships of the United States Navy- Level One
870Battles in the U.S. Civil War
870Nations of Napoleon: Total War
863American Revolution A-Z
862Royal Air Force Fighter Jets
861Countries in World War I
856Nazi Germany, 1933-1945
855All Countries Involved in WW2
849American Civil War: States with the most slaves
834Countries A-Z (Strongest Military)
830World War II Quotes
826Concentration Camps of the Holocaust
814Famous Battles in History
801Napoleon's Marshals
797Classic Military Aircraft Manufacturers A-Z
793US Navy and USAAF Aircraft of WWII
786Marshalls of Napoleon Bonaparte /26/
784WWII Tanks Multiple Choice
776Top 50 Strongest Militaries
770Marine Weapons
758WWI: Central Power... or Allied Power?
752Active Military Alliances
749World War II Events on the Map
74850 WWII figures
747Countries which have operated submarines, past and present
745Name the 9 Battleships of the U.S. Pacific Fleet on December 7th, 1941
735Best and Worst Generals of the American Civil War
732NATO countries on a world map
721German Tanks of World War 2
717top 50 most powerful military
713Civil War Generals
709Countries in the Most Military Alliances
708Impossible WW2 trivia
699WW2 British planes.
690Countries with the Largest Amount of Troops in WW1
685Vietnam War Movies
677The First World War by year - 1914
673Name a Valid War
664Countries without armed forces
660Napoleon Bonaparte: True Or False?
659British Royal Navy Vessels
656Countries occupied by France (under Napoléon)
655The Big Nazi Quiz
655Cities by Conflict A-Z
633Air Force Roundels - Europe
629All Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) Aircraft Carriers
623Army Core Values
620Famous American Generals
619Famous Naval Battles
618RAF Helicopters
611Current Commissioned ships of the United States Navy
610Countries where Nuclear Weapons Exploded
599Ranks of MASH characters
598Civil War General Knowledge Quiz
597British Army Infantry Regiments
596United States Navy Ranks
586Korean War participants
585Commanders of Famous Battles
585World War II Movies
584NATO Reporting Names of Soviet/Russian military aircraft
583Ww2 weapons
581British WW2 Aircraft by Picture
580Biggest Cities once in the Japanese Empire
571battle of WW2
544Famous WWII Generals
531World War II Battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy
530American Revolutionary War Generals by last name
527Flags of WWI
522Countries with Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs)
517military equipment
517Military Acronyms "A-Z"
504Navy Ranks
503US WW2 Aircraft by Picture
500Dreadnought Battleships of the Royal Navy
498American Civil War Battlefields (with map)
491Ultimate World of Tanks Trivia
486Korean War Countries Quiz
485Countries that Controlled Former Nazi Germany
485Countries That Took Part In The Balkan Wars (1912-1913)
480Ww2 events
464Countries involved in WWII
464World of Tanks (easy quiz)
463Hard WW2 questions for the discerning historian - Aircraft
458The American Civil War Quiz
457Capital Ships Sunk During WWII With Map
448WWI Countries
443American Revolution Quiz
443Countries Canada Declared War On
440Famous Battles of World War II # 1
437U.S. Air Force Ranks
436Countries by Historical Battle