Misc Topic Quizzes - Page 17

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Rating: 4.05
Biggest city in Canada?
Played: 34,449
Rating: 4.06
Guess the first names of the members of the Order of the Phoenix.
Played: 34,435
Rating: 4.40
The capital of Iran, for example.
Played: 34,374
Rating: 3.89
One man and his ten closest associates plan an elaborate casino heist?
Played: 34,370
Rating: 4.75
The capital of Malaysia, for example.
Played: 34,332
Rating: 4.43
Try to name the countries that produce the most crude oil per person.
Played: 34,190
Rating: 4.28
Prayer will not be enough to get a perfect score on this very tough quiz.
Played: 34,169
Rating: 3.92
Guess these North and South American geographical answers that start with the letter D.
Played: 33,952
Rating: 3.97
Can you decipher these "vanity plate" messages?
Played: 33,951
Rating: 4.23
Highest mountain? Longest river?
Played: 33,883
Rating: 4.39
Name the countries that have at least 3 players ranked in the top 100 of world chess.
Played: 33,881
Rating: 4.55
For each category, name the country that is #1 in Asia.
Played: 33,866
Rating: 4.03
For each JetPunk quiz, name the answer that is guessed the highest percentage of the time.
Played: 33,862
Rating: 4.29
It is more blessed to give than to _______.
Played: 33,835
Rating: 4.25
Such as the capital of Australia...
Played: 33,814
Rating: 4.37
Name the 20 cities ranked as the world's top financial centers according to the Global Financial Centres Index.
Played: 33,811
Rating: 3.56
The world's largest waterfall, for example.
Played: 33,784
Rating: 4.99
Can you name all 196 Countries of the World on a map, highlighted one at a time in a randomly generated order?
Played: 33,776
Rating: 4.32
Musical Austrian family must escape from the Nazis?
Played: 33,637
Rating: 4.11
Name the world's largest companies, based on their stock market value.
Played: 33,635
Rating: 4.00
I see dead people?
Played: 33,619
Rating: 4.54
Fill the blanks in these nerdy computer acronyms.
Played: 33,560
Rating: 3.58
Such as the capital of Austria.
Played: 33,488
Rating: 4.32
Which U.S. states have been lived in or visited by the fewest JetPunk users who have filled out a map?
Played: 33,485
Rating: 4.21
Name of eight English kings?
Played: 33,456
Rating: 4.30
Humpback or beluga?
Played: 33,446
Rating: 4.52
Name the states that had the most tornadoes per year from 1991–2015.
Played: 33,333
Rating: 4.99
Can you name the countries that appear in this image of Jeppy, the JetPunk fish?
Played: 33,291
Rating: 4.08
New York Stock Exchange street?
Played: 33,262
Rating: 4.73
Guess the countries with the highest maximum elevation whose name starts with each letter of the alphabet.
Played: 33,195
Rating: 4.86
Name the countries with the most powerful military that border each other.
Played: 33,154
Rating: 4.07
Pigeon or a brand of bar soap?
Played: 33,144
Rating: 4.45
For each letter, guess these answers related to European Geography.
Played: 33,110
Rating: 4.44
Here are a list of acronyms related to the British Isles. Can you guess which each letter stands for?
Played: 33,090
Rating: 4.32
Which cities appear as answers on the greatest number of JetPunk featured quizzes?
Played: 33,031
Rating: 4.17
Biggest city in Canada?
Played: 33,001
Rating: 3.82
Such as a city policed by Robocop.
Played: 32,952
Rating: 4.88
Can you name one of the five least-guessed countries in each continent?
Played: 32,889
Rating: 4.37
Can you name the squares on a typical British Monopoly board?
Played: 32,877
Rating: 4.39
Can you guess the states of the U.S.A. that have the highest average annual precipitation?
Played: 32,849
Rating: 3.85
Name these real and fictional locations that start with the letter C.
Played: 32,845
Rating: 4.51
Guess these North and South American geographical answers that start with the letter S.
Played: 32,830
Rating: 4.67
Name these capital cities throughout history that start with each letter, A-Z.
Played: 32,814
Rating: 4.24
Who are the most-known leaders in the history of six different countries?
Played: 32,695
Rating: 4.16
The Atlantic magazine assembled a group of scholars to list the 100 most influential figures in US history. How many can you name?
Played: 32,680
Rating: 4.96
Can you name all 61 London Underground Stations that are officially within Zone 1?
Played: 32,636
Rating: 4.50
There are 88 constellations used in modern astronomy. How many can you name?
Played: 32,574
Rating: 4.22
Guess the musical acts that performed these songs.
Played: 32,562
Rating: 4.31
For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to Italy.
Played: 32,508
Rating: 4.41
Name the important historical figure for each letter of the alphabet!