Misc Topic Quizzes - Page 26

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Rating: 4.40
For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to Russia.
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Rating: 4.08
Guess these Spanish answers for each letter of the alphabet.
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Rating: 4.43
Can you guess these countries based on the initials of that country that are typically accepted as JetPunk type-ins?
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Rating: 4.84
In honor of NASA's sixtieth birthday, try to name the constellations featured in this map.
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Can you answer these questions related to the Earth's moon?
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Rating: 4.55
Can you guess these facts about Abraham Lincoln and his presidency?
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Rating: 4.34
Name these capital cities throughout history that start with each letter.
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Rating: 4.19
Solve the puzzles to guess the names of these animals.
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Rating: 4.24
For each category, guess the correct number.
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Rating: 3.92
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Rating: 4.05
Played: 20,095
Rating: 4.31
Can you guess if these facts relate to Elizabeth I, Elizabeth II, both, or neither?
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Rating: 4.35
Guess the first names of these literary characters.
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Rating: 4.49
These questions can be answered with the number 5, 6, 7, or 8. Can you get them all?
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Rating: 4.42
One clue for each set of double letters.
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Rating: 4.52
Can you guess these animals that are missing their vowels?
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Rating: 4.56
$, €, £? Can you guess the currency that corresponds to each symbol?
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Rating: 4.55
Can you guess the names of these typical army units?
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Rating: 4.50
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Rating: 4.40
From A-Z, guess these geographical answers that are just four letters long.
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Rating: 3.95
Such as a person who helps elect a pope.
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Rating: 4.35
Try to guess these facts about Elizabeth I and her reign as Queen of England.
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Rating: 4.35
Which countries have the greatest number of motor vehicles in relation to their population?
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Rating: 4.60
Name all 113 drivers that have won at least one Formula One Grand Prix
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Rating: 4.55
Can you name these record-holding islands based on the hints provided?
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Rating: 4.22
Guess these facts about Ronald Reagan and his presidency.
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Rating: 4.31
Can you name each artist, based on the names of two of their paintings or sculptures?
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Rating: 4.56
Identify these musical things that start with the letter A.
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Rating: 4.38
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Rating: 4.25
All the blanks are types of flowers.
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Rating: 4.36
We give you three clues. You name the book.
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Rating: 4.30
Guess these religion-themed answers from A to Z.
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Rating: 4.32
Can you answer these random questions about fine art?
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Rating: 4.08
Warning: this will not be easy unless you are very well read.
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Rating: 4.78
Which countries have the greatest total amount of rail travel, as measured by number of passengers times distance traveled?
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Rating: 4.46
We give you three clues. You name the book.
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Rating: 4.21
Such as the birthplace of Muhammed.
Played: 19,332
Rating: 4.87
Name all of the dwarves that Bilbo Baggins goes on his adventure with.
Played: 19,325
Rating: 4.41
Can you name the city based off a description from its Wikipedia article?
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Rating: 4.46
Can you fill the blanks in these phrases that were invented or popularized by Shakespeare?
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Rating: 4.23
What are the countries with the most net imports of agricultural products?
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Rating: 4.05
Another word scramble and general knowledge puzzle!
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Rating: 4.35
Difficulty level: hard. Can you answer these multiple choice questions about famous works of literature?
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Rating: 4.00
Name the novels, book, plays, and poems that feature these famous quotes.
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Rating: 4.43
A very difficult quiz!
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Rating: 4.19
Not featured: Ivan Drago.
Played: 19,070
Rating: 3.64
Pagan holiday supplanted by Christmas?
Played: 19,045
Rating: 4.52
Can you name all the songs from the musical "Hamilton"?