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80Navy or Marines?
80French Marshals of Napoleonic Wars
78Air-force or Navy?
77World War II Light Cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy
76Winston Churchill
76Wii Play Tanks
75Countries that invaded Gambia in 2017
74Napoleonic Wars
73Active US Nuclear Submarines
73Dreadnought Battleships of the French Navy
73U.S. Navy Ranks
73Branches of the Royal Navy
74Aircraft Carriers of the United States Navy of World War II
72World War I Countries
71"We shall fight on the beaches" Churchill Speech
71A-Z Napoleonic Wars
69Royal Navy Pre-Dreadnoughts
68Winston Churchill
68Roman Political and Military Positions
68Notable Fire-eaters (secessionists) of the Antebellum and American Civil War
67Royal Australian Navy Ranks
66Navy Football Opponents
64Random Merchant Navy Quiz
64Napoleon Multiple Choice Quiz
63Royal Navy Submarines of World War II
64Napoleonic era quiz
60List of US Navy Destroyer Classes
591.1. Russian History - Tsarist Russia & WWI (COMPLETE)
59Navy Ship Types from Examples
59Dreadnought Battleships of the Regia Marina (Royal Italian Navy)
55Top 30 Most-Viewed Wars on Wikipedia
55Royal Navy Ratings
54Ranks of the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC)
53US Air Force Ranks
53Countries with the best militaries outside of Asia
52WWII - Military operations in South and Western Europe
51Heavy Cruisers of the United States Navy
50US Navy Ship Classes
48All Air Force Bases in the U.S.A. (Map)
46Countries with a United States Military Installation
46Countries by navy flag - Europe
43Where was This Battle (Europe) - Map Quiz
42Winston Churchill Quote Quiz
41Frigates and Destroyers of the Royal Navy
39World War II era Submarines of the United States Navy
38Order of Victory recipients
37Aircraft of the Royal Canadian Air Force
36Current US NAvy Ship Classes
35WWII - Military operations in Africa
34Light Cruisers of the United States Navy
32Intelligence Agencies by Country
32Army Uniforms
31Royal Navy Ships and Submarines
31Nuclear Powered Cruisers of US Navy
30U.S. Senators Who Served In The Military
27Commissioned Aircraft Carriers of the US Navy
26U.S. Navy aircraft nicknames
26US Navy Ranks
26United States Navy Aircraft Carriers & LHDs
25Countries by Armed Forces Badges
25Countries by Navy size
25Royal Navy Dreadnoughts
24U.S. Congressmen Who Served In The Military
24All Vessels of the Royal Navy including Submarines
24United States Air Force Ranks
23Countries by navy flag - Africa
23Countries by navy flag - Asia and Oceania
23College Trivia #1- Air Force Academy
23Important Newspapers of the American Civil War
21Countries with the Largest Navy Fleet
21Countries by navy flag - Americas
20Fu-Go Balloon Bomb States and Provinces
20All Battleships in the Kaiserliche und Königliche Kriegsmarine (Austro-Hungarian Navy)
19US Navy Battle cruisers
19Landlocked Countries Without A Navy
18Ships under construction for the US Navy
18U.S. Air Force Ranks
18All U.S. Navy Ships Ever Commisioned
17Current commissioned ships of the Russian navy
17U.S. Marine Corps Ranks
17United States Service Academies Quiz
16All enemies of the Dutch navy since 1500
16Destroyers of the United States Navy, Part One
15Current Ships of the Royal Canadian Navy
14Original Six Ships of the Navy
14U.S. Army Ranks
12US Navy Ranks
10Navy Basketball: Top 10 All-Time Leaders
10Air Force / Space Force Officer Ranks
9Current Non-Commissioned Ships of the US Navy
8U.S. Military Medals by Picture
7Air Force Chain Of Command
6NBA Players from Navy
6Destroyers of the United States Navy, Part Four
6Destroyers of the United States Navy, Part Six
5Light Cuisers of US Navy
5Countries that Manufacture Clothing for Old Navy
4Guess all active U.S. Military Aircraft- US Navy
4Aircraft carriers of the Italian navy
4Destroyers of the United States Navy, Part Two
4Destroyers of the United States Navy, Part Three
3Royal Navy River Class Vessels
3Archer Class Royal Navy Vessels
3Destroyers of the United States Navy, Part Five
1Royal Navy Minehunters