Misc Topic Quizzes - Page 21

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Rating: 4.45
For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to Japan.
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Rating: 3.96
Big Bird's street, for example?
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Rating: 4.22
Hint, "The Last King of Scotland" didn't happen in Scotland.
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Rating: 3.99
Pour some sugar on this quiz.
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Rating: 4.24
Given a brief quote, can you identify these movies from A-Z?
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Rating: 4.27
Way to get around in Venice?
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Rating: 4.07
Guess these answers related to video games that start with each letter A-Z.
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Rating: 4.17
The struggles of the Japanese economy are highly overstated.
Played: 27,468
Rating: 3.84
Land of the Rising Sun?
Played: 27,465
Rating: 4.38
For each letter of the alphabet, name the first whole number that contains that letter when spelled out.
Played: 27,357
Rating: 4.56
Can you name ALL of the teams ever to compete in the FIA Formula One World Championship?
Played: 27,303
Rating: 4.94
There's something quite tricky about each one of these questions. Try and fail to answer them correctly.
Played: 27,290
Rating: 3.79
Name the "best" American Presidents according to an aggregate of 19 different rankings.
Played: 27,259
Rating: 4.42
Name the authors who created these famous literary characters.
Played: 27,253
Rating: 4.36
Can you name the top international football players in the world in 2021 according to a panel of 219 judges organized by the Guardian?
Played: 27,126
Rating: 3.97
We describe the commercial. You name the product.
Played: 27,111
Rating: 4.07
Fill the blanks in these famous Star Trek quotes.
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Rating: 4.03
Such as a preserved body from ancient Egypt.
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Rating: 3.73
A history word scramble and general knowledge puzzle!
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Rating: 3.98
One character whose name starts with each letter.
Played: 27,000
Rating: 4.11
Name these groups including chess pieces and Monopoly tokens.
Played: 26,988
Rating: 4.21
Name the river, based on its first letter and description.
Played: 26,961
Rating: 4.32
Enter the top 20 countries with the most military aircraft.
Played: 26,917
Rating: 4.19
National sport of Japan?
Played: 26,852
Rating: 4.19
My ___ runneth over
Played: 26,852
Rating: 4.33
Can you name these countries by excerpts from their Wikipedia descriptions?
Played: 26,815
Rating: 4.40
Connect "Jet" to "Punk" by changing one letter at a time.
Played: 26,782
Rating: 4.29
Can you name these characters from the plays of William Shakespeare?
Played: 26,717
Rating: 4.16
Based on the clues, name these American cities starting with each letter.
Played: 26,703
Rating: 4.35
Can you tell whether these astronomy-related statements are true or false?
Played: 26,690
Rating: 3.79
For example: Planets in the Solar System x Circles of Hell = ?
Played: 26,595
Rating: 3.89
Name the books that featured these famous characters.
Played: 26,591
Rating: 4.39
Based on the picture, name these cities that start with each letter of the alphabet.
Played: 26,557
Rating: 4.31
For each author, name their country of origin.
Played: 26,506
Rating: 4.88
Can you guess these answers related to things that explode?
Played: 26,485
Rating: 4.75
The Treaty of Versailles was signed 100 years ago today. Can you name the countries whose territory changed in the aftermath of WWI?
Played: 26,390
Rating: 4.21
Guess these words and phrases associated with Jewish religion and culture.
Played: 26,348
Rating: 4.60
Italy has declared war 18 times on 16 unique countries. What were the countries?
Played: 26,338
Rating: 4.26
Name the children's stories written by Roald Dahl.
Played: 26,299
Rating: 4.00
Beaver's construction project?
Played: 26,262
Rating: 4.30
Based on the acronym, guess the organization.
Played: 26,182
Rating: 4.95
Connect the dominoes! Each of the domino pieces has the flag of one country, and the shape of another.
Played: 26,070
Rating: 4.53
Can you name the drivers that compete in the 2022 Formula One season?
Played: 26,051
Rating: 4.89
Name the top countries that Spain exports to and imports from.
Played: 26,031
Rating: 3.88
Name the 50 funniest comedies as chosen by Empire Magazine.
Played: 25,988
Rating: 3.86
Because one junk food quiz isn't enough for America!
Played: 25,978
Rating: 3.83
Place to see a musical in NYC?
Played: 25,853
Rating: 4.06
Such as the largest city in Scandinavia.
Played: 25,835
Rating: 4.54
Can you name the state based off a description from its Wikipedia article?
Played: 25,807
Rating: 4.02
For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to New York City.