Misc Topic Quizzes - Page 20

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Rating: 3.67
Such as a Patrick Swayze movie.
Played: 29,216
Rating: 4.01
Interior region of Australia, for example.
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Rating: 4.05
Name as many current Vegas casinos as you can.
Played: 29,147
Rating: 4.20
Name the most populous modern-day urban areas that were one controlled by the Axis powers.
Played: 29,101
Rating: 4.49
Played: 29,051
Rating: 3.98
Guess the first names of these fashion designers.
Played: 29,046
Rating: 4.29
Apes run the world and the Statue of Liberty has been torn down. Which movie is it?
Played: 29,027
Rating: 4.31
Guess these connected words related to the Bible.
Played: 28,888
Rating: 4.21
Guess the birds whose names start with each letter A-Z.
Played: 28,877
Rating: 4.37
For each category, name the country that is second in the world - behind the United States.
Played: 28,832
Rating: 3.90
Based on their child, guess these famous fathers.
Played: 28,792
Rating: 3.67
Fill the blanks in these American store names.
Played: 28,787
Rating: 4.04
We looked at all the battles that have a Wikipedia page. Which countries and empires have appeared on the winning side of the most battles throughout history?
Played: 28,703
Rating: 4.42
South Florida metropolis?
Played: 28,703
Rating: 4.39
Answer the questions to reveal pieces of a hidden country.
Played: 28,650
Rating: 4.35
G = Scotland's largest city?
Played: 28,595
Rating: 4.06
1849, Olympics, Jewelry. What single word relates to all three?
Played: 28,582
Rating: 4.79
There are 26 countries in the world that have rail lines with a speed in excess of over 200 km/h. How many can you name?
Played: 28,564
Rating: 4.37
Guess the first names of these prominent WWII personalities.
Played: 28,561
Rating: 4.22
Question #1: What type of bird returned to Noah's ark with an olive branch?
Played: 28,558
Rating: 4.83
Identify these logos to reveal more logos, then name the revealed logos.
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Rating: 3.62
Such as one of the Great Lakes.
Played: 28,515
Rating: 4.11
Such as a glass slipper wearer.
Played: 28,471
Rating: 4.25
Solve the puzzles to guess the names of these world cities.
Played: 28,470
Rating: 3.72
For each American city, name its most prominent university.
Played: 28,448
Rating: 4.88
Answer the trivia questions whose answers go from A to Z.
Played: 28,416
Rating: 4.25
Guess the first names of the English royal consorts since the time of the Norman conquest.
Played: 28,382
Rating: 4.80
Name the top countries that South Africa exports to and imports from.
Played: 28,321
Rating: 3.84
Name the game tokens that have been used in the U.S. edition of Monopoly.
Played: 28,309
Rating: 4.41
Name these well-known literary characters.
Played: 28,200
Rating: 4.00
How well do you know the newest movie in the Batman trilogy?
Played: 28,192
Rating: 4.43
Guess these short answers. And then figure out what category each group of answers belongs to.
Played: 28,190
Rating: 4.45
Name these famous Germans, past and present.
Played: 28,128
Rating: 4.29
Can you guess these facts about the history of space exploration?
Played: 28,118
Rating: 4.18
Such as the director of "Jaws".
Played: 28,012
Rating: 4.27
Can you guess these things that happened during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II?
Played: 27,974
Rating: 4.07
Name the things depicted in these unicode symbols.
Played: 27,958
Rating: 4.45
How do I love thee? Let me _____ ___ ____.
Played: 27,958
Rating: 4.86
Name all members of the Fellowship of the Ring.
Played: 27,837
Rating: 4.29
Fill the blanks in these miracles from the Bible.
Played: 27,825
Rating: 3.61
Such as a certain Massachusetts peninsula.
Played: 27,787
Rating: 4.44
Can you name the largest countries by area that don't have regions with a desert climate?
Played: 27,714
Rating: 4.13
Name the players who were named as the top 100 best players in the NBA by ESPN for the 2017-18 season.
Played: 27,653
Rating: 4.08
Such as a well-known beet farmer.
Played: 27,630
Rating: 3.75
Guess the family name shared by the members of these real and fictional families.
Played: 27,629
Rating: 4.07
Center of a hurricane?
Played: 27,601
Rating: 3.92
Answer these questions about George W. Bush and his presidency.
Played: 27,567
Rating: 3.92
Tornado transports a girl and her dog to a magical land?
Played: 27,540
Rating: 3.96
Big Bird's street, for example?