Misc Topic Quizzes - Page 13

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Rating: 4.16
Such as an annual Munich fair.
Played: 43,234
Rating: 4.35
See if you can guess the missing names in these book titles.
Played: 43,125
Rating: 4.13
For each JetPunk quiz, name the answer that is guessed the highest percentage of the time.
Played: 43,038
Rating: 4.07
Name these real and fictional locations that start with the letter A.
Played: 42,940
Rating: 4.38
Can you answer these general knowledge questions about math?
Played: 42,935
Rating: 4.23
Based on the last name, guess the first names of these famous writers.
Played: 42,811
Rating: 4.37
Name the 10 states with the smallest vote differential between Democratic and Republican candidates over the last 4 Presidential elections.
Played: 42,681
Rating: 4.51
Name the most well-known cities in the world, based on JetPunk stats.
Played: 42,655
Rating: 5.00
Many presidents are easily recognized from photographs and well-known paintings, but can you identify these presidents made from Play-Doh?
Played: 42,639
Rating: 4.69
For each item, answer whether one would eat it, wear it, or drive it.
Played: 42,510
Rating: 4.32
Unscramble the word to get the name of a character in the books.
Played: 42,494
Rating: 3.72
Fill the blanks in these American store names.
Played: 42,352
Rating: 3.93
How many of the world's top 20 best-selling liquors can you name?
Played: 42,277
Rating: 3.93
Such as a city-state ruled by the Medicis.
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Rating: 4.13
Fact: Purple rain is actually caused by hazardous chemicals.
Played: 42,238
Rating: 4.12
Name these heroines from animated and live-action Disney movies.
Played: 42,185
Rating: 3.98
Name the Broadway musicals that featured these songs.
Played: 42,127
Rating: 4.26
Seek, and you shall ____.
Played: 42,096
Rating: 4.40
Name the countries that have a higher GDP per capita than all the countries they share a land border with.
Played: 42,086
Rating: 3.84
Our galaxy, for example.
Played: 42,068
Rating: 4.26
Can you name these famous battles from history?
Played: 42,038
Rating: 3.70
Ooh... Rock me Amadeus!
Played: 42,002
Rating: 4.35
Name the authors of these books that were turned into movies.
Played: 41,994
Rating: 4.14
Children help a gentle, Reeses-loving alien return to his home planet?
Played: 41,963
Rating: 4.36
Guess these short answers about superheroes. Then combine the first letters of each answer to make a well-known quote from a superhero movie.
Played: 41,925
Rating: 3.74
Such as a certain musical instrument.
Played: 41,900
Rating: 4.38
These countries use the Euro as their currency. What were the names of their former currencies?
Played: 41,890
Rating: 3.93
For each selected car model, name the brand it is sold under.
Played: 41,862
Rating: 4.04
Can you guess the last names of these famous acting siblings?
Played: 41,841
Rating: 4.67
For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to China.
Played: 41,814
Rating: 4.12
Such as a hammer-wielding Norse god.
Played: 41,736
Rating: 3.83
Based on their child, guess these famous mothers.
Played: 41,642
Rating: 3.33
Name all the Formula One Grand Prix races ever held, through and including the 2023 season.
Played: 41,577
Rating: 4.33
Name the authors of these books listed in by The Guardian as the top 100 books you can you do without.
Played: 41,539
Rating: 4.47
Na na na na na na na na Batman!
Played: 41,520
Rating: 4.43
Name the 10 most Democratic states as measured by the Democratic margin of victory in the last four Presidential elections.
Played: 41,508
Rating: 4.15
World's most massive river?
Played: 41,490
Rating: 4.74
Can you guess all the countries that Formula One has been to in its history?
Played: 41,454
Rating: 4.91
Can you name the 25 most populous cities in the Soviet Union in 1989?
Played: 41,405
Rating: 4.88
Can you name the countries of Africa that have the greatest number of Christians?
Played: 41,397
Rating: 3.96
Try to name the longest-running Broadway productions, based on the # of performances.
Played: 41,171
Rating: 4.54
Name the characters who were on-screen the most in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.
Played: 41,144
Rating: 4.22
Can you name the geographic places that are marked on the world map - all starting with the letter E?
Played: 41,122
Rating: 4.28
Such as the three gifts given by the wise men.
Played: 41,121
Rating: 4.07
Solid, liquid, ___?
Played: 41,078
Rating: 3.85
Such as an hour for beverages and snacks in England.
Played: 41,007
Rating: 4.10
Name these weapons, based on the description and the wielder.
Played: 40,990
Rating: 4.85
Which countries does the United Kingdom trade with the most? Try to guess the largest import and export partners for the UK.
Played: 40,922
Rating: 4.18
It takes the quiz or else it gets the hose again.
Played: 40,904
Rating: 4.54
Name the U.S. states that have the lowest ever recorded temperatures.