Misc Topic Quizzes - Page 14

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Name these weapons, based on the description and the wielder.
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Name the U.S. states that have the lowest ever recorded temperatures.
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It takes the quiz or else it gets the hose again.
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The hills are alive, with ___ _____ __ _____.
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Foods that searchers want to know the difference between.
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City once called Peking?
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Such as two different African countries.
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Name the top countries that China exports to and imports from.
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What's love got to do with this quiz? Not much, actually.
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Such as the original crazy Tea Party member.
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Guess these one word answers that begin and end with the same letter.
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Guess the word that fits in each series of categories until only one word remains.
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We ranked every country by two factors: Surface Area and GDP. Which countries had a high Surface Area rank but a low GDP rank?
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Name these real and fictional locations that start with the letter B.
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Which countries have the most installed solar capacity?
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Can you guess the names of Bible characters that are still in the top 150 most common baby names in the United States?
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Among the countries that are located entirely on islands, which ones have the highest GDP per capita?
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Can you name the geographic places that are marked on the world map - all starting with the letter D?
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Guess these common three letter acronyms.
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Guess these religion-themed answers from A to Z.
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Country of 1.3 billion people?
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Totally for self-defense, of course. We would never invade Poland. Not us!
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Cause girl you're amazing / just the way you are.
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Can you name these facts about the infamous dictator Adolf Hitler?
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In 2002, the BBC took a poll to determine the 100 greatest British (and Irish) people of all time. How many can you guess?
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One character whose name starts with each letter.
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Can you guess the countries that have the highest average yearly precipitation?
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Try to name the countries that start with letter P based on their shapes.
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Which countries have been lived in or visited by the greatest number of JetPunk users?
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Young lion must defeat his scheming uncle to become king of the jungle?
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Guess these words that are also the names of car models.
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Fortune magazine compiles a list of the biggest American companies by revenue. How many of the top 100 can you name?
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Rating: 4.27
Try to name the actors who played these characters from movies in the Batman universe.
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Rating: 4.80
In 60 seconds, can you match each letter with the US states that start with it?
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Rating: 4.28
These questions can be answered with the number 1, 2, 3, or 4. Can you get them all?
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Peninsula filled with oil and gas?
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Paranormal exterminators battle a marshmallow man?
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Name these political figures and celebrities whose picture was taken with Barack Obama.
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What cats have 9 of, for example.
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Can you identify these geographical answers, starting with each letter A to Z?
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Can you name these geographical features which are colored on the world map, one for each letter A-Z?
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With the help of a map, can you guess all modern day countries that were at one point controlled by the Axis powers and their co-belligerents during World War II?
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Name the U.S. states that had the highest murder rates in 2020.
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Such as the _________ of Notre Dame.
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Select the color that would correctly fill the selected regions on these four flags.
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Genius billionaire playboy invents a weaponized body suit?
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Rating: 4.09
A geography word scramble and general knowledge puzzle!
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Rating: 4.49
There are 25 prime numbers that are less than one hundred. How many can you name in 45 seconds?
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Rating: 4.67
There wasn't anything civil about it.
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Rating: 4.33
A game of world domination that always ends in tears.