Misc Topic Quizzes - Page 16

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Rating: 3.60
Try to name the top-selling cars, trucks, and SUVs in the United States.
Played: 36,395
Rating: 3.97
Can you decipher these "vanity plate" messages?
Played: 36,364
Rating: 4.23
Fill the blanks in these nursery rhymes.
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Rating: 3.80
Played: 36,292
Rating: 4.25
Name the musical acts that recorded the greatest albums of all time, according to a 2020 list by Rolling Stone magazine.
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Rating: 4.42
Can you answer these questions about the animated movies released by Walt Disney Studios?
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Rating: 4.95
In blue, you will see all the capital cities of the world that begin with a certain letter. Click the letter.
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Rating: 4.18
For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to the Bible.
Played: 36,123
Rating: 3.97
Swingin' super spy is thawed to combat his former nemesis?
Played: 36,026
Rating: 4.07
The teardrop of India, for example.
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Rating: 4.69
Workers of the world, unite! Cast off your chains and take this quiz about the USSR!
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Rating: 3.67
Name the 100 greatest novels of all time, according to some guy.
Played: 35,939
Rating: 4.21
Solve the puzzles to guess the names of these countries.
Played: 35,887
Rating: 3.98
Try to name the mutants that appeared in the Fox X-Men movies from 2000–2020.
Played: 35,844
Rating: 4.14
Such as Snow White's companions.
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Rating: 3.84
Played: 35,658
Rating: 4.43
Try to name the countries where at least 50% of their exports consist of oil, gas, and petroleum products.
Played: 35,640
Rating: 4.46
For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to Africa.
Played: 35,536
Rating: 4.24
Unscramble these flower names.
Played: 35,519
Rating: 3.93
Country with Europe's biggest economy?
Played: 35,518
Rating: 4.18
Guess the countries that these notable people are/were from.
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Rating: 4.65
Guess these words and phrases from military history.
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Rating: 4.04
No one buys records any more so these records will never be broken.
Played: 35,410
Rating: 4.27
Such as Australia's largest airline.
Played: 35,292
Rating: 4.68
Can you guess the countries that have the greatest total amount of precipitation fall over their entire territory?
Played: 35,278
Rating: 4.95
Name the countries of the world that have no standing army according to Wikipedia.
Played: 35,274
Rating: 4.79
Guess these short answers. And then figure out what category each group of answers belongs to.
Played: 35,273
Rating: 4.60
Can you name the state capitals that get less than 1 inch of snow per year?
Played: 35,266
Rating: 4.99
Name the 25 countries that have the most cathedrals (including Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, and other denominations). Each correct answer will complete a portion of the stained glass window
Played: 35,265
Rating: 4.03
We give you the "crime". You tell us whodunnit.
Played: 35,162
Rating: 4.41
For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to the Middle East.
Played: 35,125
Rating: 4.73
Try to guess these fruits that are missing their vowels.
Played: 34,994
Rating: 4.07
Such as a Thanksgiving dessert option.
Played: 34,985
Rating: 4.09
Things that searchers want to know the difference between.
Played: 34,944
Rating: 3.67
We have a list of the top 100 North American athletes of the 20th Century, according to ESPN. See how many you can name.
Played: 34,898
Rating: 4.32
Name the countries that have been most-visited by Queen Elizabeth II as part of an official state or commonwealth visit.
Played: 34,876
Rating: 4.23
Apes run the world and the Statue of Liberty has been torn down?
Played: 34,872
Rating: 3.88
Such as a boxer who fought Apollo Creed.
Played: 34,861
Rating: 4.38
Played: 34,796
Rating: 4.10
Can you identify these people who have been frequently described as dictators?
Played: 34,794
Rating: 4.16
Such as girl who went down the rabbit hole.
Played: 34,794
Rating: 4.40
Name the ten capital cities that have been guessed most frequently on the Asian Capitals Quiz.
Played: 34,788
Rating: 4.34
Can you guess the middle names of the American presidents?
Played: 34,754
Rating: 4.43
Name all the words in the Lord's Prayer.
Played: 34,733
Rating: 4.34
Former English spelling of Beijing?
Played: 34,689
Rating: 4.18
Such as a hero with an adamantium skeleton.
Played: 34,677
Rating: 4.07
Such as a famous Seattle landmark.
Played: 34,548
Rating: 4.28
Such as the world's most massive river?
Played: 34,502
Rating: 4.18
Try to name the city in which each FBS college is located.
Played: 34,501
Rating: 3.95
Eternal city of Italy?